Tuesday 12 March 2019

Snowdrop Week

Morning lovelies, I hope this finds you well?
I'm hiding from the weather today. It's rainy and windy outside. The perfect opportunity for me to write this blog post then :0)

Towards the end of February I made a solo trip to some lovely gardens I had visited before with Mum HERE. The weather was so nice that week...record breaking in fact. I think our highest temperature was 16 degrees Celsius. What an amazing treat and too good to miss.

Mum couldn't face all the walking involved with this visit so I'm happy I can show her (and you) what there was to see via this blog post.

You pay the entry fee in the tempting shop.

Then walk through the plant sales area.

The toilets are really nice and the smell of Daphne was a lovely surprise. I planted a bush in my own garden 3 years ago and this year it flowered for the first time. The scent fills the garden on a warm day, it's divine.

As I entered the garden I noticed the plant table to help visitors identify some of the blooms they could expect to see.

Here is the view back towards the gatehouse.

There is no actual house here anymore as it fell into ruins and was demolished in the Fifties. The gardens were left to go wild and it's been a huge amount to work to rescue and redevelop them.

Lawns and hedges give an idea of the footprint of the building which once stood here.

Some original garden wall I think.

The view down towards the river the house would have enjoyed.

It all looked beautiful in the Winter sunshine.

I loved this old stone trough full of alpines and masonry fragments.

And the early bulbs emerging through the lawn here were such a cheery sight after the dark winter days.

Here the flower beds were waiting for the new growing season. There is so much joy in the feeling of anticipation at this time of year...don't you think?

Oooh a winter corner.

Very pretty.

But this is what I had really come to see......


And in such a lovely natural setting. What a treat.

This first flower of the year will always be a favourite of mine.

Oh, a bird hide. Shall we take a peek through the windows?

Not easy to get a good picture, but lovely to watch Tom Tit and his friends .

A little further on I admired the ornamental bridge close up.

And read about the wildlife.

Then it was off to hunt more snowdrops by a smaller stream....

I had arrived at 10.30 am as I had seen on the web site they let visitors in half an hour before the official 11am opening time. How happy I was to have had the place mostly to myself for the beginning of my visit.

Once the Daffodils are all open it's easy to take them for granted, seeing these first ones open among the snowdrops was a special moment.

And such a delicately pale variety was perfect here.

Soon the paths began to get a bit busy with other visitors but it was nice to chat with them. Everyone was so happy on this gift of a day in a magical spot.

Yay Aconites.

and beautiful colour combinations here.

Oh I remember the stunning Giraffe Statues.

The bees were enjoying the Crocus here.

Wonderful Cyclamen.

And heavenly Hellebores.

So many lovely displays wherever I turned.

By midday I was feeling peckish. Time for a cream tea...outdoors....in February. Literally unheard of!

A little more chatting occurred and then another wizz around the garden, including a trot up these stairs.

To admire this corner from a different perspective.

Thank you for another memorable and inspiring visit Easton Walled Gardens.

So many snowdrops and so much colour in late winter. What a pleasure. I really hope that I will be able to return in the not too distant future.

Jacquie x


  1. That is a beautiful place, and the snowdrops are so pretty!

  2. Appropriate words fail me .... your photos are so beautiful and I am totally envious of your visit to this piece of paradise. How fortunate that Mom Nature cooperated with beautiful weather. Thank you for sharing.

  3. That warm weather we had at the end of February was delightful and even though the weather has again turned cold, windy and wet, I don't mind. The snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils are the heralds of spring. Beautiful photos. Best, Jane x

  4. That looks like a wonderful place to spend a sunny afternoon! Thank you for the tour :)

  5. Lucky you to enjoy such a beautiful day! and lucky us that you shared it!

  6. Wow.. just wow.. what a beautiful place and the Springtime there is so far ahead of us here in Oregon, USA.. but we'll catch up soon.. lol. All I have is Snowdrops. Thanks for sharing that garden with us. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. A breath of fresh air. I really, really want a pickery! and a helebore like that. Jo xx

  8. Wow! What a wonderland! I absolutely LOVE a place like this. Thanks for sharing your visit. I was going to plant daphne this year and didn't, but now I know to do it for certain.

  9. A truly gorgeous post, Jacquie! :) x

  10. this looks like my sort of place to visit....all those snowdrops1 I love the idea of a Pickery! xx

  11. It's so lovely to see the spring blooms! I always miss them when they are gone, but I can enjoy them again here. Have a fab day! x

  12. Hi Jacquie. I have just written a post named no news is good news and I am hoping that is the case for you too. Keep thinking you haven't popped up on my blog feed and hope you are well. Jo xxxx

  13. Are you going to write anymore ? I have kept looking. Your photo's are always good and its like visiting the places you go, myself. Hope you are well.

  14. I hope all is well in your world, I enjoy reading your blog posts and there haven't been any for a good bit! I love to see the photos of where you are walking and the beautiful country side and architecture. Happy Summer! from Iowa USA


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