Thursday 16 November 2017

The Colours of Now

Hello Lovelies,
how are you? I seem to have been absent from this space for longer than I intended. I do hope this post finds you well.
 November has been good to us so far, with a good amount of sunshine and some beautiful Autumn colour. Thinking about it now, it's only just over a month to the shortest day and we still have so much colour to enjoy. 

It's true that much of that colour is now on the ground and it feels like it won't be around for much longer. All the more reason to get out and enjoy it.

This morning was sunny, and despite a major "spring cleaning" urge, I knew I must leave the confines of home for  at least a short while to stretch my legs and get some sun.

Because when the sun shines the Autumn colours really sing.

Ahhhh, my absolute favourite November leaf , I couldn't resist picking up a few of these Cherry leaves. Their shape and colours delight me.

Ooooh, beautiful Autumn treasure.

Happy to have found and photographed these beauties I headed home to the cleaning. Don't you just love a jumble of rooftops.... or is that just me :0)

Jacquie x