Monday 29 December 2014

A Snow Day

Hello Lovelies,
After the exciting snowfall on the evening of Boxing day, Saturday dawned bright cold.....youngest and I were straight outside with our cameras.........

The world looked beautiful, blanketed in white. The red of the berries and the Robin's breast standing out prettily...........

How I LOVED having a photography companion on my walk. This photo of my baby ( he's twelve ) togged up in his bobble hat and walking boots with stripy socks makes me so happy.........

The horse field looked gorgeous in the low morning sunshine............

and the horses came straight over to see if we had anything for them to eat..........

Youngest was nervous of these big " scary equines" as he amusingly called them....but they were on the other side of an electric fence.....and having grown up with horses, I do love chatting to them.

 The snow had cleaned their hooves beautifully ( as it was cleaning our walking boots too) and this chap looked almost like he had got varnish on his contrasting hooves :0)............

Youngest was happy when they were distracted by a sound across the field....."could that be breakfast arriving?" you could almost hear them thinking............

Further along at the stables all the horses seemed to be still in their beds............

and there were just a couple of sheep in the field...........

who were equally as hungry as the horses..............this one dashed over bravely and sniffed my camera to see if it was edible...........

sorry chap....I'm sure your owner will arrive with some hay very soon.

By now we were were getting peckish too. There was just time to take in the view at sunrise corner........

before we walked back along the chilly lane, home for our own breakfast..........

At the back door I had to smile at this warning sign ...made by eldest..........

 it says "careful....very slippery" bless him.

Indoors it was lovely to thaw out a bit and enjoy the sunshine brightening our home. My second lot of Hyacinth bulbs are in flower..............

I love their heady scent and delicate colour.............

We weren't back indoors for long before the temptation to check out the sledging field became irrisistable........

It was very pleasant stood in the sunshine.....looking towards the hill.......

And watching my boys having fun......

This picture of middle son in very unsuitable footwear speaks to me about how quickly my teenagers are growing at the seems someone always needs replacement, bigger clothes or shoes at the moment. New wellies are next on middle sons list....then a larger school blazer.

The blue sky snow day was so pretty...........

And I did enjoy whizzing downhill too....just a couple of times.......

Back home again it was time for lunch and a mince pie............

My super thoughtful eldest gave me this lovely mug for Christmas......

he knows me so well.

It's such a treat to have bright, sunny snow days while the boys are on holiday. And so nice to finally have properly cold, seasonal weather .

But I am looking forward to spring :0)
Jacquie x


  1. Brilliant pics,,and I agree about the seasonal weather. Any of the above pictures taken by your son?

  2. Great photos. I'm looking forward to Spring too! I smile each time I see a sign that it's getting closer. X

  3. Wonderful pictures, and how lovely to have a photography companion. My eldest is 11 and likes to take photos now. Sledging looks like it was so much fun. We have a heavy frost here today, alas no snow though. Back inside looks pretty good too, nice and cosy. Your kitchen windowsill is gorgeous, the flowers are doing beautifully. Enjoy the rest of the festive break Jacquie. CJ xx

  4. It has been lovely hasn't it? This year sadly my kids declared themselves too old for sledging, but we have all enjoyed walking together. I hope that walking in snow is very good exercise to walk off all the treats we have been indulging in!!

    Your flowers look lovely, I can almost imagine the scent. I always like to treat myself to some potted bulbs from the supermarket on my first day back at work after Christmas, which this year is next Monday. It is always a little treat to look forward to.


  5. Isn't it lovely to see the snowy fields, the brightness it brings is gorgeous! My youngest comes out with me now and takes photos and does all sorts of art work with them, it's amazing to see. How lovely that you had the sign too when you came back - I needed one of those yesterday before I slipped and fell on my back!! Your home looks so cosy and your gifted mug is just perfect. Have a wonderful day xx

  6. It's wonderful that your 'baby' enjoys coming out with his own camera! I love the photo of the robin - next years Christmas cards maybe, hmmmm....? Glad you got the chance to do a bit of sledging too - great fun! Jane x

  7. Oh you lucky thing, we did not have any snow. My daughter (16) was up every 10 seconds to check. I think she wanted us to get some xx

  8. How lovely to have snow now. (Too warm here just yet, if we see any at all, always hit or miss.) I can see why that photo of your Son is a favorite, adorable (but I'm sure he wouldn't care for that description.) ; ) How cute the photo of the sheep up close and sledging is such fun, glad you took a turn or two. LOVE the heart mug, great taste your Son has! Have a great day!

  9. Jacquie, this is another fabulous post that I enjoyed so much - I thank you.

  10. It's so nice to see snow! Especially since it has been so warn here in Texas. I actually had the air conditioner running the day after Christmas. Love the Hyacinth.

  11. Lovely photos! We've enjoyed the snow too - some beautiful, narnia like winter wonderland scenes :) We've been out to play in it on both days of the weekend!

  12. Oh, I LOVE your picture of the sheep! It's wonderful to see all your snowy pictures too - it's a grey frosty day here today so it's really nice to see the snow in the sunshine xx

  13. Such a beautiful post today, that sheep picture is fantastic.

  14. I like the snow and the winter landscape !
    Merry Cristmas and happy new year

  15. Somehow this is an extra-special post, Jacquie! Your beautiful photos and narrative drew me in and helped me feel I was with you enjoying your day while I remembered other days I enjoyed similar events here across the pond. Thanks for posting xx

  16. beautiful photos!!!! we have also snow. i love snow!!!!
    have wonderful days with your family,

  17. Scary equines. Love it.
    I wouldn't mind snow nearly so much during the school holidays, it's the sliding to school in it that I can't abide. Looks like fun :)

  18. Beautiful pics - I love the sheep & horses!

    If your son doesn't mind, it would be fun to add one of his pictures in these posts. I love seeing the world through a child's eyes. :)

  19. We had some snow too. Lovely pictures as ever. Jo xx

  20. I am so enjoying your snow pictures! You're lucky that horses and sheep are close to you like that. Your home is so bright and pretty.. you make it so inviting. I'm off to swim soon. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

      *H*A*P*P*Y* *N*E*W* *Y*E*A*R*!*

  21. It sounds as if your day has been a wonderful one. You have very thoughful children. I love the sign warning you to be careful and the mug. :-) I'm glad that you are enjoying your snow days with your children...they grow up and away too fast so I"m always telling my friends with children still at home to enjoy them! Love the horses and sheep too. Just an altogether lovely post.

  22. Beautiful photos of your snow day
    Jackie x

  23. Such beautiful pics!!! I think the sheeps face pic should be your Xmas card for next year! xxx

  24. I'm jealous! No snow here at all. I did get a bit excited when I heard on the radio that snow would cover "much of the country" on Boxing Day, I think they possibly meant much of England rather than the UK, so disappointing! I hope you and your family are continuing to have a lovely Christmas, your snow photos are gorgeous.

  25. We got lots of snow here, too! Lovely! And that sheep pic is so cute.

  26. What great photos. All that snow we have none at all up here in the Northeast.

    That photo of the robin is gorgeous & I do like your mug!

  27. Looks like great fun. Really fantastic pictures. Love the horses and sheep. Hope you have a very Happy New Year.

  28. I hope that your New Year will be wonderful! Best wishes for all good things in 2015 to you and yours! xx

  29. Lovely post and I just wanted to say Thank you for all your inspiring Yorkshire posts as we have now decided that tomorrow - New Year's Day - we will go and have a little explore of the place seeing as it is not so very far from us! I've spent most of the evening going through your posts and adding to my long list of places to visit. Thanks again. xx

  30. Ohhh its looking very Chilly, such beautiful photos!!! Hope you have a wonderful 2015 :) Janette xoxo


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