Saturday 6 November 2010

Sparkles and Circles

Hello all you lovely people ,
Just popping in to share some goings on, here at ours .

If you are in the U.K. you will no doubt know last night was Bonfire night.
I love this celebration . As a child we always had a big bonfire, and mum made bonfire toffee. We also used to enjoy some small fireworks , the Catherine wheel was always my favourite . we have the most suitable garden in our family.... the in-laws and cousins all come over to enjoy a meal of Jacket potatoes, sausages, mushy peas and beans. This is my sort of entertaining ! Low stress, easy, tasty food perfect for preparing you to stand in the rain watching fireworks for an hour or so :0)

Sadly we don't have a bonfire these days but the chimera added a cheery glow ...

I didn't get a shot of the Catherine wheel as I was too busy enjoying it , it's still the best in my book .

The little people loved them all and the sparkler pictures turned out great...

I love this effect, which just happened by chance.

Today the rain has gone, thank goodness . Blue sky's have returned......

and we are having a lazy Saturday morning . I've been finishing the 24 additional circles to add to my blanket........

They just need the ends sewing in now and then I can start joining them :0)

Ahhhhhh...Happy Days ......have a great weekend , hope the weather is kind where you are .
Jacquie x


  1. Love your sparkler pictures! Hope you have a lovely weekend x

  2. I am loving all these photos, the sparkler pics are fantastic, they are so clear. Isn't today such a contrast, I couldn't believe it when the sunshine woke me up this morning!
    More circles? Your blanket must be getting HUGE! Can't wait to see it in all it's gorgeous glory :)

  3. Hi Jacquie, thanks for sharing these lovely pictures, I love fireworks night too and we are going to a local display tonight -can't wait! Your crochet squares and colour combinations are gorgeous, I bet you can't wait to stitch them all together. Also, I keep noticing these adorable bunnies on your sidebar! Are they yours? I love them! :) Sarah

  4. Great pictures Jacquie ~ it sounds like a good time was had by all! It was absolutely pouring down here last night too but much brighter this morning. Hope that you enjoy the rest of your weekend :O) xx

  5. I love your sparkler pics and Catherine Wheels are always my favorite too, theres always that uncertainty if they will spin or not :)

  6. What a wonderful "Sparkles and Circles"!!! Your circles are really sparkle!!! Awesome!
    Have a great weekend!

  7. Your colorful circles are so pretty. Love all your photos.

  8. Great sparkler pics. We stayed at home last night but my husband is taking our eldest to a local bonfire/firework display tonight. I think the little one wouldn't like it!
    Looking forward to seeing the finished blanket. x

  9. Wow super shots. Going to try that too tonight.

  10. Fantastic pics of the sparklers! We had a good bonfire night at a local display last night, no sparklers though! :) x

  11. I read on many of my favorite UK blogs about bonfire night. How did this originate I wonder? Love the pics!

  12. Love your little circles with so much color!

  13. The circles are going to make one beautiful blanket.

  14. Your blog is soooo beautiful. So cheery to see all these lovely images while I have my Sunday morning cup of tea.
    Anne xx

  15. With that beautiful bright blue sky, your cheerful tablecloth and all those colourful little circles, it could be mistaken for the summer (sigh)! It's the nip in the air that makes you realise it's not!!!
    Vivienne x

  16. Amazing photos of the sparklers and gorgeous colourful circles x

  17. Hiya, thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, pleased to meet you :) I hope your having a lovely weekend :) xxx

  18. I love bonfire night too! Sadly no catherine wheels this year (also my favourite) but a good bit of sparkler action. I enjoyed your photos!

    The circles for your blanket look gorgeous too, brilliant colours - can't wait to see the final thing!

    PS I agree with 'Home made gorgeous' above - I love the pictures of your bunny rabbits, they are adorable!

  19. Hey Jacquie we used to have Bonfire Night when I was in primary school and then they banned fire works over here.
    I remember mum used to take an old metal dustpan full of coals from the wood stove out to the backyard and we would light all our crackers from it.
    Sounds like you all had a wonderful night and low stress entertaining is definitely the way to go.

    Enjoy your week.


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