Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Blooming Marvelous

Hello Lovelies,
It's a very floral post today. Firstly I'm so happy with this fabric that I just had to share it with you......

Such lovely pink flowers on a delicate blue background

It's blooming marvelous bargain bedding from Morrisons .....

It's called vintage floral and I'm pretty sure it cost £14 for the set!

Sooooo pretty . The reverse is just lovely "candy stripes" so I'll be able to have a change when I tire of the flowers ,though that is hard to imagine right now :0)

Next I have some blooming gorgeous Dahlias.

Sadly these are not mine , but as they are looking stunning in a neighbours front garden right now I took some close ups to share with you......

Isn't that  stunning.

These have got to be my favourites. Smaller than the others but such a pretty pink and the globe shaped heads are such a satisfying shape.......

They remind me of those paper decorations that come flat and you open them out into a circle or a bell shape
Lastly today we have Blooming beautiful crochet.

 I've been wanting to have a go at Lucy's Blooming flower cushion since I first saw it. Such a clever pattern .I've had to wait till I had time to sit in front of the computer with my hook so it has had to wait a while. But I'm pleased to say this weekend I finally managed to start my cushion........

Lucy's tutorial is just great ,so clear as always . The pattern is a little tricky to begin with. Especially the working in the front and back loops . That's where a photo tutorial is a huuuuge help :0)

Now, I just love this pattern . I'm really enjoying creating these pretty petals ........

In fact, looking at these pictures I need to go and add another round right now !
Back soon with progress shots :0)
Jacquie x


  1. Hi there,Jacquie,Ilove that bedding and what a bargain,so pretty.I m trying to make the most of the last flowers in my garden as I know they will soon be gone:( I love that crochet cushion your making ,soo pretty, I m going to try and give it a go! take care,love julie.xxxx

  2. Am LOVING that bedding and will be heading down to Morrisons today to see if they have it there. Your cushion is so pretty. I love Lucy's tutorials - they are so clear. I learnt to crochet by looking at her site and used it this weekend to start the ripple blanket I posted about yesterday. x

  3. The bedding is so lovely. Funny how us girlies love pretty things it must be our femine side coming out......xx

    I would really LOVE it if you would follow me.

  4. Hi there, I'm a new blogger and I've just receivd my first blogger award! (I'm very new to all this) I love your blog and hope you don't mind but I am passing the award on to you :)
    Here is the link if you would like to take a peek http://teaatweasels.blogspot.com/2011/08/thank-you.html

    I adore your new floral bedsheets - what a bargain! Your crochet cushion is looking very pretty too... Hope you are having a jolly week so far...

    Louise xx

  5. That bedlinen is very pretty and very reasonably priced. Lucky you. Enjoy.
    Anne xx

  6. Hey Jacquie, blooming marvellous post.......full of lovely floral goodness.

    The bedlinen is lovely I thought the first pic must've been a piece of fabric you bought somewhere and were going to make something out of it!!
    Love the colours.

    The Dahlias are stunning, the first is so delicate, but like you, I prefer the second and I just want to reach out and touch it.

    I ducked over to see Lucy's cushion at Attic 24 and it looks fab. How big are you going to make yours? It will be stunning when finished. I just want to run my hand over those beautiful ruffles.
    I must be a rather tactile person I think, hehe.....

    Claire :}

  7. So sweet, love the bedding :)
    Your garden flowers are lovely & the cushions looking real good :D
    Karen x

  8. Bloomin eck!! What a beautiful post. I have to say the Lucy cushion is lovely and added to my looooong to do list too!! Any way I am off to Morrissons now but love love love reading your posts!!!

  9. beautiful crochet and lovely print on the duvet cover set ;0)...p.s i think the vintage crochet my mum owns were ones my great grandmother, nanny and great aunts made...;0)x

  10. Oh Jaquie this bedding set is gorgeous! I soo love flowers :) and the cushion is lovely so far...I too want to try out Lucy's pattern...have to finish AAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLL my wips first:)
    Have a great eve!

  11. Aaaaaaahhhhhhh - floral delights - surely every girl's dream? Have neighbourly flower envy too...
    Emily x

  12. What a lovely post!
    The bedding is gorgeous and I adore the first dahlia.

  13. Oh, so beautiful! I love the bedding--very cozy. :)

  14. Beautiful pictures of flowers you have taken. I know the feeling abouth that flowercushion.I made one after Lucys lovely tutorial to, and it was so joyful time I had with Lucy, the cushion and me. Love it, and I would like to make another one. Yours is lovely.
    Hug to You


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