Monday 7 January 2019

My Temperature Blanket ♥ The Beginning

Hello Lovelies,
I'm feeling hap,hap,happy today because my cro-jo is back :0)
In 2018 I did very little in the way of crochet, I just couldn't seem to get enthused about it at all.
Where as  all last year my friend Jones was working on a blanket made up of small squares. This was despire having two small boys to run around after.
The colours were decided by the day's temperature in her town. It was a Temperature Blanket, and a very inspiring one too.

 This is not a new concept and I have been aware of "Temperature blankets" for a few years now. Initially I thought it would just be too annoying not to have any control over the colour pattern, but seeing some great examples via Jones and THIS hashtag on Instagram I began to think this could be a fun way to do a slow project that will result in a nice big blanket. And big blankets are always welcome I find.

Here are just a few of the examples I love....

1. Circles in squares with a neutral border....


2. Stripes, stepped in this example....


3. Good old granny squares with a contrasting joint....

4. Straight stripes with the year embroidered on the corner...I like that idea.


But one of my biggest influences was Amy's beautiful Hexagon temperature blanket you can see on her Instagram account HERE. Amy used multiple temperatures from 1 day in each of her motifs. I liked that idea a lot....despite the huge number of ends it will create :0)

I decided to go with the traditional cool to hot rainbow of colours and pulled 19 balls out of my Stylecraft Special DK stash. It was important to me that this should be a "use up what you have project"

As I want lots of colour variation each colour only covers 2 degrees Celsius, and 19 colours gives a range from -6 to plus 30 degrees. I can always add more colours if needed, at either end of the scale...

Yipee, time to get the yarn pegs out. Just look at that lovely wheel of colour...

This was my first attempt. Three round squares using THIS pattern (an old favourite of mine). The colours chosen by the daily high, low and average temperatures. Ordered in any way I chose....

 Then I looked again at Amy's Hexagons, why were they so effective? They are a set order and, crucially I think, they have the same colour in the centre as the border.

I never intended to use hexagons myself as I'm sure I would get totally mixed up as were to add the next day, so I changed pattern to my own Little Sunburst Square, and followed Amy's order....which is....Round 1= daily high temp. Round 2 = daily low temp. Round 3= daily average temp. Round 4= daily high temp again.

This is how the first 6 days of January  2019 looks. I'm working on the diagonal (to hopefully get that appealing colourwash effect) so the first is top left and the 6th is top right. At a glance I can see the only day we have had minus temperatures so far is the 4th (bottom left) it's got lilac tones not all blues.

How great it is to have some pretty crochet and yarn to faff with again. Even if the dull weather makes my pictures less than perfect.

And can we just take a moment here to smile at my first bunch of Daffs of the new year. Such a special sight. They smell like spring.....sigh.

Ooooh lovely, a project bag full of rainbow yarn and a cosy fire. Perfect. 

At the moment I'm itching to do more and thinking maybe I should have waited till we were about three weeks into the new year so I could have more blanket to get on with.

If you are wondering were I'm getting my weather data it's can choose any town for local data. Thank you again Jones for this tip. 

It doesn't tell you an average so I just work out the mid point between the highest and lowest temperature myself. 

I'm not a person who can follow another's colour choices exactly. Even if they are stunning. I like the mystery and uniqueness of going it alone. Sometimes I'm good at choosing, and other times I miss the spot. It can be stressful and off putting. I end up pulling things back, or stopping a project all together.
 With this project I'm looking forward to having no decisions to make but still ending up with something unique and hopefully beautiful.
An added bonus being those extremes of temperature that can be so trying will now mean new colours patterns to enjoy. Woohoo.

Here's to more crochet in 2019

Jacquie x


  1. Lovely to see how it is beginning and to hear that you have your crochet mojo back again! Looking forward to seeing more.

  2. This is going to look wonderful! I love your starting colours!

  3. Love those colours. Looking forward to seeing more.

  4. Glad you have got your cro jo back. I made one of your little owls a couple of weeks ago. ( I have made them before) Hopefully, when he weather picks up you can do a bit of walking too. I think your photo's are really good.

  5. Super! I like the idea of small squares as they will only take a few minutes each day to make. I'm going to start keeping a temperature record and maybe I might have a go. Best, Jane :)

  6. This is going to be such a stunning blanket! I love the idea of multiple temperatures for a day. Looking forward to seeing how it shapes up!

  7. I'm glad your crochet mojo is back! I'm joining in Lucy at Attic24's Sweet Pea Trellis CAL and I'm enjoying doing it my way, too. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. I made a temperature blanket for 2017. I loved making it; granny squares for me too. I just used an average temperature for each day and changed the centre colour; white for snow, yellow for sun and blue for rain. It was a real pleasure to do.

  9. I have never heard of a temperature blanket but it is a brilliant idea, especially for someone like you who likes to go outside everyday. Jo xxx

  10. I am making a temperature blanket this year, too! I'm making a row-a-day blanket using the Apache Tears pattern. I love your colors, too! <3

  11. Love this idea! I like the idea of doing it on the diagonal. Will be interesting to see how the colours change as the year goes on. Very tempted...! X

  12. What a great idea. Not heard of temperature blankets before. I love the colour choices and great use of your stash!

  13. Can't wait to follow your progress. Last week we went from -32C on Monday to +5C on Friday, -11C Tuesday. If someone was into crazy combos northern Alberta, Canada would be the place to make a temperature blanket. From -40C to +30C the range and bouncing around would be crazy!

  14. Your squares are looking beautiful so far. It is also my first year making a temperature blanket, I'm doing a stripy pattern. I love your idea of using flower squares though, perhaps I will try it next year. Looking forward to seeing your blanket progress throughout the year...

  15. Any cold ones for your blanket?! Gosh it has been cold here in Shropshire. Jo xx

  16. Thank you for introducing me to the idea of temperature blankets (and cro jo!) I'm looking forward to seeing your progress!

  17. Doing some research on temperature blankets and found yours. I like the idea of the granny square blanket. Would it be possible for you to post the completed blanket for us to see how it turned out?


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