Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Colour at Home

Hello Lovelies,
with the short days we are experiencing at the moment I'm drawn towards cheerful colours to combat the gloom . My jolly gingham bunting has made a reappearance in the kitchen .It's not specifically Christmassy but has a festive feel to me......

Did you notice my crochet birdy hanging in the window. He has lived in this spot since I made him back in October 2009...inspired by this clever creation,back in the days BB ( before blogging ) . I still love him, with his ric-rac legs and wooden beady feet..........

The yarn I used was mostly patons Smoothie and I've been working some colourful stripes with the same yarn this week. This project is for a gift and it is almost finished so I will do a little Ta-dah later this week :0)......

Something else bright and colourful that's making me smile are my new Wellies......

These are actually the first pair I have owned as an adult !! I always remember having freezing feet in wellies as a child so I've resisted buying any for many ( many, many )  a year but there are occasions when wellies are ideal footwear .And I've also bought some matching wellie socks to combat the cold. Whilst I was outside today  photographing my feet I did notice how pretty our little silver birch tree is looking........

Many trees are now without leaves but this one  is  still looking gorgeous,especially against a blue sky with the sun shining through the leaves........

Around the garden , if you look closely there are still a few flowers , like these sweet little fuchsias....

And the lack of serious frost means even my geraniums are still flowering........

Such a contrast to this time last year .

Wandering around I was rather taken with the look of this moss covered stone viewed in macro, what a lovely fresh green........

Back indoors , wellies off , I remembered some rather colourful recent purchases I wanted to share with you lovelies ............Sarah Smith cloths.........

My dishwasher has died recently so anything to make the washing up more bearable has got to be a good thing :0)

And some rather lovely new oven gloves, I'm so pleased with these ....

More red , this time with polka dots.......lovely.

 I'm cheering the long evenings is with lots of candles.........

This year we have  an Advent candle for the first time ever. Here it is lit on Sunday.....seemed appropriate as several lovely blogs reminded me that last Sunday was the first Sunday in Advent .Tomorrow we can start burning down the numbers, hope we remember to keep an eye on the progress.........

My colourful   oil burner was a lucky charity shop find.........

I'm currently using it with fabulous Sparkling Cinnamon wax tarts from Yankee Candle......I adore this festive scent !!

Hope you are finding little things to cheer you .
Jacquie x

P.S. in case anybody was wondering , my wellies,cloths and oven gloves were bargains from the appropriately named " Home Bargains"


  1. We used to have an advent candle every year when the big ones were little ones...such a nice tradition... I love your new wellies.. and what a good price! Where is Home Bargains'?? Candles always change the atmosphere completely on these dull days don't they? :)x

  2. Hey Jacquie, nice to see you are till getting some blue sky, sunshiney days, beautiful pics.

    A bit of polka dot love goin' on, great boots and oven mitts.........can't help but brighten a gloomy day. Love the gingham bunting too, always makes me smile.

    Candles and oil burners, definitely a good idea as the days draw in, creates such a wonderfully, cosy atmosphere.

    Enjoy the changing season and happy 1st. of December ( a cyber pinch and punch coming your way!).........

    Claire :}

  3. I have never lived so far north as you to have such long dark winter days, but I love all your cheery touches to brighten them up. In the kitchen especially we need something happy, like your red potholder.

  4. Both you and Lucy of Attic 24 sporting pretty new wellies! Have a look on Pinterest, I've seen the loveliest knitted/crocheted sock to be worn with it, and it should over at the top.

  5. What a lovely burst of colour :)

    I cleared my tart burners out yesterday and now the downstairs has a blast of a christmassy orange scent - its lovely.

    You've reminded me - whilst I've filled the advent calendar with chocolates - I need to find my advent candle.

  6. I use those cloths too - they're great! Love the colours you're using to crochet - so colourful! Jxo

  7. awwww jacquie it looks so cosy and comforting- love the festive warmth- those boots are lovely xx

  8. aahhh lovely little crochet bird and im loving your colours that you are making your little gift in. I brought some of those Sarah smiths clothes early in the year mine were red and white flowers they had them in the £ shop i real baragin i thought at the time. I love candeles i will start to get mine out next week. Have fun, dee x

  9. I'm going to have to get down to Home Bargains and check out those wellies. My 'pair' at the moment comprises of one black and one green, of different heights. My husband keeps telling me I should get a new pair, but they do the job!

  10. I love those dishcloths, my husband always moans when I get them. He can't see the point but I think anything that can make you smile whist cleaning is good!!
    We always had an advent candle when I was young, the excitement of sitting there waiting for it to melt down!!

  11. Pretty, pretty, pretty! :)

  12. Hi Jacquie! Thank you for a lovely post to start December! Your garland is perhect for this season and I love the little bird!
    I picked your advent candle - we used to have them in my home country!
    Have a wonderful December!
    xxx Teje

  13. So much colour! I love it. enjoy enjoy :)

  14. A beautiful colorful happy post, really enjoyed it!!! Love your sweet bird :D
    Karen Xx

  15. Lovely cosy piccies Jacquie,love your bargains,I'm off down to home bargains tomorrow,love those oven juliexxx

  16. D'you know I'm a little bit jealous. Everyone seems to be getting new wellies! Lucy over at Attic 24 just got some lovelies too. I think it could be ok to have more than one pair don't you!
    Your little bird is very gorgeous by the way.♥

  17. Everything looks so lovely and cosy! I love that little birdie and your candles. I too am a teeny bit jealous of your new wellies, Home Bargains is a great shop, you can find all sorts of things :) K xx

  18. I'm certain we are twins jacquie, my post on 29th Nov, then yours on 30th, we are living remarkable parallel lives!!!
    Wonderful colourful dotty goodness, you can't beat it.
    ps i have a homemade red/white gingham table runner which is due to come out soon, looking forward to it!


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