Wednesday 14 July 2010

Summer Stripe Handbag

let's talk handbags.Not your designer type I'm afraid,they're not really me.
This was my winter handbag.......

I found this crochet beauty in a charity shop and I love it's colourful stripes.The gorgeous Russian doll keyring can be found here.

It's not very big ,which is just fine in winter,but come summer and family days out a larger bag is required.It also needs to be sturdy,as it gets a lot of wear and tear,carrying heavy drinks,lotions and miscellaneous junk the boys pick up!
This is the bag I've been using for the past couple of summers....

It's very practical,big enough,lined,it's got an inner pocket and a zip for security.But it must be said it is looking a little shabby and I am bored with it...

So I decided to give it a crochet make over. I made a chain just a little narrower than the width of my bag( because I wanted to make sure the cover wasn't too baggy)......

Then did a half double crochet( U.S.term) in each chain.3 HDC in the last chain,and 1HDC in the opposite side of the chains ,back to the other end.2 further HDC in last chain.Slip stitch to join.This is the base of the cover.

Then its just chain 2 ( counts as first HDC)and HDC in each HDC of previous row.Slip stitch to join at end of row. I made my stripes varying widths to add interest.
Here it is at the park on Sunday....

Once it was deep enough I simply slipped my bag inside the cover and sewed it to the top edge.
And here's the finished result.........

That's better! I know it's a sort of a cheat,making a cover for a ready made bag .But this way I get a sturdy bag which looks pretty. I didn't go out and buy any yarn.I used cotton and some crepe from my stash,and my old bag gets a new lease of life.Here it is being modeled so you can get an idea of size.....

Right,I'm off the the shop with my new bag to test it out... Any excuse !!
See you soon
Jacquie x


  1. It looks beeeooootiful!! An excellent idea. Well done you!

  2. What a transformation! How did you attach it to the original bag? Looks brilliant!

  3. It's not cheating, it looks fantastic. Just thinking it would be a great way to cover some of the calico shopping bags that I brought in bulk!! Christmas prezzies here we come!!

    Thank you for that idea.

    Colette xx

  4. Wow I was amazed when I got the the photo of the completed bag, it's beautiful and not cheating at all, love it!
    Kandi x

  5. I agree its not cheating at all. Its upcycling of the cleverest kind.

  6. Such a great idea - it looks real pretty.

  7. I just love recovering things. usually wicker baskets.
    You have made a great job of this, I really like it.
    But you do amaze me how you find such wonderful things in Charity shops? That bag at the top is lovely too.
    Hugs Suex

  8. I agree with Sue, I don't see these things in Charity shops either ! I love your covered bag, great idea.
    Louise xx

  9. I LOVE IT!!! Well who wouldn't??? I am once again adding another of your ideas/creations to my 'must copy Jacquie' list...this list is getting VERY long ;)

  10. Not cheating at all, being resourceful more like! Great idea.

  11. How creative you are. Marvelous job!

  12. How funny, I have the bag in the top picture too. I bought it at a car boot sale. It seems these bright crochet items come to find us!

    Love what you did with the other bag.

  13. I love it, you are clever to have thought of doing it. Size is so important when you are a Mum, even Grannies need big bags! Aubrey

  14. Love it!! Well Done you :O)xx

  15. Great inspiration to recycle, reuse and cute to boot!

  16. That is such a COOL IDEA! Home-made bags are often not as strong or sturdy as shop-bought ones - but this solves that problem! Very clever - I love it!
    Thanks so much for sharing,
    Caz :)

  17. Now you've got me wanting to dig through all my old tote bags and start covering!!
    Really lovely work :)

  18. Hello, I just found you via Julia's blog and can see straight away that you are very clever! Look forward to seeing some more!

  19. What a great idea. I love the final product. Perfect. How you had fun shopping.

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