Saturday 27 November 2010

Playing Hooky again

Evening Lovelies , yes it's me staying in on a Saturday night ( as usual )Mind you , it's so cold and icy out there tonight I'm glad to stay in.

I bought this weather station of Mr BM many Christmases ago, the top reading is the outside temperature , which you can see was -7.4 degrees celcius at 10.07 this evening ( it's gone down to -8.0 now)....

The boys love this little gadget and I've been getting a running commentary on how cold it is today :0)

We had snow last night , like lots of the U.K. Not loads but enough to made the world look pretty .......

Here's me in the snow modeling my latest make.......

I must be a crochet addict , it's plain to see . I finish a big project on Tuesday, blog about it on Wednesday ( thank you again for all your amazing comments, you're the best !), then pick up my hook again on Thursday .
Yep , despite a long day at work, an amazing tutorial over at the wonderful" Royal Sisters "caught my eye and I just had to start one of Michelle's gorgeous little Granny bags straight away....

This was so quick and easy to do , she has done a great tutorial here, thank you Michelle :0)

I made mine with the same square I used for my blanket , just because I was too tired to read a pattern on Thursday evening.Both sides are a bit different...

I lined it with felt and added a magnetic closure like Michelle....

This little bag has already had an outing ,last night I used it when I went for a meal with a group of friends , it felt great to take something handmade , and my friend who commented how much she liked it will be getting one for Christmas.

Hope you are keeping warm . Have a great Sunday.
Jacquie x


  1. Cute little bag. I love the colors you chose.

  2. Hi Jacquie, what a fantastic little bag!! The lining and magnetic fastening really finish it off and it must have been so nice to take it out with on your night out too. And, if I may, add, I really love your coat! :) Sarah

  3. Hi Jacquie, your little bag is gorgeous and beautifully lined inside too. I must say the photo of you standing outside in your winter clothes and boots is lovely. I would have liked to see your face though. :)
    You are having it really cold, the snow looks pretty but it must be difficult to live with. We are having rain, rain, and more rain here. After 10 years of drought we are grateful for it, but it would be nice to see a bit more of the sun now. It's November and should be a bit warmer than 18 degrees. I'm sure that sounds like a heatwave to you. :)
    Keep those crochet projects rolling, I love seeing them.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend,
    Anne xx

  4. oooo it is so sweet and matches your coat perfectly xxx

  5. I spotted this the other day but you modelling it makes me want to make one even more! It really does match wonderfully.

  6. Brr -7.. Goodness me so cold...
    Love the little bag and the lining is brilliant..
    Stay warm :))

  7. You're unstoppable, Jacquie! What a cute little bag! I wish I had some of your va va voom. The ripple blanket is gathering dust at the moment. I keep flitting off doing other things. I love your coat by the way. Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  8. What a gorgeous little bag.
    I fancy having a go at one myself but the only crocheting I've done is many years ago when I made a boat necked, dropped shoulder jumper (just four rectangles in straight rows), a round mat and some picot edging on a knitted cardigan.
    How difficult are granny squares?

  9. So cute! Love your granny bag and also the colors! I did visit Michelle and you are awesome to get it turned out sooooooo great!
    Enjoy your Sunday!
    LoL, xxx

  10. How very beautiful, such delicious winter colours, I too noted Michelle's tutorial and thought hmmm I think that would make a lovely little Christmas pressie. Thanks for sharing, really lovely to see all your finished projects. We are quite deep n snow this mornng, really pretty but can be trecherous! xox

  11. What a fabulous little bag!
    We are still snowless, I don't think we are getting any until Tuesday.
    Stay warm x

  12. Fantastic little bag, your very talented :0) x

  13. What a sweet little bag. And your circles blanket is utterly beautiful! Wow! Loving your crochet skills. :)


  14. I spied this bag while blogging the other day. But I have to say i think your pictures make it look much cuter (shh, don't tell Michelle).
    I made quite a big version of it a few years ago, but I think the little one is sweeter.
    And how jealous am I of all your snow!! :)
    Take at look at mine (on my blog!).
    Try not to laugh too much ;0)
    Have a great week Bunny Mummy.
    Kind regards,

  15. Your bag is really sweet. xxx

  16. I like that bag lots - your friend is lucky that she'll be getting one.

    Wonder if I can con any of my crocheting friends into making one for me????

  17. My girls want to know what you bunnies are named. They are very cute!

    I adore your new bag!! It's so very cute and the colours are fab too. I must say that I am very impressed with your very big blanket below. Well done! Gosh it must have taken ages to make.

  18. aaw thats very sweet!
    I need to check out 'The Royal Sisters' blog as I see so many projects that come from their patterns/tutorials.
    Em xxx

  19. Lovely bag - I am a big fan of The Royal Sisters too.
    We have a weather staion just like that butthe outside temperature is not showing as the outdoor part of it has a flat battery. The inside temperature was pretty chilly at time though!

  20. Hello my dear, I can't believe that I won your fabulous giveaway! That is fantastic. Thank you!
    My email address is stanleyandboodge (at)
    I hope you are keeping warm and cosy.

  21. Oh my granny goodness!!!
    They are adorable...
    Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous pictures...
    They are so lovely to see...
    Regards my dear...Michelle...

  22. ohh woww, so pretty :) lots of hugs from Turkey :)


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