Thursday 22 July 2010

Schools out for summer

Yay, school holidays are here at last.My three have been ready to break up for weeks now.
We've had such good weather whilst they were at school it makes me think the holidays should start sooner to take advantage of the longest days ,when it's hard to get them to come in and go to bed anyway.
Having said that I do think six weeks off is enough ,so I suppose I can't have it both ways.

We got all the flower brooch cards finished last night .I made 7 flowers in total.The one we gave last week and a further 6 today as I didn't want to miss out teaching assistants and other helpers. This is what they looked like.........

Hopefully they will like them. Making things for people is always a lot of a gamble.
Last year I made a really nice peg bag for a good friend.I wish I had taken a photo of it. It was in a pretty floral fabric with pink gingham lining,ric-rac trim and a crochet flower.
Last week I was visiting her house and saw it on the washing line, it had obviously been left out all winter and was now a faded grey mess !
I was a little hurt ,I must admit ,but I suppose that's going to happen sometimes.

One of the flowers is a poppy....

I made up this pattern myself as I couldn't find one I liked online.
It is for the lovely teacher of my youngest. She organises a remembrance day service each November for the childern to take part in.So moving ! I'm filling up now,thinking about it.

Oh dear,didn't mean this to be a depressing post !!I'm shattered after a stressful day at work.
I'll feel soooo much better after a lie in tomorrow :0)
Jacquie x


  1. those cards are such a beautiful and thoughtful gift, jacquie... especially with the kids' artwork included! :)

  2. If I was the teacher on the receiving end of these fabulous gifts I would be delighted!
    Jille x

  3. I made a hand pieced quilt for the J's first teacher's baby. It was loved SO much by the time the tot was 4 it was down to a 6" square, loved, sucked and taken everywhere.

    I made another one for a special friend. So much work involved, she used it as a changing mat (mmm... yuck) then the next time it was part of the dogs bed. i was gutted.

    But the advise I was given by another friend was..... when you make something to give to someone, that is what you are doing, giving it away. If you can't let go then you shouldn't give it away in the first place. On the peg bag front, least it was being used. That is one way to look at it.

    Nun night xx

  4. I love the flowery cards and I'm sure the teachers will love them too! They are very pretty! It must have been the day for stress at work yesterday because I had a stressful day too. I've got one day to work and then I am off for 3 weeks and I am really looking forward to it. Enjoy your long lie :O) x

  5. A-dorable flower brooch cards!!
    Happy Summer Holidays to you all Jacquie :)
    xo, Kali

  6. I bet the teachers were really thrilled! You're a very thoughtful and talented lady! Now you can enjoy your jolly holidays with your little ones. Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  7. I'm sure the teachers will love them - so original. I wish I'd thought of this for my daughter's teachers!

  8. They are beautiful cards and I would think anyone would be delighted receiving one. That poppy one is lovely and I am sure that it is going to mean an awful lot xxxx

  9. OOh your cards are simply beautiful. The little flowers are just gorgeous.
    I loved the school holidays with my girls. Miss those days now. Enjoy!
    Hugs Suex

  10. I think I need to become a teacher ;) lovely brooches and I love the idea of the cards.
    I so wish I could crotchet!

    Beki xxx

  11. Hello Jacquie!
    So pleased you didn't forget me!i'm just having a lovely time catching up on your blog posts! Such gorgeous crochet has been going on here! I'm so envious of your beautiful crocheted cushions, you clever thing!
    The teacher presents are so pretty! Lucky teachers!
    Have a wonderful weekend
    Rachel x

  12. I love crochet flowers and these are just adorable. What a great way to use them. I think the teachers will be thrilled with such a wonderful gift of the heart.

  13. they are adorable! The teachears will be happy and lucky to receive such a lovely gift!

  14. Hi there - absolutely love this idea for a teacher's present but - it might just be my computer, but I can't get your crochet flower tutorial to work - help!

  15. Hi Jacquie: I popped over from Mrs Twins Flick where I happily noted the square you made for SIBOL 2 "Across the Oceans". Happily perusing your blog and great posts.

  16. Lovely flower cards. I just sent off a birthday card to my childhood friend and attached a crocheted flower that she can remove and hang later. The personal touch is always appreciated.


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