Sunday 19 August 2018

Four go to Whitby

Hello Again Lovelies,
 I'm back with another catch up post from another Yorkshire trip. 

This time I was with Hubby and our eldest two boys. Youngest had gone on a school trip to France and we (I) decided the rest of us should have a short break too. It was right at the end of June, when the heatwave was really taking hold. It seemed everybody and their Aunt had taken to the road in search of a cool sea breezes and the A64 around York was stationary.
We decided to head across countryside so we could get moving. The air conditioning on our 13 year old car had given up the ghost and it was so hot in the car.
Thankfully quiet back roads brought us to bustling Helmsley. What a lovely spot for a cooling ice cream before the last leg of our journey.

When we stepped out of the car at our holiday home the air was noticeably cooler and for that we were grateful.

I loved the setting of our base for the next 3 nights, by the river Esk, and below an old railway viaduct which is now a footpath into town. Perfect.

After tea we climbed the steep hill out of our secluded holiday village and went under one of  the arcs of viaduct.

To join the Cinder Track

The long evening shadows cast by the viaduct were striking.

and standing up high gave a great vantage point

After about 15 minutes walk we were in the centre of Whitby, admiring all the boats and the ruied abbey on the hill.

Ooooh, those beautiful reflections.

Presently we arrived at the pier. Somewhere I had been before HERE on a trip with Mum. It was great to be here with most of the family this time and for them to see it in such perfect weather too.

The sun glinted off windows and really lit up the scene as pleasure craft headed out for an evening cruise.

I like the solid bit of the pier, not this bit where you can see the water through the cracks. I know it's safe, but I still feel the need to shuffle along, avoiding the gaps 😊

We watched the sunset.

then walked back past the tourist shops. These mugs made me smile.

Daft Apeth has got to be my favourite 😊

It was almost dark by the time we got back.

I slept really well in a cool bedroom and woke early to sunshine. How I love being first up and indulging in some holiday craft with a quiet cup of tea. I loved these mugs too.

Gosh this has got to be the first cross stitch I have done for about 30 years ( sadly I'm not even joking!)

I was inspired always... by Lucy. I changed the colour of my Daisy as I only had cream fabric in my stash.

Eventually we were all ready to head out for the day and Runswick Bay seemed a good option for a beach day.

While the rest of the UK  sweltered and youngest told us it was 32 degrees Celsius in northern France, it was what you might call bracing here. And the North Sea was....8 degrees, according to the Lifeguards notice board. It felt more like 2 degrees to my toes.

Still, we had a windbreak and beautiful views.

Runswick Bay is such a pretty tumble of cottages and I have almost forgotten about my accidental fall here 3 years ago. My root canal work is a fading memory too...thankfully!

I can never resist exploring, though I did watch my step 😊

Eldest and I climbed up to get a birds eye view of the bay.

Then wandered back down to the beach.

Where middle son had found a fossil!

My boys love being in the sea but today we all stayed dry.

It was very pleasant exploring, non-the-less.

In the evening we did a little more exploring and headed to a place that was new to all of us. The famous Robin Hoods Bay

It's steep walk down from the car park.

and the sun was almost setting

Ahhh, the bay hotel. The finishing point for the Coast to Coast walk. Maybe one day.

This is the iconic view of this place which I have seen  so often, in art and photographs. It was brilliant to be there on a beautiful summer evening when the setting sun was lighting up the distant cliffs.

How I loved  the line of washing too.

We climbed steadily and I kept gazing backwards.

There's even a pub with a lovely garden here, so we enjoyed a drink with this view. Takes some beating I think.

And just when I thought we had left the prettiest views behind, this was the view as we headed back towards Whitby.

I just stopped the car, zoomed in a bit, and snapped this.

The Abbey ruins looked amazing. That light! What an end to the day.

On our second morning I finished this sweet little project. 

Thank you for generously sharing such a lovely pattern Lucy. Mine's a Michaelmas Daisy  😊

We then had a  trip down the coast to Scarborough. I wanted to visit the highest point in town as it's where my dad used to go motorbike racing in his youth. Oliver's mount also has a striking war memorial .

and great views over this lovely resort. Here you can see the south bay with the castle behind it.

And further round is the North Bay.

Back in Whitby that evening we went out for Fish and Chips HERE. My goodness they were amazing.

It was only a week after the longest day so we had the treat of so much daylight to explore further and walk off the meal a little. We wandered the pretty streets.

Past the market hall

Then a courtyard drew our attention.

There was a pottery which made these lovely signs.

And adorable gardens.

Signs in-situ 😊

Climbing higher

Till we were looking down on the tumble of rooftops.

Here we climbed further, through a high sided passage.

Till we were on the cliff top looking down on the harbour and the pier.

 Oh the light. Different from the day before but still fabulous.

Looking towards the moors.

and delighting in the sight of a Skylark gathering food for it's young.

Soon we headed towards the iconic 199 steps. I think they look best in the evening light and they are quieter than in the daytime.

We dallied here a while, waiting for some enthusiastic selfie takers to finish posing. It wasn't a hardship. More time to admire the rooftops.

and the sunlit Valerian.

Which seemed a magnet for these moths.

Another step shot. Sigh.

Then a walk along pretty Henrietta street, past the Kipper smoke house.

And down to the sand.

More harbour views.

A yarny shop window


and vistas

and another fabulous sunset.

Whitby is a such a lovely place to walk around an explore. I'm really glad most of the family know it's charms now.

Another long post from me. Thank you for reading lovelies😘
Jacquie x