Thursday 3 April 2014

Characterful Places

Hello Lovelies , 
as the weather warms up it's nice to have the odd weekday adventure with Mum.
It may take a while to get there, but it's always lovely to arrive somewhere different and be greeted with pretty old buildings..............

I loved the pan tiled roofs and little attic windows..........

We wander along and I make a mental note to stop at the pretty florist on the way back for some Daffodils......

It's always lovely to see traditional shops looking smart and well used..........

The pedestrianised streets are full of individual shops.......

Shall we walk through the pretty covered arcade........

Ahhhhhhhh, isn't it sweet :0)

At the end of it is this amazingly characterful building. You can read a bit about it HERE

It  looks out over the traditional market place, with its cobbled streets and interesting stalls......

On one side is the town hall which contains a small but interesting ( free) museum. It's on the second floor and I have to admit I was keen to visit mainly to see of there was a good view of the market place from up there.

And there was........

So much character...It's a shame the windows were dirty and the sky was cloudy....but it still looked lovely to me.

Inside the museum I found this amazing collection of dressing up clothes in the children's corner. All these outfits were beautifully handmade. The helpful attendant told us they were made by a volunteer........

This dress was my most favourite.......very Pride and Prejudice........The pretty details were perfect......

Made me wish I was young enough to have a fun dressing up game again.

There is another covered arcade in the same building , where we stopped for a little break......

The Lincolnshire Plum Bread was yummy  

and it was such a beautiful, calm and light filled space to sit and relax for a while.........

Back outside I spotted these wonderful vintage style dresses......a dressing up place for grown up girls ...

Tricky to photograph with all the reflections, but aren't they gorgeous

I didn't buy any of the practical stuff I normally get whenever we go to our usual market town, I was having too much fun exploring.....but I did get some sewing supplies from a nice market stall , for my latest  project :0)

 Oh, and from a charity shop in the first arcade I bought a sweet Devon Blueware will look nice on my dresser when I arrange it with Summery things...... 

It's a bit chipped and has a crack too, but I loved it's jolly spots so much I couldn't leave it behind.

 Newark-on-Trent is a great place to visit if you love a bit of period charm and character.  
It even has a lovely CASTLE with gardens and a riverside setting.........I'd love to go back and have a look around that one day too.
Jacquie x


  1. thanks for the tour... my first love studied at Nottingham and i would get the train up to see him at his university campus...looks beautiful there ;0) i hardly remember the place now...well, its going back 14 yrs eeeekkk!!!!

  2. It looks like a lovely place to visit and as though you had a great day. I love the photo with the tops of all the market stalls, I think it is a beautiful scene! I look forward to seeing your summer dresser display in due course, it looks as though you are off to a good start at finding things for your display!! xx

  3. My sister lives here and I just love this market town, very pretty :) x

  4. Lovely photos, the shop with the vintage style dresses looks fab! It's so easy to forget to visit local places, I must remember to get out and about in Northumberland more often. Xx

  5. It looks like a good day out and is near enough to me for a visit. Those vintage dresses are lovely, our Charity Shops are still full of winter wear. I have a few pretty things that are showing their age, a little chip or crack isn't that important to me.

  6. Thanks for the photo's and reminding me what a nice place it is. A visit is on the cards now. Last time we had our sandwiches and flask of coffee next to the castle on the riverbank, a few years ago. It was just a dinnertime stop as we were on a coach trip. I remember not wanting to leave. It will only take about 1 hr on the train from Derby. The sight of that plum bread has prompted hubby to go in the kitchen and start making a tea loaf ! Thanks Jacquie.

  7. lovely photos and I too love little shops painted in pretty colours. Canterbury is something similar in the old streets and I love to go there or Whitstable for a rummage in charity shops and of course buy more yarn for crochet projects. Loved your article in Simply Crochet, I read it again last night. Amanda x

  8. I had been planning a train trip to Newark because so far I have only passed by it - your post has made me determined to go. It looks such a pretty place - and there is a castle too?
    Thanks for sharing
    Caz xx

  9. I love your view of the market stalls from the high window. It wasn't until you mentioned that the window was dirty that I noticed the spot against the sky. I am no expert,but with the plain sky in the background, it might be easy to photo edit that spot out. I did not notice any others although I was too busy enjoying the market square scene with the period architecture. Such an interesting place to visit. Thank you for allowing me to have a 'virtual visit' through the eyes of you and your camera.

  10. What a lovely day out! I have a collection of Devonware but have never seen any with polkadots- what a lovely find.

  11. Great post! What a lovely place to visit, thanks for sharing!
    Kate :}

  12. Thank you so much for taking us along in your trip. We don't have places here in the U.S. with the same sort of history you do. I enjoyed every single thing about this post, from the buildings to the dress up clothes and flowers stalls.

  13. I really enjoyed following you around on your day out. I thought the view of the market stalls was a bit like a quilt with the red and white awnings! Thank you for sharing your day. XX

  14. Oh Thank you so much for sharing. Loved looking at all these wonderful pictures. That is what I miss from Europe, those cobbled streets with it's little shops, the little flower shops, cafe's and open markets. As of yet I have not found any place in the USA like this.

    Wishing you a wonderful day!

  15. What a great day out. There is nothing nicer than traditional shops and a market. You really captured the essence in your pictures.

  16. Looks like a great day out love the pic of the market stall tops and wow amazing dressing up outfits
    Clare xx

  17. I love old English towns! The cobbled streets, the market squares, the arcades, the shops...wonderful! Chrissie x

  18. What a lovely day out, the arcades are beautiful, exactly the kind of place I love exploring. The dressing up clothes are fantastic, how wonderful to be able to make things like that. The plum bread sounds (and looks) delicious, I think I shall Google it and see if I can find a recipe.

  19. What a pretty little place Newark is!

    Does your mum live there?

  20. I am so glad to see these Nottinghamshire photos...thank you very much for taking your camera along with you all. I definitely applaud your visit to the museum, not just for the view from that window.

    The town is lovely, and it's great to read the info in your link about how that unique building was saved. I'm definitely making a note about this location...I'd love to visit it myself. Was this the area that gave its name to Nottingham Lace?


  21. I have a had a great time catching up on a few blogs and love yours here and oh my that Lincolnshire Plum Bread.....would love some right now lol

  22. как я люблю ваши фотографии!!!

  23. It looks a wonderful day ou with your Mum. I look the cobbled streets and the colourful market stalls. Sarah x

  24. I was there the other week! I got some of my new Stylecraft stash from the Boyes there :)
    Next time I'm up that way I'm going to HAVE to seek out some of that Lincolnshire Plum Bread - it sounds delicious!! xx

  25. I only live about 20 minutes from Newark but somehow forget it's there! Must make the effort to visit more, I reckon there'd be a really good calibre of charity shop as well as everything else!

  26. Lovely photos. I don't know this area at all but it looks very pretty or maybe you are a very talented photoghrapher -are you on Flickr? Regards Lynette.


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