Thursday 12 April 2018

Walkers in the Mist

Hello again Lovelies,
Thank you for all your kind comments on my previous post.
The weather continues to be pretty damp around here. Today a few of my walking group travelled to Derbyshire to admire the views....or maybe not.
Truth be told we couldn't really see much but It honestly didn't bother me. It wasn't actually raining and we were out in the fresh air. How does that saying go?...something like "Better a wet day in the hills than a sunny one in the office"....this is so true for me :0)

 I felt sorry for the lady who had put together this lovely walk because she had had to alter the route due to flooding and excessive mud, and then we got the murkiest day to walk it.  But we still got out in the hills. We still saw lambs and stone walls and signs of spring. We got a good workout climbing the steep hillsides and practised our balance skills fording submerged stepping stones. It was fun.

We started from Belper.

Where the river Derwent falls over an impressive curved weir.

At first the visibility wasn't too bad.

I loved this stone cottage with free range eggs for sale.

Egg producers :0)

more prettiness.

Oh look, little lambs.

More "Sheep in the mist" than "Gorillas in the mist" :0)


Here's a fine view...well it might be.

And another.

There was lots of water in the valley and we looked for a safe place to cross this stream.

Some opted for a bit of tree climbing.

But the stepping stones didn't look too bad to me.

Thankfully nobody got wet feet.

Further along we were trying to avoid the boggiest bits.

And we were once again wondering what secrets the mist was hiding.

So lovely to see fresh green buds.

It was certainly atmospheric and I was very glad our leader knew where she was going. I didn't fancy getting lost today.

Ahh, civilisation.

and a handy footbridge bridge.

I loved the colour here.

This was at the top of the last hill. A quick coffee stop to admire the views.


The name of this stone cottage made me smile.

And it actually had an interesting history.

Nearly the squirrel.

And the mill.

A final look at the swollen river and debris caught on the weir.

How I loved this walk.
One of the group commented that it was better to be outside on such a gloomy day than stuck inside looking out. I couldn't have agreed more.
 As a bonus we all felt we could do this walk again as we were left intrigued as to what we had missed in the mist :0)
Jacquie x


  1. Even on a murky day you managed to capture the beauty of the walk. Loved those bright green shoots! Xxx

  2. It's exactly the same here today. But it looks like a lovely walk and as you say it will be great to do it again on a clear day. CJ xx

  3. Oh another lovely walk Jacquie and to revisit would be lovely for sure as bet that has wonderful views ☺☺

  4. I actually think you got some really atmospheric and special images on this walk. It's "real" life! Thank you for showing me places I will never get to see. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. I am so jealous because my girls are not old enough to just get out there in the rain yet. We have indeed been stuck in looking out. Glad I can see your walk, I can pretend I went on it! Jo x

  6. So beautiful, how do you find such beautiful pictures to take even on a misty dreary day!! You definitely have an artist's eye!

  7. I haven't walked near Belper, but around 1974 that used to be my area for a van driving job I had. I visited all the garages selling spares.

  8. Thanks for sharing your walk. The sheep picture made me smile xxx

  9. Wow, that's some major water. It's so beautiful.

  10. Love all the daffodils! I too love walking on a misty day.


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