Thursday, 23 March 2017

The First Group Walk of Spring

All through the winter my walking group heads out. Week in, week out.
 I do like winter walking (when the weather plays ball and there is not too much mud!) but I am glad it's officially spring now.

Today we even saw the first leaves unfurling on the Horse-chestnut trees.

I loved this super tidy Lodge house.

and I always love a waterfall....even if it's man made.

the passage behind the tumbling water adds to the fun.

We were walking through the Newstead Abbey estate at this point. Oh look, pretty Daisies by the lake.

The ruined Abbey looked lovely in the sunshine.

And the Yarn bombing made me smile.

It was lunchtime, so we sat in the sunshine and ate our picnic. Then I had to try and see if I could get a good photo of a beautiful Peacock who was sunbathing by the house wall.

I got quiet close and he still seemed relaxed.

Ooooh those colours. The blue was so vivid and the iridescent Teal flashes were stunning.

He seemed to be enjoying the sunshine as much as we were.

It was such a treat to get so close to this beautiful bird.

and hard to tear myself away from this idyllic spot.

Most trees are still bare and the woodland was filled with sunlight.

Ooooh, a picture perfect cottage.

There were daffodils everywhere.

and Pink trees too.

The village of Linby looked gorgeous in the afternoon sun.

I really enjoyed today's 10 mile walk and I'm so looking forward to discovering more new walks this spring.
 This will be my third spring walking with these friendly folk...I'm always glad I was brave enough to join them.
Jacquie x


  1. Thanks for taking your readers along!

  2. Oh how wonderful it all was.. but especially getting such a close view of the gorgeous peacock!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. What a gorgeous place. I love the shot from the behind the waterfall, brilliant. Peacocks are utterly amazing up close aren't they. How on earth does nature do it?! It looks like a really fantastic walk, and such great weather as well. Lovely to see spring unfurling everywhere. CJ xx

  4. The peacock colours make me think of yarn colourways!
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my last post.

  5. Wonderful shots, as always, Jacquie. I visited Newstead Abbey years ago and had forgotten what it's like - though I do remember it being a sunny April day with a sudden snow blizzard! I have never heard of 'yarn bombing' :-) - and I reckon your peacock was just showing-off to you.

  6. What a lovely spring walk!! Loved it from my armchair; would have been awesome to do it for real, :-)

  7. Oh, I do enjoy your walks and so many pretty sights. The peacock is stunning, the colours of his feathers in the sunshine are spectacular. Nature does colour best.

  8. What a beautiful place to walk! I don't see those things around here! LOL! There is beauty everywhere but I think you might have a corner on the market where you live! TYFS

  9. How lovely to have a group to walk 10 miles with! It's so much easier to walk the miles with others. Lovely things you saw along the way.

  10. What a wonderful walk! So many inspiring photos they even have me wanting to sketch, lol (the peacock of course and the Lodge house)

  11. What a lovely walk :)

    I've never been to Newstead Abbey but it looks like somewhere I'd enjoy exploring.

  12. Your pictures are beautiful and inspirational. Would you grant permission to Pin a picture or two for my Art inspiration board?

  13. WOW,What a wonderful walk and that scenery just fabulous.For some reason I have always Loved Peacocks,thank you for taking pics of that Beautiful one.As you say soooo relaxed too.We have The St.Agnes Stompers here,they walk every Friday,I don't go,as being a Dog Walker I get more than my share of Walking lol.Hugs x


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