Monday, 8 June 2015

The Buttercup Walk

 Hello Lovelies, how are you?
The weather here has been  wild and windy  at times. But thankfully I was very lucky with the weather on my two days off last week . My " Midweek Weekend" as I like to think of it. I know I'm very fortunate to get this break in my work days. Some time when I can relax while the rest of the family are at work or school.

At this time of year all I want to do is spend as much of that time outdoors as possible.

On Wednesday morning I had arranged to visit a local meadow with a friend.
The Buttercups are just at their glorious, golden best right now...........

Oh the simple joy of walking through fields of Buttercups, it takes me back to my childhood.......

This Meadow is right by a railway line......I love the viaduct it goes over here.........

It's a little oasis of nature right next to the urban sprawl.......

 And at this time of year it's a mass of simply beautiful wild flowers.  Clover was another childhood favourite of mine........

And in recent years, photographing the mouse's eye view of the hog-weed has become another seasonal delight.......

Here the path passed under the railway line.........

And out into a shady place, so lush with cow-parsley........

  over looking a pretty stream.........

 The stream soon flowed into the river......

How I loved standing on the footbridge here.....looking at the sparkling reflections and listening to the sound of the water.........

A little further along you could see the railway line and a family of Swans on the river.....

 If you click on this photo you will be able to see it much larger.

 Here's the view looking back towards the second bridge we crossed. As you can see it's not a pretty construction, but it's in a beautiful spot. I do feel we are blessed in this country to have well maintained footpaths, and even bridges especially for walkers, that give us access across private land.

 I think this spot would be perfect for a family picnic on a hot day..........

To sit at the waters edge and watch the water birds and the tiny fish that were easily visible in the clear water.........

We walked a little further and crossed the road I often drive along with Mum. This is a favourite view which  I've shared on my blog before.........

Everywhere is so green right now. And it's still that fresh zingy colour that I loved in May. I'm enjoying it while it lasts............

It was prefect walking weather, and the light changed all the time as fluffy clouds scudded across the sky.........

 But all too soon it was time to turn around and head back. This is the other bridge we had to cross on this walk....equally pretty :0)

The footpaths are rapidly disappearing into the undergrowth....but who can complain when it's such pretty yellow and white undergrowth as this............

Time to walk back through the dark tunnel into the Buttercup fields.........

I've thought about this carefully.... and it's decided....I LOVE June too :0)

Jacquie x


  1. What a wonderful walk, and so wonderful that meadows like this are still there to be enjoyed.


  2. June is absolutely beautiful isn't it. The wildflowers are at full throttle and everything is still green, green, green. Such a lovely place for a walk, it's always good to be beside water, and I love that you can get right down by the river. Being able to walk somewhere like that in the middle of the week must be a fantastic break. Hasn't the weather been wonderful? And more to come I think. Wishing you a good week. CJ xx

  3. What a wonderful walk you've had. You seem to live such nice surroundings. I do love June very much, as well. It is strawberry time, isn't it? I love strawberries so much, I could eat them every day. Hope you have a wonderful week, Viola

  4. Great post, super photos. It does look a lovely place for walking.

  5. seeing all the hog weed and cowparsley and wild flowers filling the country lanes and meadow lands cheers my soul sooo much... my childhood was filled with happy memories of bird watching with my dad and camping with the rest of the family and the excitement of trips out in the car to the country, being outside among all the pretty natural things cheers me most of all...your piccys are wonderful and glad you share them and your walks ;)x

  6. Lovely photos and your commentary made me feel like I was walking with you. Just lovely.

  7. Everything is so beautiful and so green!!!!! It is amazing isn't it. I especially liked seeing your pictures with the water, the stream into the river. They are beautiful aren't they. xx

  8. So magic nature!!!Your photos are always beautiful!!!

  9. Who could not love such views! It's all so beautiful, and many spots for a picnic. So nice to have some "me time" and in the middle of the week too! Our mild weather has slipped into summer heat and high humidity I'm afraid. It's out early or late in the day now for us otherwise you roast!

  10. I love buttercups - loved them as a child too. Is it my imagination or are there much fewer buttercups now than there used to be?

  11. Looks lovely - so glad now many areas get left to be wild during the flower season - a very pretty walk :)

  12. What a gorgeous walk. I agree - June is pretty good too! :) x

  13. Loughborough meadows? Stamford on soar church? Very familiar and lovely.

  14. You are so lucky to live in a beautiful part of the country, I love accompanying you on your stunning walks, I wish I could actually be there, but your pictures are an excellent second best!!! X

  15. I love my walks with you - I can do them in my pyjamas! We had some walking time this weekend, it is so lush and green. Jo x

  16. Jacquie, as always, you've shared many beautiful country views seen on your walk. Thank you very much! When I look at these photographs, it's hard to imagine that some city/town with lots of frenetic commercial traffic might be nearby.

    Yes, I am lucky to have Central Park nearby to my whizzing urban neighborhood, but still yearn for wider country views when I see your lovely posts.

    Please do treasure these parts of your world, as I know you do. Buttercups and clover flowers take me right back to my childhood, and always connect with happy memories.


  17. "Buttercup fields" - what a happy phrase! And such a glorious walk. Yes, June is right up there with May for greeny-flowery beauty.

    I love the shot of the bend in the road with the large tree and the church in the background. :)

  18. Yes, June is a star-studded month this year.. lilies about ready to bloom.. fields of wildflowers and grasses full of seed.. I do love the countryside! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  19. How lovely the late Spring has been this year with fields full of buttercups and frothy cow parsley growing apace on the banks. I don't know if it is because I have more time to spend walking in the countryside now I only work two days a week but it seems to have been a great year for all the wild flowers. Your photos are wonderful (especially like the mouse eye view of the hogweed) and it is great that you can find lovely buttercup meadows in amongst the urban sprawl. xx

  20. Another pretty walk, you are so lucky to have so many different walk close to where you live. I love that you share them with us, thank you
    Jackie x

  21. Another lovely walk Jacquie. Mother Nature feeds our souls doesn't she xxx

  22. I meant to share this the other day, thanks for the inspiration! x

  23. I agree, June is wonderful! Your walk looks delightful and the buttercups are so uplifting. The wild flowers are at their best now, I think :)
    Cathy x


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