Sunday, 18 February 2018

Simply Seasonal......18th of February

Hello Lovelies,
another week gone already? Actually I'm glad this one is over as I seem to have been a little too busy for my liking. Still, when I look back at these images I can see there is a balance in my life. For that I'm very grateful.
Lets go back to last Sunday to start with my seasonal images, this 7th week of 2018

1 ♥ Company. Each year I volunteer to marshal on a local road race. They always give me this corner and I like clapping the runners, offering words of encouragement and guidance. As a former runner I know how much it's appreciated. This year a friend offered to help. It was freezing, we even had snow flurries at one point, but we still had so much fun. Thank you M :0)

2 ♥ More company. Eldest came walking with me in the week, on a very grey day.

He never moans. It made me smile when he said his boss called him a "glass half full kind of guy". His boss...yes that's a thing. Part time work at the moment but we have hopes for more when he finishes college. Keep seeing the world as your oyster love.

We focused on the ice patterns. Of which there were lots, all different.

and the brilliant green of the furry moss.

3 ♥ Mum's Paintings. If this one looks familiar mum used a photo from my blog post last week as inspiration. Her version is so much better than the photo I think.

4 ♥ Indoor sunshine. This 50p ( I had a money off voucher at the co-op) bunch of Daffodils has made me smile all week, particularly on the rainy days.

5 ♥ Sunshine in the Winter Woods. I had been looking forward to our group walk around one of my favourite local places for weeks. When the sun finally managed to shine on Thursday I was delighted.

Looking towards our coffee stop, peeping out between the trees.

Ooooh, getting closer, but got to climb that hill first

I love this view.

It was cold and windy on the hill, but walking warms you up.

A shot into the sunlight gave dramatic silhouettes and sun rays. Lovely.

Getting higher and looking back at the path we climbed.

Phew, almost there.

and relax. This is one of my most favourite and best coffee stops :0)

I love the views up here, along with the tower.

Bradgate park is our only local walk to make it into the recent poll of Britain's top 100 walks. 
I think you can see why it's much loved.

Yay, time for lunch. We sat outside....but but this is a great facility...with toilets :0)

Woodland, hills and views of water. Perfect.

The wind was making the water in Cropston reservoir choppy. No reflections today.

But plenty of interesting shadows.

I love seeing this landscape change throughout the seasons.

6 ♥ Brain Exercise. Oh dear, I do feel my brain is seizing up sometimes. I call everybody the wrong name at work. They think it's funny, but it is annoying to me. I found some easy crosswords online. As you can see, my first attempt is a bit rubbish...score on the left.
Lets hope I get better with practice and my brain responds to the challenge.

7 ♥ A tidy Kitchen. A busy week and a love of walking meant my kitchen (ok,whole house) was pretty messy by yesterday. Time to knuckle down and sort it. I know it won't stay like this, but it does make me happy while it lasts.

8 ♥ The Night Sky when we were on our way to visit relatives yesterday evening the beautiful crescent moon caught my eye. It was the thinnest sliver and so bright. I stood for a while in the cold air trying to capture a decent image of it.

To my naked eye only the crescent was visible, but looking at these zoomed images I can see the whole sphere. Amazing.

Thanks for all your kind comments left on these posts Lovelies. I really do appreciate them.
They are another thing that brightens my week.

Jacquie x


  1. Fantastic moon shot, it looks amazing. Love that first photo as well, absolutely glorious. And the moss, that has really come into its own at the moment hasn't it. I wondered last week whether your mum had done a picture while you were out together. A bit cold for sitting around at the moment though, but the picture from your photo is lovely. Snowdrops everywhere right now it seems. I'm glad you had lots of opportunity to be outdoors, even in a busy week. Hope this week is a bit quieter for you. CJ xx

  2. Lovely things to be grateful for, and your Mum's painting is beautiful!

  3. What a lovely post. Love the photos of your walk, you live in a very picturesque area. Have a great week x

  4. What a lovely week you had! I love daffs, but I do prefer my flowers in the garden and what a beautiful place to walk. We also enjoy a walk, but usually a stroll with our dog as she's old and not very fast anymore. Love the photos of the moon x

  5. Always a joy to visit with you, thanks for sharing. My daffodils are blooming here.

  6. What a beautiful blog. It makes me want to visit your area!

  7. HAPPY SUNDAY! My girls noticed the moon just before we drew their curtains last might and stood in awe looking at it too all cosy in pyjamas. Have a good week. Jo x

  8. Wow, you captured many, MANY magical images, my friend! I love the moon shot with the cottage with the warm glow of the light out of the window. And that hike with that lovely stone folly on top. Bravo! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. Some really excellent shots there, Jacquie, and so many things to raise a smile. I must get to Bradgate Park - Lady Jane Grey's old home!

  10. Absolutely beautiful Jacquie ♥♥ I thoroughly enjoyed and took me back to the many walks I did while on holidays in the UK last year and the year before. Love the old ruins....shame they are ruins but beautiful all the same.

  11. Ilove your blog , hugs from TURKEY!

  12. Beautiful pics..... as if straight from some fairytale land..... And I agree with Glena's comment... would love to visit the place....


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