Friday 27 January 2012

Countryside Colour

Hello Lovelies,
I'm missing the Nature Notes posts that I so enjoyed writing in 2011.
On Wednesday I was out and about looking for some some outdoor images to share with you all. Unfortunately the day was dark and dismal.
When I got home and looked at what I had managed to capture it looked so colourless I decided to abandon that idea. So instead I've taken photos of some of the images in my calendar..........

It's the first time I've bought this calendar,which is made up of images sent in by viewers of this programme.
I partly bought it because £ 4 of the cost goes towards the BBC's Children in need appeal, a very worthy cause.
 As you know, I'm also drawn to images of our wonderful countryside and it's wildlife.
At the moment I'm so enjoying looking at this cute little fella....isn't this an amazing image, it's called " winter weasel".
The ice crystals and blue in the background makes it pretty darn perfect ,in my opinion.

 I will be very sorry to turn over in a few days and say good bye to him..........

Each month you get two images , these are the images for February.........

The main one is pretty colourful, though I think I prefer the small image.........

This is April...not too sure about this either.......

But I'm loving May......

Wonderful colours in the pebbles and the shiny seaweed

Ooooh , look at my Birthday month, Ahhh lovely June with all it's pretty plants and wonderful colour.Not to mention looooong days :0)............

As the picture below shows, there is a space for notes ...........

The bride and groom make me smile. I've taken a close up of the cute mouse on this months page too........

This is a dramatic shot.......

and this image is pretty impressive , amazing the way the fox is staring straight into the lens......

I can totally see why this image was the overall winner of the competition...

It just looks so idyllic , don't you think ?? All those wonderful fresh greens and the colourful narrow boat.Not to mention the gorgeous heavy horse.

A lovely bonus at the end is this image for January 2013........

The quality of the paper and printing is very good and I can see myself buying this calendar again.

Hope you are finding colourful things this winter , or enjoying summer if you are in the southern hemisphere.
Jacquie x


  1. Hi Jacquie,
    I entered the competition last year. Sent 3 pictures but they never made it. :(
    The pictures of the calendar are very pretty though.
    Have a gorgeous friday!

  2. There are some gorgeous pics included in the calendar - we usually watch the programme and were both impressed by the quality of photos. I like the ladybird pic - looks like he's moving really quickly!

    Hard to belive that month 1 of 2012 is almost over already!

  3. Hey Jacquie, what lovely pics, I can see why you bought this calender.....

    Love the pic of the fox, the mouse and the Winter Weasel. The narrow boat looks wonderful too, what a relaxing holiday that would be.

    It's funny but I always check out my birthday month to see what the picture is, hehe......
    Hope you get some nice sunny days soon,


  4. oohh that narrow boat and the horse has to be my favorite to its beautiful and so English ;-)) Im now dreaming of warm sunny days. I would love to take a trip on a narrow boat. The picture of the weasel is so sweet and that one of the tractor and the trees WOW its like the trees are hugging each other. dee x

  5. Beautiful pictures......June definitely got my heart pumping! What a gorgeous picture!

    Have a beautiful day and gorgeous weekend!


  6. What a stunning calendar. I'm finding it quite gloomy out there at the minute and cannot wait for spring to arrive bringing with it the beautiful colours and light nights . :-)

  7. Those are such incredible pictures, so inspiring and beautifully shot. Really makes me wish I had a good camera and was able to take decent pictures! Hate the gloominess and dark days of winter too, though today there has been some lovely sunshine (but it's currently hailing!) Am so looking forward to Spring and Summer :) Have a lovely weekend, Jenny xx

  8. There are some stunning photos in that calendar, but when I scrolled down the photo of the fox gave me the creeps as one of my pet chickens has just been killed by a fox this morning and my remaining girl is severely traumatised.Hope she pulls through.

  9. Those photos are all wonderful Jacquie, you're right well worth buying and such an enjoyable programme did you see the cute little piglets last week!
    My favourite is the flower shot from June, just the sort of thing I love to take, oh and the weasel just stunning. People are very clever aren't they. ♥

  10. Hi Jacquie,what a lovely colourful calender!September has to be My favourite,the hay bride and groom,so cute,have a happy weekend,lol juliexxx

  11. I have nominated you for 'The Versatile Blogger' Award, you can read more about it here:
    I hope you have fun with it :)

  12. I watch his programme each week, my favourite was Mr Fox, he looks so naughty!

  13. The calender is gorgeous and I love the different photos for different reasons. Thanks for sharing.
    Anne xx

  14. Thank you for sharing such wonderful pictures! I already love English countryside, and these picture just increase my love!

  15. Hi Jacquie, I pop in and read you blog all the time and not sure if I have ever left a comment, so hello from hot Australia. I love the pictures of the UK, Both sides of my parents family are from the UK, it's in my blood. I so want to spend time there one day soon.
    xx Sandi


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