Tuesday 23 January 2024

❤️Three things❤️

 Hello lovely people,  I do hope this unexpected post finds you well. The third week of January isn't easy, is it. What with the depressing news and the miserable weather. I thought, why not do a quick post, focusing on small gratitudes in my day. I always loved it when Lucy at Attic 24 did this sort of post. 

Thing 1.

The first, brave Snowdrops,  cheering a rather damp dog walk, this afternoon. 

Thing 2.

Going through some of my craft stash and pulling out this lovely project. My "Autumn Blanet" is something I started in 2021 (I think 🤔 ). One day I will get round to finishing it....🤞.

Thing 3.

         Chewed corner curtesy of a certain whippet 

A reawakened interest in reading. This is my second book this year (impressive as I read zero fiction in 2023) . I'm mainly trying to reduce my scrolling. Hoping reading will be good for my brain, sleep pattern and concentration.  If you are a reader, any recommendations for books would be most welcome 🥰.

I'll stop now, and hope to be back in the not too distant future, to chat again. I'm trying to find a way to fit blogging into my day, as I do miss it. 

Jacquie x