Sunday 25 March 2018

Simply Seasonal....25th of March

 Hello Lovelies,
Oh dear I missed last weeks posting. I did think that may happen, but never mind, I'm back this week with some images from the past seven days.

1 ♥ Melting Snow. Yes we got another visit from "The Beast" last weekend. I was working so it was stressful making the journeys needed on treacherous roads. Thankfully it did not last long and by midweek there was very little evidence  left. My enthusiasm for snowy weather has run out for a while now.

Happily Robin is still going strong despite the icy conditions.

2 ♥ Walking Somewhere New. On Thursday my walking group journeyed to Market Bosworth and  enjoyed an eight mile walk through the surrounding countryside.

Our route even passed through the site of the Battle of Bosworth Field.

There was a heritage centre and lots more to see. Plus the countryside setting  was rather lovely.

Here we crossed The Battlefield Line

This sign made me smile :0)

Before we returned to our starting point via the Ashby canal.

3 ♥ Reading about Walking Somewhere New Oh dear I seem to collect secondhand walking guides at the moment. I just love looking at them for inspiration and daydreaming about ticking off every walk one day.

I know that's highly unlikely to happen, but you never know. How wonderful would it be to say you had explored so much of our beautiful country on foot.

The hand painted maps with little illustrations particularly pleased me in this book. Oh look. It's the walk we just did...well pretty much. I marked that one as done. Just 119 to go then :0)

4 ♥ Simple Baking. My economy version of THIS Tea Loaf is the easiest baking I know.

  I use ordinary tea and "value" mixed fruit :0)

 5 ♥ Exploring On Friday Mum had a lunch in Stamford Lincolnshire. I drove us there and then when for a wander until she was done. Burghley House is right on the doorstep of the pretty town and it's free to wander the parkland, so it was easy to explore a little. I loved the view from the Lion Bridge.

Lunchtime guarded by a lion :0)

 And watched by a wagtail.

 It was so peaceful on the bridge, with only my birdy friend about. When I heard a car I jumped up to see where it was. Oh that looks like a lot of fun.

Another view of the bridge.

 There was an enclosure with lots of Deer. I zoomed in to take these pictures.

It's only looking at them now I have noticed all the birds...Redwings and Fieldfare. These two breeds often seem to hang out together.

After a while I headed back into the town. Ooooh, another lovely bridge.

So many churches and interesting buildings to see.

And a street market. Can't resist the flower stall.

More riverside wandering.

Nearly time to go, just time for some of my homemade Tea Loaf before meeting up with mum.

It was great to explore and on the way home we made a small detour to see a view I had spotted online whilst researching the area. 

The sun even broke through a little to illuminate this gorgeous view in the village of Easton on the Hill. I think it's as nice as any stately home...and nicer than some.
 It's the jumble of rooftops, the church tower backdrop and the lovely warm stone. Sigh......It's my favourite picture of this week.

6 ♥ A colourful WIP. I'm sharing this as an incentive to finally do something with these squares. They are a Log Cabin Granny, inspired by THIS stunning project. I don't think they are bad but they are a bit over the top. By next week I WILL have done something with them....I hope you will hold me to that lovelies.

7 ♥ Sunday Sunshine Every other Sunday morning I walk with a friend. Today I drove us to THIS country park as I wanted to see the blue sky reflections . This is my second favourite picture of the week :0)

I do believe there is a touch of green in the trees :0)

8 ♥ Spring Flowers. The Hyacinths I planted in a pot by the front door are finally beginning to flower. They look extra pretty with my Primula from Stamford market.

Phew, such busy and fun filled week. I feel very lucky to have this balance in my life. There is work and important family stuff....but it does not overwhelm me. I know I am so lucky to have this balance and I certainly don't take it for granted.

Jacquie x


  1. I do enjoy your walks! Stunning photos - there's so much to see. I've been making your oatey biscuits that you posted about a few weeks ago so I might try the tea loaf too. Though it's called Bara Brith where I come from - I haven't made it for years so maybe it's time to start. Isn't it wonderful to see the Spring bulbs bursting forth now that (hopefully) the snow has gone. Have a lovely week. Ax

  2. I have said it already, I think you should be a guide to these walks... ok if not that then you should write your own guide book. If we go from the U.S. where do we stay...if land first in London? These questions a customer may ask. :) Have I convinced you yet? Your photos are lovely and the places you have for walks are lovely. The tea loaf sounds great! I will need to convert the measurements to US measurements and I presume that is dried fruits. Thank you so much for kindly sharing!

    1. Thank you for the kind words Angela. Yes mixed fruit is dried fruit...raisins, sultanas, currants and candied peel.
      Jacquie x

  3. We just scoffed an easybtea loaf here. I currently soaking the fruit in the tea bags for a new

  4. Lovely photographs. Stamford is a lovely place to visit. Not been for a while. May be have to wonder back in the summer.


  5. Beautiful places and countryside and you captured early spring so nicely. I must try to make that fruit loaf this Easter, was just looking for a recipe! It's good to hear you have the balance between work, family stuff and what you enjoy doing, it's very important for a happy mind. Have a lovely Easter! xx

  6. Obrigada por compartilhar conosco lindas imagens.
    Um abraço.

  7. I love your blog soooo much. I love all the photos and spend a good while looking at them all. We used to do a lot of walking, but my husband's arthritis is his hips makes it difficult for him to walk even short distances now :( Tea loaf! Mmmm. I've bought small packs of fancy flavoured t-bags to try in my loaves, but most of them don't leave any more special taste than a good old Ty-phoo t-bag. The only one that did make some difference was the Earl Grey, but even that wasn't very noticeable. Thanks for sharing your wonderful week and I look forward to next week x

  8. Just wanted to pop in and say how much I love 'our' walks. Even if I don't leave a comment, please know I'm reading and so enjoy your posts. Thanks you for sharing these lovely outings here.

  9. Hello Jacquie, nice to catch up. I actually like your granny squares more than the original. I think they would be fab with a solid colour granny in between to make a cushion or a baby blanket. Jo x

  10. Gosh! I couldn't find the end of this blog entry!! All those wonderful signs of spring and especially the fabulous daffodils! I like your latest crochet WIP!
    Hope you had a lovely Easter! Our weather is looking up today in Switzerland!

  11. Some gorgeous sky pictures and I love the moon one. Lovely walk x


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