Monday 2 August 2010

Summer Holidays :: part 1

Hello Lovelies,
Ooooh it's been 12 days since my last post .Not sure how that happened.
Well ,I suppose three boys may have something to do with it !

School holidays are definitely in full swing ,meaning I seem to have very little time to myself,but it's all good.

I'm writing this post whilst the little people sleep as it's the only time I can get near the computer.

When we are at home they are drawn to it like a magnet.Which I'm not that keen on.Not only because I can't update my blog ,but also because I'd rather they played outside,or used their imagination like I used to when I was their age.

So,consequently we have been spending a lot of time at the park,or swimming ,or with friends.

I've been feeling the need to get a bit more active myself lately,unfortunately crochet and blogging don't count as exercise! (bummer)
So I'm giving running a try.I found an eight week training plan to run 5k online ,which is pinned on my fridge.....

It's still early days ,week 3,but I think I'm getting a bit better. The boys come along on scooters ,or bikes ,so they are benefiting too.

We have also invested in a tent. I'm a little unsure about camping,but I think it's another good way to get the boys away from screens.

Here is our new purchase ,seems to take up most of the garden......

Looks quite cosy inside......

Nice place for a spot of crochet......

Luckily GSB is long enough to keep my legs warm....

Here's Mr BM trying out the "stove"...

We slept in it, in the garden last week ,went OK actually.The boys loved it. So now I suppose we have got to go away somewhere with it ,gulp. I may need a little while to psych myself up for that bit !

I'll leave you with a colourful floral fix ,pictures taken in my garden today....

Thankyou for all your comments on my last post. Blogland is so special,hopefully I'll get chance for another installment fairly soon.
Jacquie x


  1. Your blanket is really coming along. The colors remind me of being at the beach. Hope you get to go camping. Until then your garden is very pretty.

  2. The smell of a tent brings me back to my childhood... There is something really magic about it. I found a BIG and almost new tent at our trash station not long ago. It is now set up in our garden and has become a second playroom for the kids.

    Your blanket is lovely. I love the colours. BLue is my favorite and my best!

  3. I love camping but hubby will only go for a weekend! Love the blanket, so cozy and colourful! Well done you with the running too!
    Rachel x

  4. That camping stove looks fab! I can't quite read the make...

  5. Nothing beats camping for getting boys outside and active - so long as they don't take their Gameboys!

  6. Jacquie, I hope you and the family go camping soon. Its such a great way to escape the everyday things. Your garden is really pretty and lush looking. Enjoy!!!!!!!

  7. Hello Jacquie!

    Couldn't help but giggle at the tent and brew kit in the back garden...looks so much fun. Love that spotty chair! ax

  8. Enjoy your time away from blogland! Also, I admire your planned exercise regimen - I thrive on to-do lists, checklists, schedules, etc., though seldom follow them. But they keep goals in my mind, anyway. Hope you stay on track! And love the tent in the back yard - we do that too!

  9. There is nothing better on a camping trip than getting out a crochet blanket in the evening when it turns a little chilly. We took our children camping to derbyshire in june, they informed us it was better than the fornight holiday they had in may to turkey, so next year we will take the tent and go to cornwall and I will take my crochet!!!

  10. I love the ladybird on the beautiful hand, a magic chilhood moment. Also your garden photos, lovely to see what is happening gardenwise on the other side of the world! The camping looks fun, back garden camping is certainly the way to go, handy loos and hot showers! Aubrey

  11. Lovely blanket!
    Enjoy the holidays.


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