Thursday 17 April 2014

My New Bag

Hello Lovelies, it's me again :0)

I'm so enjoying this week's holiday with my boys, plenty of time to do stuff together and write blog posts.

This post is about a handmade item I purchased from a talented blogger last week. 

Following a comment left one one of my posts by Julie I came across her lovely blog. THIS post really caught my attention.
I loved the Seagull themed makes.....especially the shopping bag. I had a bad case of the wanties :0)
Happily Julie makes things to sell so I e.mailed her and asked if she would kindly make one for me. In less than a week a parcel arrived. 
Eeeek, I love getting this sort of post don't you. Inside the outer wrap I found a pretty tissue paper package........

And inside was my new bag, complete with a cute label......

It's beautifully sewn and has a lovely crisp white lining with a sweet name tape......

And here is my personalised version ( I chose red and floral bunting ). It's a little creased in these pictures, but isn't it wonderful. I love everything about this bag. The sturdy striped "ticking" fabric, the bunting and the wonderful machine embroidery.........

Julie wants me to make it clear that the seagull design is not hew own, it's by a super talented designer called  Helen who writes THIS blog .

  HERE is the original post about her design. If you want to get your hands on this pattern it's part of Helen's  e.magazine.....THIS issue, which you can look at a preview looks wonderful.
 I love all the sweet little touches Helen has thought this cute verse to print............

There are so many aspects of this project I'm sure I would struggle with ( I've never tried free motion machine embroidery for one ) so I was more than happy to purchase a ready made version :0)

I do have a love of seaside themed things and especially seagulls. My new bag goes perfectly with my little crochet tin that's often featured here........

And it's the perfect size to hold a crochet WIP. Probably one that is a bit smaller than my almost completed blanket. I'm thinking a few balls of yarn and some treats to take to the beach.........

Yes, I can't wait to take my bag to the seaside where it will look right at home.......

If you would like your own version ( or something different ) you can contact Julie via her site HERE. In fact if it's a gift Julie is happy to send it to the lucky recipient with a card.
This bag is £20 including U.K. postage and Julie is very efficient.....I'm sure she will be able to give you an accurate costing depending on postage costs to your location if you are outside the U.K.

It feels good to be able to spread a bit of handmade love this Easter and support talented makers. Both those who design and those who produce such gorgeous things.
Jacquie x
P.S. just in case you were wondering....this is not a sponsored post, I bought my bag and loved it so much that I wanted to share it with you lovelies.


  1. I always like the garland touch!
    Very beautiful.
    Miss xx

  2. lovely I might just pop over there myself for a look

  3. Thank you for this post and for your kind comments,which I very much appreciate and I'm
    glad you like the bag. I've gone quite red!
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  4. Lovely bag! Have been across to Julies blog and subscribed, many thanks XX

  5. Adorable your bag!!!! I love garland and the seagull too <3

  6. It's lovely I shall have to pop over & have a look myself.

  7. Gorgeous bag ...I love seagulls too .....well anything seaside themed :) Tracking back to your Tissington adventure ..we go to Derbyshire quite often but have never ventured there ... we will have to explore it after seeing your pictures ..thank you

  8. The bag is adorable! I will certainly see if I can order one for myself! We used to live far more north then we do now and there used to be seagurls everywhere. I miss them!

    Take care,

  9. That bag is darling! Who wouldn't love to have one?
    xo Kris

  10. Your new bag is simply adorable! I love the bunting. Have a sweet day :-)

  11. It's gorgeous and definitely "you". Enjoy it lots. :)

  12. That bag is SO cute. I really love the embroidery lines. Your post reminded me of a seagull pattern that a blogger friend of mine wrote, and I thought you would like it. :) It would very much fit in with your seagull themed items. :)

  13. One of those `makes you smile` items.....lovely !

  14. Lovely Jacquie I just love love love this gorgeous bag. I go weak at the knees for anything about the sea and seaside so this bag is perfect. I am definitely going over to have a look after typing up your comments. Jacquie I know that you will have lots and lots of fun with this bag, it looks perfect on you. Have a fabulous Easter Jacquie, sending you lots of loves and hugs

  15. Julie makes some wonderful items and it lovely to see a post paying homage to the beautiful seagull bag. I think you have shown it off to perfection with great photos and close up shots!

  16. That is seriously lovely! I'm hoping to start learning a bit about machine embroidery at some point, I can't imagine being this good though - it's so beautiful! Good choice ;) x

  17. Gorgeous bag and loving the granny blanket xx

  18. Such a cute bag! Perfect for summer days ahead. :)

  19. It's a lovely bag, I like things that remind me of the sea as well.

  20. It's a lovely bag, beautifully made, Jacquie, no wonder you are so thrilled with it! And well done to Julie! Thanks for all the links today - very interesting following! Joy xo

  21. That is gorgeous, and thanks for the links too

  22. Oh what a lovely bag with all its seagully gorgeousness :-)
    Tracey xx

  23. What an amazing bag, such a talented seamstress. Very envious, x

  24. Hi,Thanks for sharing this,I have just emailed Julie and hope to purchase one of these fab bags soon.x

  25. The bag is lovely but what I'm more interested in is the dress you're wearing. By any chance did you sew it? If so, do you remember the pattern number/origin?

    1. Hi PG,
      sorry, no I didn't make it myself. I found it in the charity shop....originally Marks and Spencers. I do love it but it's falling to pieces. I would love to try and make my own version, but it's jersey and I'm not sure my machine/sewing skills are up to it :0(
      Jacquie x


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