Friday 6 December 2019

Foggy and Frosty

Hello Lovelies,
We have had a cold snap around these parts over the last week or so. It's perfectly seasonal and a nice change from all the rain we endured before that.
One morning we woke to a really good frost. The sort that coats everything, not just the ground.
I had to get dressed and get out there with my camera as soon as possible.
The allotments were deserted....hardly surprising.

I think frost adds a magical touch to everything, don't you?

 Like the world had been dusted with icing sugar.

 My footsteps crunched as I walked along the roadside, through icy puddles and whitened grass.

Beautiful berries.

 and tantalisingly hidden views.

 Pheasants on a fence oblivious to my presence.

 The black ones are a favourite. They have green in their plumage too. So striking.

 More great ice formations

 And Ivy hearts :0)

  The world was so still and quiet with nobody else around.


 I recently had a lovely comment over on instagram. From a lady who said she had been inspired to go walking in cold weather thanks to my posts.

When you are indoors it's easy to think....brrrr....I don't fancy going out in THAT!
 But once you are wrapped up and immersed in THIS it's so special.
I'm a nit nesh  (midlands speak for not liking cold weather), but I wrap up warm and find if I do feel the cold at the start of a walk I soon warm up once I've been going for 10 minutes or so.

 The sheep have the right idea :0)

 The trees are mostly leafless now and their bare shapes are beautiful.

 It's easier to see the birds too.

 Soon I reached my favourite church.

Time to feed Mr Robin.

 The "lake" had frozen here.

Time to head's a good job I know where I'm going today.

 A little bit more ice crystal appreciation.

And bird watching.

 Then it's time for breakfast. Hot porridge under my growing blanket.


Jacquie x