Monday 5 July 2010

Back to Reality

Well after after my brief spot in the limelight on Friday, a quiet weekend was a great way to bring me back down to earth.
I had time to admire the flowers in the garden.My Lillies are stunning at the moment...

I'm loving these pretty yellow flowers that I've forgotten the name of ....

Best of all ,there are enough Sweet peas for a pretty posy........

There was also edible goodness from the garden.Enough strawberries to sprinkle on my cereal.........

Yummy indeed. We also dug up some potatoes to enjoy with Sunday lunch.

My boys spent many hours playing with these..........

It's great when the traditional toys get an outing.

I also managed to finish my cushions. It was such a great time saver to attach my crochet to ready made cushions .I'm liking the finished effect now.
Here's number 2...

Looking pretty with my patchwork and hexagon cushion .Don't forget there's a link to the tutorial for my hexagon motif in my sidebar.

Here are both cushions ............

Thankyou for all your lovely comments about these in my previous post.It's nice to have a summery co-ordinated look for my conservatory sofa.
Have a great week
Jacquie x


  1. What pretty, colourful pictures! Your garden is looking fabulous! Cx

  2. Your sofa looks so very inviting, love the mix of the cushions and your colours are wonderful, look so very much like summer, I beg Cath Kidston would be jealous for not having such lovely handmade items in her stock.
    And strawberries, how much I love them, but because of all the rain during may and june ours are a little late this year and I could also imagine that their flavour will not be the best - a bit watery maybe. Your garden must be very big for growing potatoes, too, this would always be my dream - having a really big vegetable garden with a fence and along this all the berries and some roses would grow.
    Enjoy all your handmade and handgrown items,
    have a lovely day,

  3. I think the flowers are Coreopsis..

    Very pretty.

  4. Wow your cushions are beautiful!! I must get the hang of crochet.
    Kandi x

  5. Lovely cushions Jacquie - I second Pearly Queen - definately Coreopsis although I've never seen them with a red central ring - mine are just yellow but they are lovely flowers all the same.

  6. Oh Jacquie your cushions are beautiful!!!!!!
    we had the same idea on sewing the crochetted part on ready made cushion cover and ha-ah, I agree with you, fun and fast to make :)) I finished mine yesterday night and post it on my blog today morning too :))
    much love, Giusy

  7. Jacquie, guess what arrived today???? Yes!!! The granny stripe yarn!!! EEeeeeekkkk! Love your cushions! Amanda xxxx

  8. Your sofa is looking very well dressed with such lovely cushions !
    Louise x

  9. Great cushions and lovely flowers!

    Have a nice weekend :o)

  10. Wauw these cushions are so cosy. Perfect colors! Lovely.

  11. Gorgeous flowers, I have no garden but I must get some flowers in this house asap as it really does need brightening up. Dominoes are the best and so much more pleasant that having to endure the noise of the T.V and video games! I need to make my sofa as lovely as this...I NEED to ;)


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