Saturday 21 January 2023

Cold and Frosty

Hello Lovelies,
This week we have enjoyed a break form the grey, wet and windy weather we had last week. The high pressure has led to freezing nights and sunny days. It feels so perfectly seasonal and is certainly conducive to a nice afternoon drive with mum to take in the wintry beauty....

On Wednesday we ended up in a coffee shop with a view. This place was packed when we arrived but as lunch time was coming to an end it looked like this by the time we were leaving. 

 I love a room with a distant view.

Now we are 4 weeks since the shortest day there's that bit more light to enjoy those views. Driving home from work just after 4pm still looks rather evening like, pretty though.....

                              Bare tree silhouettes are another highlight of winter to me. 

As the month goes on I'm continuing my decluttering mission. I think I'm up to 5 bags of donations to charity so far. I'm trying to have a low spend January as I feel it fits in with my Simplicity goal this year. Less stuff means more space and less chaos. 

As you can see I have made a few considered Charity shop purchases though. I've started to write a list of things I'm wanting to find that I keep in my handbag. Otherwise it's easy to be overwhelmed or distracted by things you don't really need and just pick up because they are cheap.  

My current list includes a zipped top (as a certain puppy tends to destroy zips given half a chance) and a scarf with autumnal colours. 

I have to admit red shoes were not on my list, but last summer I did think I would like another option to open toe sandals sometimes. It seemed sensible to pick these up as they should hopefully fill that gap in my summer wardrobe.

I've had a go at modelling my purchases for you...Hi :0)

Not bad for a total of £6.50 I thought. And more importantly by not buying new I've reduced my environmental impact and donated to good causes. As Katy says "use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without"

This morning was another frosty start. The primulas by my front door don't seem to mind. Aren't these simple flowers gorgeous. A real spring  favourite of mine. 

I'm not wishing winter away yet though, well not days like these. The frost and sunshine were beautiful today. 

Stunning ice crystals.

Crunchy grass underfoot...and no mud! 

This is a treasured spot of mine. It looked quite magical today.

Here is the same spot in May. Oh my, all that colour! 

For now I'm happy taking in winter's subtle palette, hard edges  and deep shadows.

The first bunch of daffodils opening on my kitchen windowsill is bringing a burst of cheery colour and a hint of the wonders of spring to come. 

What a precious Saturday. It feels so good to be back blogging again, celebrating the good things and reminding myself how much I have to be thankful for.

I hope you are getting the chance to slow down and appreciate the simple things in life lovelies. Thank you so much for reading my ramblings and for your kind comments.
Jacquie x


  1. i love your blog, I am so happy that you are writing on the blog again 🤗

  2. Thank you so much Irina 🥰

  3. Fantastic charity shop finds. I bought a guitar in one the other day for my eldest! I am all for simplicity and not buying loads of new stuff. Although I do have a rather horrific notebook habit. I think I may have spotted Lando. I shall work backwards through your posts until I find him for sure. Bertie is in my bad books this afternoon, having just chewed through to the stuffing on his new dog bed. Before I had a dog I sort of assumed that a dog bed would last for years. CJ xx

    1. Dog beds are also known as sofas here CJ 🤣🐶😳xx

  4. That is a really good idea to keep a list handy in you bag of the things that you do need. Hopefully it will help stop too many distractions jumping in the shopping bag :-)

  5. It has been great catching up with your news: the puppy, the views, your top tips and everything in between. Jo x

  6. It's great to see your blog posts again. Like you I've been decluttering in January which feels great. I've also decided that 2023 is going to be a 'free crafting and reading' year meaning I'm not going to buy any craft supplies or books. It's going okay so far!!

    1. Brilliant idea Linda. I love the idea of using what you already have this year xx

  7. Great to hear your news. I like winter when it is bright and lively. Had a teacher strike day with my teens today so we headed out for a long walk and some winter fresh air. x

    1. Your girls are growing up so fast Jo. I'm glad you could make the most of the day xx

  8. Hello my lovely, I love reading your chatter about the everyday, it is comforting and gentle. Thank you xxx


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