Sunday 22 August 2010

Back Home

Hello Lovelies, I've been away.

Yes the BM household have just returned from our Holidays.
So today I've been doing loads and loads of this........

...... a weeks worth of washing for 5 people . Never mind, we had a great time and I will be back soon with tales of our travels.

I just wanted to pop in and say how much I've missed you guys. Thank you so much for all your super kind comments on my blanket.

I've noticed I'm getting close to 100 followers, AMaZing !!
So as well saying thank you,I'm thinking a giveaway would be a good idea,to show how much I appreciate all my readers,and your comments .

I took my hook away with me, and in the quiet moments I hooked something to send to one lucky reader . It's not quite finished ,but nearly . More details to follow, in my holiday post.

As well as the mountain of washing ,I also returned to this in my garden.........

Wow , stunning Star Gazer Lillys in full bloom, from bulbs I planted in the spring.Their scent is beautiful too.
It's great to be back
Jacquie x


  1. Welcome back Jacquie. I am pleased that the lillies bloomed just in time for your return.

  2. The flowers are awesome! What a welcome back.

  3. Welcome back, glad you had a great hols! The stargazers are awesome...wish I had smellivision!

  4. Those lillies are beautiful! I'm looking forward to see what you have been hookin', congrats on the followers.
    Kandi x

  5. Welcome Home Jacquie! I was wondering were you had got to. Beautiful Stargazers. ax

  6. What wonderful flowers, absolutely amazing, love this colour. Looking forward to see and hear where you´ve been.
    Have a nice time being home again.

  7. I love lillys and yours have so beautiful colour!

  8. Hope you managed to get it all dry befor the rain. It chucked it down here last night.


  9. Welcome home Jacquie! I only just saw your Ta Daaaa post! Your Granny Stripe is stunning! I think it's the nicest one I've seen. I've had to pause with my Ripple until I can get more yarn, I'm missing it very much. Lots of love, Amanda xxx


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