Monday, 26 March 2012

Evening Light

Hello Lovelies,
yesterday was a beautiful,sunny spring day. Returning home from the park at six in the evening I was delighted by the way the sunlight was shining through the petals of the Hyacinths in our front garden.

The air was warm and still and their scent was fabulous.....

I LOVE that these blooms ,bought to cheer up and dark winter day indoors ,do so well after being plonked in the ground after they have faded.

I have this years crop waiting to be planted ...must get on with that soon.The Idea of having more of the beauties to welcome me home next spring makes me very happy........

The lengthening days and the fact that we changed the clocks yesterday meant it was still light at seven pm. I popped into the garden to fetch in the washing and noticed a neighbors willow tree was looking very green.......

Then I realized the sun would be setting and if I was quick I would be able to see it . So I left the rest of the dry washing on the line and trotted up the road in my garden crocks ( not the easiest thing to trot in !) . Once I got to a gap in the hedge I was distracted by how big this years crop is already. It's rape seed and it looked as though it would start flowering any day.........

The trees are still mostly bare and the hedgerows are brown but a close look shows they too will be green very soon......

Ahhhhhhhh, here is what I hoped to see........

A beautiful sunset :0)

On a different theme , I wanted to share another baby hat I made over the weekend. On Friday I found out the baby I had made a gender neutral hat for is a girl so I could not resist hooking a pretty pink and lilac version .....

Hope you have a good Spring/Autumn week.
Jacquie x


  1. Really lovely can't beat lilacs and pinks especially with all the flowery spring inspiration around!

    Fleur xx

  2. Wow so beautiful shots/flowers!!

  3. ooooh what a fabulous post....i know it is so exciting isn't it?? i keep browsing the garden to see whats happening. What a beautiful sunset too.
    cute hat, what a lucky baby x
    love jooles x
    p.s enjoy the sunshine :o)

  4. I've never really been a fan of hyacinths before, but I think those first few pictures--especially the pink one!--may have changed my mind about them.

  5. I love Hyancinths! The smell always brings good memories of Easters in my childhood. And love the pink hat :)

  6. Oooh, Jacquie! Your evening flowers are sooo beautiful! Looking at their pictures I feel their fragrance!
    Have a colorful day! xx Olga ☼

  7. It's so beautiful out right now. I love your pics - they really inspire me!

  8. How lovely to be welcomed home by such beautiful flowers!
    Love the little baby hat, the tassels are super cute! Lucky baby :)

  9. Que lindas flores...e as cores...lindas.
    Venha ver minha manta ripple e me seguir.

  10. Beautiful flowers and hat!!!
    xx Alessandra

  11. Lovely luminous pictures of hyacinths, especially the fourth one! The rapeseed is incredibly advanced and its golden loveliness is beautiful to behold when it comes into flower. How right you were to stay out until sunset to catch that last peaceful shot with colourful sky!
    Cute pink hat! I love the little owl tufts at the top!

  12. I do that too - I have 4 or 5 pots of daffs/hyacinths that will get planted out once they've died back :)

  13. I ADORE Hyacinths. They stand so proud and their scent can fill a whole room. They are a real beauty to photograph too. I have been away from blog land for a bit and am trying to have a catch up.....I ADORE your Elmer blanket! Such brightness to lift the soul!

    Hope you are well and enjoying the sunshine we are having!

    Take care

    Vanessa xxxxxxxxx

  14. Hey Jacquie, Hyacinths are one of if not my favourite bulb. I loooove their beautiful perfume and all the gorgeous colours they come in.
    Gorgeous sunset all the little chimney pots and that sweet little hat you've whipped up looks like it's been inspired by the Hyacinths!

    Enjoy your stunning Spring weather Jacquie. We're gently slipping into Autumn, perfect weather for snuggling under blankets.....

    Claire X

  15. Those flowers look amazing! Looking at their pretty colours makes me wish I had some yarn in the same shades.

  16. Your Hyacinths are gorgeous Jacquie, I do love thir scent! Thise little teddy hats that you made are adorable!
    Have a great week!
    Rachel x

  17. What gorgeous photos, I can almost smell the perfume from here.
    Love the little pink hat.
    Carol xx

  18. Your photos are stunning and so is your crochet. The sunset picture could be a postcard. You are a truly gifted lady and so inspirational. Your pictures really put a smile on my face :)

  19. Hello Jacquie, I can't see an email address on your blog, but I wanted to thank you for adding Reflections and Nature onto your blog list. It's so nice to get visitors from my home country as I've been living abroad for many years now.
    I always enjoy looking in here and seeing all your lovely crochet and photos of nature. Photography and crochet are my passions!
    Have a beautiful day!

  20. Oh how cute is that hat (again ;D ) ! That babe is going to look so sweet in it :D

  21. Nice pics, the flowers are hyacinths not hydrangeas!


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