Thursday 21 February 2019

Winter Blessings

Hello Lovelies, I'm sorry I have  been absent from this space for so long.  Life is quite busy in the evening these days, that's when I would normally read blogs and write a post of my own. 
You see my lovely Mum in Law has been in hospital since October and I visit every evening unless I'm at work (Hubby goes every day). Thankfully things are finally looking up for her (phew) but I know there will be tricky times ahead and lots more support will be needed.
At times like these I find it pretty essential to focus on the small things that make me smile. Winter here has been pretty kind really. I've had  what I need most....the chance to get outside, or stay quietly at home. Here are some of the things that have brightened my days......

Sunshine on cheery flowers. This years Amaryllis was the best ever.

A few hours to wander as far as my legs will allow, noticing the birds and the misty views

Then sunshine and paddling in the shallow stream.

Signs of spring outside the florists shop.

Feeding feathered friends.

Admiring frosty views.

A square a day added to my Temperature blanket.

Sunshine on a freezing group walk day.

Always birds.

 Chaffinch singing sweetly

Female Blackbird eating crab apples

And bird homes.

First flowers.

And new visitors to Jacquie's bird cafe :0)

Dawn walks with a willing Teen, because dawn is at a reasonable hour :0)

And finally, cute baby Deer.

Today it's been so mild it really has felt like spring but I'm not wishing winter away just yet. I love all our seasons and feel blessed to have the time to really appreciate them.

Jacquie x