Monday, 30 October 2017

Out and About

Hello Lovelies, 
thank you so much for the encouraging comments on our shed project. This weekend we have made more progress and I'm relieved to say we now have a permanent, waterproof roof. WooHoo :0)
That's a great feeling. We had good weather this weekend and seized the day, but it doesn't stop me wishing I could have gone walking instead. 

Last weekend the weather was too windy to tackle the roof and I got up early to have a walk before Storm Brian hit us. I wanted to see a beautiful sunrise and was at the country park by 7.45am. It wasn't quiet the colourful spectacle I had imagined, but I still enjoyed my walk.

and as the sun got higher I loved the golden light. The Cormorants made me smile has they dried their wings on the island.

It was so nice to get out early, see the sun

and breathe the fresh air on a cool and windy morning.

Before going home for some warming porridge.

In the end we were very fortunate that the storm was not so severe here in the East Midlands.

Then on Thursday I got to walk in Derbyshire with my super walking group.

Got to love the autumnal hues and mossy stone walls.

It was in the Matlock area and I just love the hilliness around there. I know it's for the views, but also for the similarity to the area of Yorkshire that I grew up in. I do love picking my way down a steep slope. It's such a nostalgic feeling to me. Though as a kid I was probably running at full pelt, hoping not to fall over :0)

The highlight of this walk for me though, was our walk up through the Lumsdale Valley. It's a place I have shared here before on more than one occasion.

I love the waterfalls.

And the interesting industrial ruins.

Up to this point it had been a mild and still day but we hadn't seen any sun. How thrilled I was when it emerged from behind the clouds as we reached the mill pond.

Which had a glassy surface perfect for enjoying the reflections.

All the autumn colours sing when there's a bit of brightness in the sky.

So while my walk total for October is poor,  I must remember to be thankful to be able to squeeze in beautiful walks like these two. I'm lucky to have the time, in amongst the family, work and shed construction stuff.

I'm not sure I will make my 1000 mile challenge this year but hey ho, there's got to be a balance. I'm happy. Life is good.

Jacquie x


  1. You have such beautiful places to walk! I love to watch the birds, too. My favorite is the mockingbird because it sings different songs. I have been watching a series on PBS about English villages, and I'm really learning a lot. Each village has its own story.

  2. Awesome photos - I love seeing where you walk.

  3. Lumsdale is such a great autumn walk :) I always feel at home in the Yorkshire Dales ans many places are so similar to the Peak District!
    I know the feeling re wanting to be out walking. We're so busy with work and house renovations that we haven't been for a walk for months and things aren't going to change any time soon (still a few months of work before we can move in and relax!) but I hope to make up for the lack of walks this year next year!

  4. What beautiful photos! Some of them could be used on postcards. Our landscape is so different here in Australia. I guess we don't get as much rain as you do as you don't get as much heat to dry everything out :-)

  5. Jacquie, your walks are always so inspiring. I love that you have a walking group, I think that would be so fun! Thanks for sharing. I love seeing your photos.

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed the photos from your walk.. I'd hoped for an update photo of the shed! I posted some photos on my blog yesterday of some of the colorful leaves we're having here in Oregon this fall. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. Some beautiful photographs, especially the top one. The light is stunning. X

  8. What a beautiful walk, I love that area of the country as well, so pretty. I'm glad the shed project is going well and that you're enjoying life. Happy days. CJ xx


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