Thursday 16 January 2020

My Temperature Blanket Ta-Dah

Hello Lovlies,
right back at the beginning of 2019 I started a blanket that would be a year long project....because the colours in it would be decided by the temperature on every single day of the year. I wrote about how it would work HERE.

Early last January I smiled at my first bunch of Daffodils

And began making squares, joining them as I went and working diagonally. The pattern is my own and you can find it in my side-bar.

I loved the anticipation of a big blanket containing all these colours.

It took until late summer before all the shades were used. There were so many different permutations, and though the placing sometimes frustrated me I could see that the overall effect was pleasing.

I got behind with my square making during the summer but my late November I was all caught up.

I loved the warmth and weight this project had as I slowing inched towards the finish line. It was a joy to snuggle under.

When the days turned really frosty I looked forward to working the blue and purple combinations again. Those that had so pleased me at the beginning.

It was like revisiting old friends....oooh I remember how nice this was.

I made a rectangular blanket with as close to 365 squares as I could figure out (357 in a blanket 21 long x 17 wide)

The final day's temperatures made up the border. Just the highs in trebles (U.K.)  and the lows in single crochet, plus chains to join.

There were no frosts so the border is all blue. It's a big blanket so the 16 rounds of border took a while, but by the 12 of January 2020 my project was complete.

The year had turned full circle and my first bunch of Daffodils (always so special don't you think) were blooming away once more.

I put my blanket over the back of the sofa, turned my back, and this happened :0)

 Yay, quality control ...Tick :0)

 As soon as we got a bright day ( which was yesterday) I stood on a chair to take some decent photos.

 Tricky to get the aerial shot.

 The cluster of hot colours...even though they were weeks apart

Loving all that turquoise in the border ( thank you weather gods)

Another angle.

A bit of shadow

 Looking down from the stairs.

This is where my blanket is currently.

I don't think the family have really noticed the change :0)

 But I do, and it makes me smile.....lots of yarny goodness needed to disguise this worn out old friend.

This project was a joy from start to finish...well the 2888 ends were a bit tedious, but I didn't even mind them really....good job.

I loved the mystery of how the pattern would develop. I loved not having to choose any of the colour combinations. I loved the huge amout of permutations that appeared. I loved watching the weather forecast and wondering what square it would "design".

And I loved being able to share it with you here and over on Instagram.

Now I feel like I've got to the end of a really good book, what to do but start I have :0)

Stand by for my 2020 temperature Ripple. Yes I may be addicted!!

Jacquie xx


  1. Wow! That is some achievement and such a beautiful outcome! You're so disciplined. I wish I had such patience to devote myself to such a fab project. Also, it's great to see you posting again Jacquie. It's my blogiversary this month and you were one of my first blogs which I avidly followed for the tips and tuts on crochet. I still use your flat border for my Granny Square blankets. Welcome back.

  2. Your temperature blanket turned out beautifully. Well done for completing it!

  3. That is amazing! Looking forward to seeing the temperature ripple!

  4. Wow.. bravo on your blanket completion! I think it's gorgeous! It really looks beautiful on your sofa. I'm working on Lucy's Dahlia blanket and am loving it, too. Crochet is so therapeutic! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Your blanket is stunning! The colours just flow into each other so beautifully. It's a piece of art. Best, Jane x

  6. That is so lovely. It's amazing how the shades change so gradually, love it. Congratulations it's spectacular.

  7. Absolutely fantastic Jacquie ๐ŸŒž๐ŸŒž and will sure be wonderful to enjoy. Here I have a lovely Sophie blanket still waiting for me to comeback to work on far 4 years in the making mostly off lol

  8. A beautiful blanket, and totally unique!

  9. So amazing! That is just splendid! I really must figure out how to crochet! You are so talented! Thanks for the wonderful pictures!

  10. Wow that is one beautiful blanket and what a fun theme. Hats off to you for sticking to your project for this great result!

  11. It's beautiful, and that border really sets it off. X

  12. I really do love this! If I did this in Georgia, it would be almost all those yellow, orange and red colors! And I agree with the commenter above, the border really is stunning.

  13. I love your blanket. I have seen many different kinds of temperature blanket but I think yours is my favourite up to now. Well done on a superb project. x

  14. That is so lovely - both the idea and the execution. Although, if I were to make it here in Kerala, India, it would be in the lipstick shade throughout!!!! Wonderful! I will have to try it sometime although I will have to devise a different colour palette and for smaller variations of temperature.

  15. I love your idea. Here it would have been rain/mud coloured for 90% of the year!

  16. That picture with the beautiful blanket on the back of the sofa is to die for! I do not know how to crochet. I can make the stitches, but I have never been able to figure the turn out. I go from 12 inches to 20 inches :)

  17. That is beautiful. I love the tiny pops of red and the soft transitions from cool to warm and back again. Well done!

  18. oh my goodness it is stunning! you have made such a beautiful blanket and so clever to follow the weather for each day! (puts me to shame, I still have not finished a blanket I started 10 years ago!!) Well done. xxx

  19. Just glorious! I think I'll have to do this over 2021!

  20. It's gorgeous :) Great work.
    Temperature blankets ARE addictive; I'm on my third now!

  21. I have been following your blanket for the whole year and I can't think why I didn't get the feed picture to pop over and see it properly. It is truly wonderful Jacqui and such an accomplishment. Jo xx


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