Thursday 16 September 2021

Mid September scenes

 Hello, hello lovlies, 

long time no post. The main reason for my absence is the demise of my desktop computer,  which I always used for writing blog posts and viewing blogs on my reading list. It's never really occurred to me to try and publish a post using my phone and who knows if this will work but I'm giving it a try. 

I'd like to record my observations of the approaching Autumn, I hope you enjoy it.....

We had rain a couple of days ago and as I set off on my morning walk today a mist hung in the air. The sun was still low in the sky and shone haizily through the damp atmosphere, creating soft outlines and muted colours.

Autumn was just beginning her wonderful display, the hedgerows lit with glowing rosehips and hawthorn berries on this golden morning

Looking towards the horizon I noticed the layers of the low hills, each separated by a veil of mist,  vanishing into the distance 


Along the bridleway the large clump of rosebay willow herb, who's five foot stems had been graced with pretty cerise pink flowers a few weeks ago, was now all russet tones. 

It was an easy walk down this familiarly quiet lane and I felt myself relax as I noticed many small birds, dunnock, sparrows and robins, darting about in the freshly trimmed hedges 

The mist began to dissipate revealing a clear blue sky above the patchwork of fields. Some were brown and freshly ploughed others still golden with the remains of harvested grain crops

I decided to turn left at the bottom of the path and make my way to our small local nature reserve. There was barely a soul about and I focused on the birdsong, feeling grateful to be able to enjoy this beautiful morning. 

The fields are full of horses down here. They include quite a few small ponies suitable for the youngest of riders. The nearbly riding school seems to look after them very well and I'm sure they are much loved by their riders. 

The nature reserve is a meadow, a pond and a stream, all bordered by trees and hedgerows.  Today I noticed the the meadow had recently been cut and the stream was very low.

It's the end of a cool dry summer so recent rain has not made much impression on the flow.
As I left the reserve I began making my way over stiles and across fields towards home.

The footbridge over the ditch was strewn with leaves from the old, contorted willow tree.

Once across I smiled at the sight of more horses quietly grazing. Their coats beautifully backlit by the still low sunshine.  It created a bright halo of light as it landed on their sleek coats. 

At my feet the wet grass was strewn with a myriad small spider webs, suspended from the blades of grass like so many miniature hammocks. 

The pond I passed was almost empty but the open sided barn is full of hay. The well loved horses won't go hungry this winter.

I was  feeling a bit peckish by this point. Time to head home for some tea and cake. I was glad to make the most of the mild weather and enjoy my refreshments in my garden arbour. A picnic in the fresh air always tastes extra nice don't you think. 

I hope this uploads ok. It wasn't too tricky in the end and I'd like to think I'll be able to write another post soon as I do miss recording more of my thoughts and observations than you can on Instagram.  
Thank you for reading 
Jacquie x