Sunday 16 September 2018

Walking By The Book :: 2

Morning Lovelies,
today I've woken up full of cold and I feel generally...bleugh. ( auto correct wants to change that to Lughole...Ha ha. I feel a bit better already :0)

Another reason I am smiling despite the lurgy is I finally have a new keyboard for my ageing desktop. Hurray.  I was struggling on with the old one despite it missing half the letters as I typed. That made blogging a very long process.
Another issue I had was being unable to see thumbnails when selecting photos to add to a post. Middle son has sorted that for me. Double yay

To celebrate ( and because I don't feel like doing much else at the moment) here are a few pictures from a walk I did the other week.

I drove to the start point quiet early one sunny Wednesday morning and parked by Mount Saint Bernard Abbey, where they kindly let you park for a small offering.

After a short wander through the quiet Rose gardens I set off on this 5 mile walk. Through the neatly tended grounds.

Then along the road to find a footpath.

I loved the view of the Charnwood countryside here.

And wandering through woodland on a sunny day is always a joy.

This was the second walk I had tried from this thrifted walking guide ( the first is HERE )

It's a bit hit and miss following a guide book that is so out of date . Where stiles are described there are often gates.

Happily Blackbrook Reservoir was still a pretty landmark on the route.

Ummm, Fenney  Windmill was not looking it's best. Great to see restoration work happening though.

I love noticing the signs of the changing seasons as I walk.

And the route was not too overgrown.

This stroll down a traffic-less lane was very pleasant, though the guidebook describeed stunning views. Had I taken a wrong turn?

Hawthorn berries are always a happy September sight for me.

The route had rather too much road walking for my liking, though this part was pretty.

And here I climbed up to another described viewpoint only to find that had long since disappeared. What a shame. Maybe in winter?

There's always something to make you smile when you brave an expedition into unknown territory though :0)

 After my walk I took a few minutes to explore the Abbey gardens a little more . The roses were fabulous and the scent divine.

All in all it was a lovely way to spend a morning.
Jacquie x


  1. Beautiful photos as always and a delight to read your walking adventure. It's nice to follow an old guide book and to see how things have changed since it was written. I look forward to your next walk when you're feeling better Get well soon. Sending hugs :)

  2. Lovely photos as you always give us! Happy that the windmill is being restored and cared for.
    Really great post from a lughole such as yourself! Thanks for that word, it tickled me too. OH! I just looked it up, it says it means "ear" in the UK. Richard said he has never heard of that word but then, he is a Brit who has been in the USA since 1983!

  3. Thanks for the photographs. Hope you feel better soon.

  4. I hope as i type this you are feeling much better xx....Thanks for sharing your walks always enjoy your pathways and photography...I especially like the hawthorn and gate piccy, Oh' i love the arrival of new seasonal changes especially the berries and skeleton seed heads of hogweed/cow parsley ;) x

  5. I'm sorry to hear you have a cold.. seems that always happens this time of year. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing your walk and got a kick out of Snow White and the 7 dwarfs! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. A lovely morning indeed. The dreaded lurgy is spreading here as well, children are moaning and sighing in the background. My laptop has the backspace key missing - the other day I tried to backspace delete '1' and replace it with '2' when I ordered some peas from Tesco. Except that the backspace didn't work and they brought me 12 packets. Eek. Glad you have a lovely new keyboard, I bet it's a pleasure to type on. CJ xx

  7. I visit the Abbey often, such a lovely place for reflection and the monks are so friendly in the shop.

  8. What lovely photos of another one of your walking adventures. Sorry to hear you're not feeling well, I hope that you feel better soon and it's not one of those lingering lurgy's. xx Susan

  9. Hope you are feeling better by now, beautiful walk and photos. My key board has decided to mix all the icons up ! I end up getting @this@ when it should be "this" it's a bit of a lottery. Like you said it makes blogging a bit of a chore....
    Amanda xx

  10. Looks like it was a gorgeous walk! I have done several historic walking tours in small towns in the States, buying a book from the bookstore or picking up a brochure from the visitor's center. Always so much fun especially if you enjoy learning about the history of an area. Hope you are feeling better.

  11. Wow....What lovely Photos that you took....these are just beautiful...

    Hope that you are feeling better as each day goes by.

    Have A Beautiful Day

    Linda K, Buttercup


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