Thursday 22 June 2017

Summer Solstice in Sherwood

Hello Lovelies,
every Wednesday I meet up with mum and more often than not we go food shopping. It's not very exciting but it gives us chance to chat and shop around for food and household bargains ( which all help towards my thrifty goals) . Happily this week we went on a mini adventure instead.

We headed for north Nottinghamshire and the Robin Hood Country of Sherwood Forest.

Our first stop was the Courtyard at Thoresby Hall. We admired this Robin Hood statue, then perused the gallery and shops a little.

 But this sort of shopping is not me. Or rather, I dare not let it tempt me, so after a short while we left.

Next door the grounds of the hall are open to the public, so I went for a little wander while mum sat in the car. That's better. Open spaces and lots of pretty photo opportunities.

Notice the helicopter on the lawn.

It was a very warm day ...which has since been declared the hottest solstice since U.K. records began.....and this shallow water looked very tempting for a paddle.

But I had to get back, so I wandered towards the imposing hall. It's a posh hotel and spa but the gates were open and only one or two people were about.

I asked an older lady if it was ok to look round and she said it was for hotel guests, but nobody would know I wasn't a guest. Bless her.

I walked up the staircase and met some odd "props".

Then chickened out when I saw how busy the gardens were. Sorry I didn't even dare snap a quick photo :0)

It was time to continue our journey anyway, so we headed for another place mum knew well . Sherwood Arts and Crafts Centre was just a few miles down the road. I loved the contrast of the  simple red brick buildings to the ornate stone facade of Thoresby.

Everywhere was looking so well cared for and the hanging baskets were a picture.

Part of the centre is under glass, which was hardly needed yesterday, but I'm sure it's great in winter.

 Ha, I've just noticed those customised toilet seats on the wall :0)

We were wilting somewhat and the words Air-conditioning on this cafe door caught our eye.

As this trip was also a birthday treat for me, mum bought us a yummy lunch which we ate in the welcome coolness of the cafe.

I did buy a very small memento of our visit. A postcard by local artist Jeremy Mayes

 It seemed perfect for a visit to this part of the world and I liked the simple, romantic image.

Next we planned to stop off at Rufford Abbey ( there are loads of visitor attractions in a compact area here) but the car parking charge seemed a bit expensive for a half hour visit. So instead we headed through the ford. Always fun.

and stopped at the pretty village of Wellow.

I had a walk around. I loved the old buildings, and the old vehicles.

the church in it's natural setting.

The cottages with climbing roses.

And the stripy thing on the village green :0)

You have to really stand back to fit it all in a photo. It's tall!

It's a Maypole  and it's topped with an attractive weather vane.

and adorned with crowns.

And you can see HERE how lovely it looks on May day.

All was quiet on Wednesday.

and I returned to the car to admire Mum's sketch. She had used some "artistic licence" to shorten the pole a little :0)

I really love your picture mum. Thank you for a special day out :0)

Jacquie x


  1. What a lovely day you had together. Lots of lovely memories there.
    That Maypole is huge!

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  3. It all looks so lovely, not to far from us to go for the day, it seems like a different world, the buildings are so nice, I just love the craft centre.
    What a lovely day..
    Amanda x

  4. What a lovely day out, I hope you had a good birthday. I imagine that air conditioned cafe was blissful yesterday, what an amazing solstice it was. Love your mum's sketch. She must have a nice collection of them now to go with good memories of your days out together. Hope you have a lovely weekend. CJ xx

  5. Oh my, I love all the stone and brick houses , cottages and streets along with the pretty flowers. It's so different than what we see here in Canada.
    And that hotel is something!

  6. I meant to add how much I like your moms sketch and how special it is that you can spend time with her.

  7. Every time I read about the adventures you and your Mum have together, I smile and feel a little wistful at the same time. I lost my darling Mum 8 months ago, and miss the times we spent together very much. Even food shopping with your Mum is time you get to spend together, so it is precious. Your Mum's sketches never cease to impress me - she is so talented. Here in Australia we have been reading about your heatwave - how hot has it been? Whatever the temperature, I hope you've managed to keep your cool. xx

  8. Perfect day out! And another lovely piece of artwork by your Mum. Are you still drawing, Jacquie? Xxx

  9. What a lovely trip! I should do more of these things with my mother.

  10. What a perfect place for a summer solstice outing. Love your mum's picture; perfect souvenir; although I love the postcard you purchased too. Thanks for sharing your outing with us!

  11. *H*A*P*P*Y* * *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y*!*!*!* to you and what a treasure that you shared all these wonderful things with us! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  12. Thanks for sharing your birthday trip with your mom with us, Jacquie. I enjoyed seeing your mom's sketch, too. I hope you have a happy year ahead. xx

  13. What a lovely day out (and Happy Birthday to you!) I've not really visited that part of the world but it looks like somewhere I'd like. I love the postcard and I have fond memories of maypole dancing every year during my childhood... it no longer occurs where I used to dance which saddens me.

  14. How lovely to be able to share a day out with your Mum each week, you certainly find some great places to visit and photograph. Sorry I haven't commented on your blog for months, finally today I have got back into the world of blogging by producing a post and commenting on a few blogs. xx

  15. It really was a special day for you and your Mum, Jacquie! Great place for a visit. I really like how you and your Mum combine your separate interests on your days out together - you your love for walking and photography and your Mumm her love for sketching. Makes me miss even more my own Mum who lives so far away from me xx

  16. How lovely! Love the postcard too. Happy BiRtHdAy! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  17. I do love seeing your out and about with your Mum.....miss mine a lot.....beautiful photo's and love your Mum's art too xoxo

  18. I am so happy you and your Mum are taking the time to do things and be with each other. I lost my Mom 3 years ago and I miss the times we spent together. Cherish this time. Oh and Happy Birthday a little late.

  19. What a lovely way to spend quality time with your mum. It looks like a great day, if a little hot, and I am totally with you on the hanging basket appreciation. You do live in a very beautiful part of the world. x

  20. Enjoyed this tour. All places I know well, as my mum lived nearby. Watching the dancing around Wellow maypole is among my happiest childhood memories.

  21. Nice to see a maypole! Lovely tour - many happy returns!


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