Thursday 6 April 2017

A Wander around Wymeswold

Hello Lovelies,
do you sometimes travel through a place and think how nice it looks, but never get the chance to explore it further? The village of Wymeswold is one of the many places that falls into that category for me.

Today I had the chance to remedy that. 

I parked by this wonderful (weeping willow lined) stream that runs through the streets. How great is that.

And walked in the direction of a local Nature reserve I had spotted on my map.

I didn't get far before these cute lambkins caught my eye. Got to love those pink ears in the morning sun.


Double Awww. Look at that little guy sleeping with his mum.

Tearing myself away from the woolly wonders I soon reached the edge of the village.

And noticed I had been walking along Brook Street. A very suitable name.

I spotted a sign for a public bridleway and began to climb. This is the view looking back.

and the view on-wards. How I love all the fresh green.

And the lack of mud :0)

Soon I was walking along the edge of a field and noticing how high the bright yellow Rape crop is.

and then I was a little confused about the correct way to go.

I followed the well trodden track.

It was so peaceful up here. The only sound was birdsong.

There were so many birds.

I loved this cute Yellowhammer ( thank you for correcting me Louise and CJ xx)

I was listening to the beautiful song of the Skylark as is hovered above. And at my feet bees buzzed.

Here I noticed some lovely Blackthorn blossom

 and my favourite butterflies enjoying the nectar from the early Dandelions.

Small Tortoiseshell.

Looking back towards Wymeswold.

I've zoomed in a bit here so it's clearer.

It was all so idyllic on a perfect spring day. But by this time I was getting hot and feeling lost. Oh dear I don't think this is the way.

 Better turn back and retrace my steps.

 Eventually I found the right track. Feeling happier I noticed these pretty catkins.

 and the birdsong again.

Hello Mr Robin.

Here I was glad to finally find the little nature reserve I had been aiming for.

The brook was shady.

and cool.

with a big meander that reminded me of school geography lessons.

I'm so glad spaces like this are protected for wildlife.

Eventually I came out at a road and smiled at the information board. The tiny stream is the River Mantle. I presume It gets much bigger further downstream.

Thankfully the road was quiet.

And I was soon back in the village.

Hello again River Mantle.

This white building with a plaque caught my eye.

I love old details like this...and Wymeswold is spelt with an i.

It really was a beautiful day to wander.

and notice the old buildings. This one is so tall and thin.

and this one is so pretty.

I loved the narrow streets.

and the impressive church.

It was great to finally get the chance to explore this lovely Leicestershire village.  And walk another 4 miles towards my 1000 mile challenge.

I'm hoping it won't be too long before I can tick another of my "must investigate further" places off my list.

I hope you enjoyed joining me
Jacquie x


  1. What a lovely day you had for it! It has been cold and cloudy all day here. I've driven through Wymeswold a few times but never stopped to explore/ Your greenfinch isn't a greenfinch! I think it's a yellow hammer.

  2. What a gorgeous place, such pretty cottages. Lovely to see the lambs as well. My birdwatcher just said it was a yellowhammer too, more unusual than a greenfinch, so a really great spot. Brilliant photo as well. It really is nice to be free of mud isn't it, I've really noticed the difference here. Well done on keeping on towards your 1,000 miles. CJ xx

  3. This has been a gorgeous day to visit your blog Jacquie a beautiful place for a walk.....I was lucky enough to visit Scotland and UK other areas (blackpool/kidderminster/torquay) last year and coming back again to see the Edinburgh Tattoo and revisit Torquay and London : )

  4. What a lovely place. A perfect spring day by the looks of things, and the lambs are just adorable!

  5. Fabulous shots, Jacquie. And a lovely walk - butterflies? Already? Wonderful! Wymeswold's a really attractive village. There's an old RAF station nearby - I used to go there for band practices!

  6. Another gorgeous spring day. Makes me want to get outside and hear birdsong, gaze at a clear blue sky and sway w/ the movement of the earth, reveling in nature and all its glry.

  7. Hi Jacquie. What a nice stroll about this village you had. Looks like the weather was perfect, too.

  8. Your hiking boots look like mine! I wish we had lovely places to walk like you do in the UK. I'm sure there are somewhere but not around where I live....everything is paved which is hard on the joints! Your Robins look different than ours here in the states. I so enjoy your photos and walks and what a great challenge! Wow! A 1000 miles? OR kilometers? Either way that is wonderful....I should do that but I would have a lot of catching up to do! LOL! TYFS!

  9. What a wonderful place, the village, nature reserve and surroundings. I so enjoy your walks discovering areas of the country I have never visited before.

  10. Lovely...thank you for sharing!

  11. Looks like a very pleasant outing. I haven't seen a Yellowhammer for years - lucky you!

  12. I always feel as if I have been on the walk with you! I am sure this is your intention, but I think you do it wonderfully! Thankfully (touch wood) I am now mobile again, but during the period following a fall last year, and then after the subsequent surgery, and not being able to get out and about, I loved even more, these little glimpses of the natural world.


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