Sunday 7 February 2021

Welcome February

Hello Lovelies,
 February began with a beautifully sunny day, which tempted me to walk further than I have been doing lately.

I'm still in love with the bare trees, this Oak tree's skeletal mass of branches looked especially lovely with blue skies behind.

It was cold and this large frozen puddle illustrates just how much rain we have had lately and how saturated the ground is.

Here the long tree shadows made me smile.

It's so relaxing to wander along the footpaths which cross our local golf course at the moment. Our continued lockdown means there are no balls to dodge and it's generally peaceful.

 I was enjoying noticing the different trees. These small blueish needles looked very appealing.

 Once at the churchyard I left food on the fence under this large tree.

I love to stand back and watch the birds come down to enjoy the snack, which they do almost immediately. Here I managed to capture a Robin and Blue tit in the same photo. Just :0)

And here comes a Dunnock. Not as colourful but so endearing.

Eventually I set off again, across the little bridge.

Along the field edge.

Here the footpath goes along this lane.

And into this pretty valley.

Before climbing up the other side to where there is a far reaching view.

Zooming in towards this undulating road.

Time to head home.

Past the sleeping sheep.

And finally, past a lovely display of snowdrops. What a perfect start to February.

Since this walk the weather hasn't been so nice and my miles walked so far this year are rather behind schedule. Oh well, I'm hopeful I'll be able to catch up soon.

 It's great being retired but at the moment the continued high number of coronavirus cases doesn't make for the most relaxing walking when you are continually hoping not to meet other walkers on a narrow path. 

Just recently we have lost an elderly neighbour to this horrible virus. It's so sad.  I sincerely hope  the combination of lockdown and vaccination brings the the tragic loss of life right down very soon.

Jacquie x