Wednesday 16 April 2014

Easter Holidays :: Part 4

Hello Lovelies, 
I have more photos from Sunday that I hope you will enjoy....not as many as my previous post :0)

Back down in Tissington village the weather was warmer and still sunny......a different world to those exposed hills. After our rest stop I couldn't resist a wander around this picture perfect estate village. 

We walked downhill.......

To the Duck pond where daffodils flowered..........

Oh, so pretty.......

Another lovely scene..........

We were in search of a certain shop and wandered along footpaths, past neat gardens..........

And the cutest stone cottages..........

This one was called " Nurses Cottage".  

The traffic in the quiet lanes was mostly feline and very friendly.......

Everywhere I looked there were pretty places.......

I loved the bunting and washing on the line here.........

And mossy stone walls with abundant  wild flowers.........

Wish I could remember the name of this delicate yellow flowered's one I remember from my own childhood.
edited to add :- thank you's Yellow Fumitory

This village is famous for it's wells , which are dressed in May..........

You can read about this tradition HERE

Ahhhh, this is the place.....

Isn't it gorgeous

Look, Sweets are off ration today!

Eeeeek, how I loved all the vintage paraphernalia.........

"Edward and Vintage" is an old fashioned sweet shop I had come across on the looked too good to miss and I wasn't disappointed.

I did take photos inside but they came out fuzzy as it was quite dark. This is the only decent one......

 If you want to see some better photos of this nostalgic place THIS Daily Mail article has lots.

 We made some purchases of course. One whole room is "pick-n-mix" :0)

Outside again I loved the hand cart........

And there was a footpath too.......

How lovely it would be to buy some sweets and take them on a walk across the fields..........

But by now we were feeling a little weary. Just time for a couple more photos. More neat stone cottages......

And one of TISSINGTON  HALL its self. Not easy to photograph into the setting sun, but I love the way it makes these bushes glow..........

Thank you for all your comments on my previous post about this special day.
I can't quite believe what stunning weather we are enjoying this Easter holiday........I do hope it's sunny where you are.
Jacquie x

P.S. Jane at the lovely blog Plain Jane is kindly offering to organise a bloggers meet up for the end of May .
Details are at the bottom of THIS post if any of you lovelies are interested.
And maybe you could spread the word too?


  1. Hi Jacquie, I couldn't see it properly but the flower looked like yellow fumitory which is often seen growing in cracks in walls. Haven't been there for years. Lovely photos.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed your day :) I love the sweetie shop and Tissington is a great starting place for loads of walks if you return one day, some you would find in my blog. I can show you a little more of Tissington Hall and take you through that gate by the shop and over the fields to Parwich in this blog post if it interests you...

    1. Glad you enjoyed the link. Thanks for your comment and suggestion. I have been thinking about making my photos extra large, and widening the blog area to accommodate them, and you're the second person to suggest it. The only reason I haven't done it already is because I think so many people are viewing on ipads and tablets now and I don't use those so I don't know how it would appear on such devices. I have a large monitor with oodles of space either side of my main blog column to expand into, but how would that effect ipad users? I wonder if it auto adjusts to fit the screen and the reader has to zoom in? Anyway, I might tinker with the sizing to accommodate larger photos soon - but if you viewed on an ipad perhaps you could let me know?!

  3. Aren't those vintage prams fabulous? Unfortunately my pram days are long gone but they are so beautiful and nostalgic. Probably not too appropriate for today's lifestyle though! Glad you've had such a lovely holiday, doesn't it make a difference when the sun shines!

  4. Thanks for that Jacquie! I haven't been to Tissington for a few years but I remember cycling through during the well dressing - well worth a visit. Love the cats x Jane

  5. What a lovely walk, and such beautiful pretty cottages!
    I think I have seen that sweet shop on some TV programme, can't remember which one though.

  6. We are on our way to London TODAY!!!! Your blog has been an inspiration of places to see and go. Thank you for being my travel guide, even if you did not know you were. Happy Easter XXX

  7. I'm so enjoying accompanying you virtually on your Peak trip. I love Tissington too, and have had some of the best soup I've ever tasted there. I don't remember the sweet shop from my last trip there but I do remember the local cats which are so friendly. One little black and white Felix look-a-like adopted me and acted as my little tour guide as I went round the village. I adore the candle workshop too and always come home with a whole pile of their heavenly wax bars. From both you and Louise's posts I cant wait to get back for a visit.

  8. oooh my God! is a beautiful place, Thank you Jackie by shared this pics, may I have a pleasures to go there, but is adorable! for you, I meet this place!

  9. It looks wonderful, I love the prams outside the shop. I bet you got lots of sweets. xx

  10. love love loved all of your Easter journeys!!! thank you!
    Mary from Chicago

  11. Ooo, a sweet shop. Note to self.....must visit. Love old fashioned sweetie shops. Oh... the rest of the piccies are fab too, x

  12. What a beautiful village! I hope that you enjoyed the sweets after your long cycle ride! xx

  13. What a lovely place :)
    Clare x

  14. What an absolutely charming additional to the earlier posts! The friendly felines in the lane photo is a true story teller. That sweet shop is amazing. It's grand to see that such places as these actually exist...not just in dreams.

    I imagine that you and yours slept really, really well when you turned out the lights after finally getting back home...and lots of sweet dreams.


  15. So did I google Tissington after reading this post? Yes! Yes I did! I have fallen in love with the place just from the photos and that sweet shop! How did you leave. I actually spent so much money in my mind knowing that I couldn't resist. I think I love sweets more than the children and I am a sucker when they are sold vintage style!!!

  16. What a chocolate box village! You are so blessed to have them. This village is just adorable and has to go on the Must Visit When I Go To England list. :) plus sweeties on the menu : bit plus.

  17. Such an idylic place! Just like Escape to the Country that I watch every Friday night here in Australia. I do so hope that I can visit places like that next year with my daughter. I want to visit Cornwell and Chippenham which are both part of my heretage. Thankyou for the lovely enticing pics.

  18. Hi Jacqui,
    Thanks for a lovely visit, adore the old buildings and scenery.
    Cheers, Anita.


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