Wednesday 5 October 2016

Closer To Home

 Hello Lovelies,
after going away for two consecutive weekends, I was looking forward to a quiet time at home this past weekend.

On Sunday I woke early and thought I might do a post of the small things that made me smile throughout the day...I miss those sort of posts nowadays. It's all Instagram's fault I suppose. It's so easy to share things quickly on there. But I do think a blog post has more to offer really. And it's a nicer record for me to look back on.

Things started well. Lovely sunshine and rain soaked roses caught my eye as I hung out the washing

The mornings are quiet chilly theses days and I was happy to wrap my toes in cosy slippers.......

As the temperature drops I start to feel the need to have something growing on my kitchen windowsill. This pretty pink Cyclamen was a bargain from Morrisons (64p!)

I do love a slow start to the day. There was even time to faff about with the curtain hooks I had removed from the curtain earlier.
 I'm feeling the need to do an Autumn clean at the moment and our front room curtains were looking rather grubby. I stuffed them in the washer (ignoring the dry clean only instructions!) and hoped for the best........

While the washer did it's thing I decided to go for a walk. These happy Dahlias in a neighbouring garden made me smile.......

It was still very damp so I was happy that I had thought to wear wellies.........

I do love to see a freshly ploughed field......

 And raindrops glistening on every branch and berry......

 Soon I was at my favourite church.......

I loved the sunlight on the stained glass........

 You can see what it looks like from the inside in THIS post ( scroll down)

I was really enjoying my homely day, then hubby asked me to go into the big city with him....sigh. This was not in my plan, but I went anyway.

This "dress" celebrating Autumn did make me smile.......

And I always love to watch the Emett clock........

By 2PM we were home and I was quickly making the dinner. The familiar routine of making up the batter for the Yorkshire puddings was another simple pleasure......

The meat had been simmering in the slow cooker since 9am, so it wasn't too long before the meal was ready, familiar and comforting after a couple of weeks away........

Next I wanted to fit in some baking. I made two of the easiest cakes I know, Tea Loaf.
One for us and one for a Macmillan coffee morning at work

While my cakes cooked I sat down to do some  sewing. My freshly laundered curtains had been pinned up for...oh I dare not say how long!...and it felt so good to finally get around to sewing the hems  up :0)

After that Sunday went rather down hill. Tricky DIY needed my attention. Not that I am much help, just moral support. Lots of jobs crowded in and I felt rather grumpy that I never got to write about my (somewhat) relaxing Sunday.

Fast forward to yesterday. I had the luxury of finish work at 4pm for a change (it's usually 6pm). With mum in law at home making the boy's tea I had the perfect opportunity for a quiet walk.

I chose the country park....The late afternoon light was lovely and I really enjoyed pottering around in silence. Listening to the birds and noticing the signs of Autumn. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves........

My slow end to Tuesday more than made up for the busy end to Sunday.
I do love to go away and explore new places , but I'm happy to feel that where I live is pretty good too. There really is no place like home is there Lovelies.
Jacquie x


  1. Loved your gorgeous photos. My roses are just leafing up for spring and I cannot wait for flowers. I love that swan bench - maybe hubby could try his hand at carving?!

  2. I enjoyed all your photos.. I was very impressed with your delicious looking meal for your family. You're quite the renaissance woman! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Another wonderful stroll, always a pleasure.

  4. Gorgeous photos, must be so nice to be able to get out and enjoy it all!

  5. You're right, home is a wonderful place to be isn't it. Glad the curtains turned out well, and a delicious meal as well. The cyclamen is pretty, I really love their foliage. CJ xx

  6. Beautiful photos and such an inspiring post, Jacqui! Love the idea of a leisurely day in pictures. You did managed to fit a lot in your day that Sunday. Must try that tea loaf, and cyclamen on the window sill is a lovely idea. xx

  7. Thank you once again for your lovely blog and photos. I feel like I've had a trip into your countryside each time. Did you notice the 'face' on the close up of the bark on the tree trunk? I'm going to try your teabread recipe. I have a recipe which I use often but this one is a little different so looking forward to trying it. x

  8. Lovely pics. Aren't we lucky to have changing seasons? Each has its own beauty.

  9. Thanks for the lovely posts. I always feel as if you were talking to me about your day while I'm settling into my chair. Your blog is usually the first one I read when I'm blog-hopping!

  10. I love nice, relaxing days at home. So refreshing. And I much prefer the blog as opposed to instagram. One of my eyes hasn't worked since about February and I can see the pics on the blog so much better. Plus, I've never really gotten quite the hang of instagram and the blog just seems more...inviting. Like we're a part of your day with you.

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment Laura. I do hope your eye might get better soon.
      Jacquie xxx

  11. It's great that your curtains survived the wash. I have three pairs of pinned up curtains hanging up at windows in various places around my home so I'm pleased to know that I'm not the only one!

  12. You so need to crochet some fripperies for your slippers - bunny ears maybe Bunny Mummy. Always great to read your post even though I don't always comment but I love to see the great outdoors from another part of the world. Jo x

  13. Love those sleepers, it looks wonderfully warm. The boots looks great as well. The dress celebrating Autumn looks so pretty! Peaceful images of the ducks or geese in he water! Wishing a wonderful Autumn for us all!!

  14. What a delightful blog, so much to see and read. Woo xx

  15. Coming home after being away awhile always makes me appreciate it so much more. I love a Yorkshire pudding! I've been baking today, the youngest will be home from school on a long weekend. Love the tree gate and all the photos. Have a fab weekend! x

  16. Hello.i am going through stressful times at the moment,with my mum 200 miles away is very poorly in hospital.Your blog is so cheery and as I'v said many times your photo's are wonderful.Always an interesting read.Thanks for cheering me up,keep em coming.xx

  17. Beautiful post and photo's ,loved the roses and indeed the cozy slippers and the nature photos I love to come over to your blog

  18. Lovely photos as always and oh that gate!

  19. That was a beautiful post with some fab photographs.

    Glad your curtains survived the wash! Those Yorkshires looked very tasty my husband's are like that. I don't cook much nowadays he's so much better at it than me!

    Blogs are a bit like diaries which are really great to look back on as you said. I don't use Instagram or Facebook much prefer Blogland. More thought goes into it!

  20. Nice slippers! Loving the pretty flowers too ♥

  21. Beautiful pictures. I particularly love the ones of your garden. I live in a small flat and long to have a garden of my own...

  22. What a lovely post with so many stunning photos too, you really do have a good eye x

  23. What beautiful pictures, you are a blessed person that lives there and can take such amazing photos. I would love to have been invited to have dinner with you, Wow,it looked delicious !! from Iowa, USA


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