Saturday 19 April 2014

Good Friday

Hello Lovelies,
Yesterday I finally got round to putting up some Easter decorations. Each year when  Mr BM trims our Silver Birch tree I choose a branch to bring indoors. Usually it's a bare branch , or one with a few catkins. HERE is my first ever version.

This year Easter is quite late and my branch has leaves.......I LOVE it :0)

My home made MILK BOTTLE makes a perfect container so I can keep it watered and stop the leaves from wilting..........

I've added fewer decorations than usual, but I couldn't leave out last years make MINI CROCHET BIRDS............

After the "tree" was decorated I was keen to go out somewhere as the weather was lovely and hubby was off work.
In the week I had mentioned the possibility of another National Trust adventure to my boys only to be met with's a tricky time these teen/tween years. I don't want them to resent our outings and I know they generally find it quite interesting once they are there. But they were not to be cajoled.

On this occasion I decided what would make me happiest was to see them outside somewhere. Balancing the screen time with some green time. Getting some exercise and not missing out on the natural beauty that is so abundant at the moment.
So we ended up at our local park.....somewhere they are usually happy to go, thank goodness...not quite the adventure I had hoped for but lovely all the same.

The tiny Speedwell looked pretty in the sunshine..........

Such a gorgeous blue.

And the open areas were a mass of Daisies and Dandelions.........

I walked with eldest while the other two played ball with their Dad. It was warm out of the wind and once again I spotted really lovely woodwork that I hadn't noticed before............

These trees were looking wonderful with their pale green leaves just opening up. I'm sure some of you lovelies will know what sort of tree this is............

We fed the Ducks and I loved the warm afternoon light............

It made all the ripples so defined and the water looked wonderfully clear...........

Then in the early evening we got a call from my niece.........would we like to meet them at the pub? It was a beautiful evening, we were happy to say yes.

The pub is about one and a half miles from home and we decided to walk the footpath way. I've brought you lovelies here before, but it was so nice seeing it in the evening light..........

And walking as a group of five..........

Thought I can only see four shadows here.

The crops are already getting tall..........

We climbed stiles..........

And wandered through this quiet glade, the Willow Trees are already looking lovely...........

I loved our unplanned and spontaneous adventure........sometimes they are the best sort..........

And at the end of it was a refreshing drink :0)

The beer garden had some new play equipment and the boys and their cousins had a great time. I lined them up for a group photo I usually do. My how they have grown. Once again I felt surprised that our children are changing so quickly.

We walked home the road way as dusk fell. It was chilly

 but a  lovely end to what turned out to be a really good Friday.
Happy Easter Lovelies
Jacquie x


  1. Normally a lurker, I thought I would break my silence to wish you a very lovely Easter!
    Thank you for the joy and inspiration your posts have given me over the passing months ♥

  2. Happy Easter, Jacquie! So nice to see all your spring photos. I love that decorated bench and your Easter tree!

  3. Happy Easter, lovely photos as usual, I wish I had made the effort with an Easter tree now.

  4. Happy Easter to you and your family,
    xxxxx Ale

  5. Loving the wooden bench! It's great to find things like that.

  6. It looks like it was a wonderful day even if it wasn't quite what you envisioned to begin with. I wish Easter blessings on you and your family.

  7. What a lovely day. Sometimes the unplanned ones are the best.

    Happy Easter!

  8. Glad you had such a wonderful day! The weather looks great! Here in Germany, the sun comes out every now and then but hasn't quite decided if it should stay...
    have a wonderful easter weekend!
    Take care, Anne

  9. lovely photos, I love a nice long walk with the reward of a nice glass of beer at the end of it! Amanda

  10. It's a whitebeam! I've planted one in our garden, and in our last garden too. They're very pretty in Spring. Dull in Autumn though, the leaves just go a dull brown, no lovely autumn colours.

    Happy Easter!

  11. Happy Easter Jacquie to you and your family. You have certainly filled your days with a lot of fun and frolics.
    The park is most definitely the best place sometimes and you can be there hours before you know it.
    Love the branch and I LOVE the evening walk. Deffo the best time to take I, myself partook in a little boozing last night the glass of Stella has made me a little green so I will leave it there ;) big hugs, have a fab Easter xxx

  12. What fabulous weather. Looks warmer than we had yesterday despite the sunshine. Glad you got to enjoy the outdoors, x

  13. Love your Easter tree and all the pictures of the gorgeous scenery! How beautiful! Have a wonderful and blessed Easter!


  14. What a colourful flamboyant bench! Happy Easter xx

  15. Lovely Jacquie I just wanted to wish you and your wonderful Family a Happy Easter, have an eggfastic time and thank you for all your fabulous support. Your photographs are just stunning and what a fabulous idea for your Easter tree, it is one I will use next year. Warm hugs and loves

  16. You certainly had a lovely day and evening in the end. These years are harder to get them motivated, I have a weekly battle with mine and end up just saying 'well I'm going to...' and then it is up to them if they want to join me. I suppose it's me learning to let go as they find their own way. Amazing evening shot of the stile. Have a wonderful Easter to you and your family xx

  17. Hi there Jacquie, I've just been catching up on your lovely blog. It's like reading a wonderful mag full of crafty stuff, beautiful wanderings in the countryside. Sooo lovely, Thankyou so much, blessings Trills.

  18. Easters just a wonderful time isnt it all the sweet shooting blooms and the sunshine~ just lovely. loving your Easter tree and garland of seed packets ;0)

  19. Lovely pictures :) I love that early evening light, its my favourite thing about spring and summer. I also think that your mystery tree is a whitebeam. Happy easter!

  20. Happy Easter love your easter tree, I made some of your little birds for the Woollen Woods and I'm planning to make some for next Easter. Have a lovely Easter weekend
    Clare x

  21. Doesn't everything look gorgeous in the sunshine? A well-deserved beer I think! I love your decorations- Happy Easter.xx

  22. What a lovely day. I know what you mean about dragging them out, although they usually enjoy it in the end. I'm glad you had such a good time, even if it wasn't what you originally wanted to do. I hope you enjoy the rest of the Easter break. CJ xx

  23. Happy Easter! Thanks for the lovely photos. Love that bird!

  24. You always get out and about, I love that about your blog. Happy Easter weekend. Jo x

  25. What a nice post, don't think as a family we have been in the house at the same time all together over the Easter break....
    Love your Easter tree....
    Amanda x

  26. A lovely day Jacquie, you kept them out the house all day in the end! Hang in there with the days out if you's hard to get it back once you've lost it! I love the wooden bench and I wonder if that tree is a young Horse chestnut tree? Happy Easter, Heather x

  27. I really enjoy your photos, thank you.

  28. What a great time! I really love the little bird, must get my hooks clacking again! And the whole tree is gorgeous.

  29. Thank you for another most enjoyable walk in the park Jacquie - and I love that 'fancied up' bench - show me a pretty butterfly and I'll swoon any day! Easter is gone now and I'm trying to catch up on blog following - been missing so much good stuff here there and everywhere! Happy days to you m'dear! Hugs, Joy x


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