Monday 7 September 2015

This weeks group walk :: Number 27

Hello Lovelies,
on Thursday the boys went back to  school and I managed to go on my first group walk in quiet a few weeks.

We headed up the motorway to Derbyshire, and THIS National Trust property.
The plant sales area was tempting ........

and I made a mental note to try and visit the beautiful looking Elizabethan hall one day........

Our route took us down the hill, to several ponds. This one had so many water Lilies.......

Others had none....but I loved the reflections..........

It's a shame it was a rather grey day, not great for photography, but that didn't spoil the walk.

We passed pretty stone cottages.........

And pretty stone churches........

with really old ( 12th century ) carvings.......

The route was mostly on footpaths, but where we walked along roads it was quiet and quaint.......

How I loved this beautiful old wooden home, quiet unusual for this part of the U.K.........

As we walked through this wood the sun shone. We enjoyed the dappled sunlight........

and the view across green fields........

In this disused railway cutting there were quiet a lot of flowers. I love to see Harebells as we don't seem to get them closer to home..........

And after seeing me photographing the flowers , one of the group pointed out the "Eggs and Bacon". That made me smile.......

Also known as Birds foot Trefoil.... For such a small flower it does seem to have lots of names :0)

Nearing the end of our 7 mile walk we passed more beautiful old homes......

It was lovely to walk and chat with various member of the group. It's so nice to have company, to catch up with all their news and to talk about what you see along the way..........

And I'm so looking forward to more group walks as Summer slips into Autumn.
Jacquie x


  1. Oh, how I love seeing the charming homes, churches and countryside near you. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Another lovely walk, and past some beautiful houses. The ancient stone carving is brilliant. You've reminded I haven't seen harebells for ages, I shall look out for them. Wishing you a good week. CJ xx

  3. These houses are so beautiful. You really live in a beautiful area of this world. Viola

  4. A lovely walk, such beautiful countryside and houses! x

  5. How lovely to be able to join your walking group again and what beautiful Derbyshire countryside was chosen for your walk. I love to see all the different and pretty cottages you find. xx

  6. Wonderful walks! I envy you! Are all these walks near your home, or do you have to take the car to arrive to the place where you start the walk? In which part of England is. I have to visit all these places next time I go to England (I live in Spain)

  7. Okay, I'm packin' up my bag to fly across the pond to come walk with you.

  8. Jacquie, you and your walking group have once again taken us along pathways through gorgeous landscapes, punctuated by some rather charming villages. May I ask how these routes are arranged?

    This walk's length surely gave you all a wonderful exercise, was not for folks whose legs and stamina were not strong. But what beautiful areas you saw!

    You've got be including in my "country dreams" being able to join you all on one of these walks. Not next week or the week after...but I know I would love to be along with you.


  9. A lovely summer into autumn kind of walk! xx

  10. Another wonderful walk! What lovely varied views. Thanks so much for sharing them. Enjoy the Autumn days ahead!

  11. As well as enjoying this post I scrolled back and enjoyed your posts since the end of July, Jacquie. While we have been adventuring on opposite sides of the pond, it is always fun for me to see the common ground we cover in our experiences and interests. We both had lovely trips to the beach, and good times with our loved ones, and even some stitching along the way. The photos of the rubbish left after the concert reminded me so much of the way the concert site near where I lived years ago in NY looked after the music was over... Your apron turned out beautifully! I just finished a crocheted border on a knit baby blanket, with pretty self striping yarn that made the project look more complicated than it was :) and I have been fiddling around with water color pencils and woodless colored pencils, for fun, too. Thanks for all your beautiful posts! xx

  12. Is that Hardwick Hall? You always take good photos whatever the weather Jacquie. Jo x

  13. Just finished my Sunburst Square blanket. Made from your tutorial. Thanks for the tutorial. I linked to your blog.
    Hugs from me


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