Monday 16 January 2012

Morning :: Afternoon :: Evening

Hello Lovelies,
It's so cold here at the moment ...minus 5 early this morning meant there was lots of ice to scrape from the car before I could begin the journey to work. But what a journey....a gorgeous icy wonderland and a beautiful sunrise that turned the sky pink ..........

In the afternoon I stopped at my local yarn shop on the way home . Yipee, some lovely merino in the £1 bin...just two balls but I guess that's the great thing about working with LOTS of can benefit from reduced odd balls that many people would not be able to use...........

It's James C Brett pure merino . It's beautifully soft and I was so happy to find more Luxury yarn at a bargain price to add to my stash (" stashmerino" as Heather calls it that :0)   )

Look it's the exact same colour as my current Hyacinths...fancy that .........

In the evening I was determined to squeeze in a little baking, having perused my cookery books late yesterday  and settled on something that would use up these....

Ummmm, dates.... bananas..... honey . I love all these so I was attracted to a recipe for a cake that combined  these goodies........

The recipe is from a book I picked up years ago , I think it was at a school fair . The "Blue Peter book of gorgeous grub" from 1980.......very nostalgic for lots of U.K. peeps . I used to love this show............

I was not disappointed by the flavour of this's delicious....and I'm calling it "healthy " due to the fruit, honey and wholemeal flower :0)

Have a great week .
Jacquie x


  1. oof that's some good stashmerino hunting Jacquie!

    the other day I dreamt that I came to visit you, and you had crocheted yourself a stripy dress (out of htr stitches) and I told you that you looked like a pip studio cup in it! And you seemed very happy with that. So there you go.

  2. Yum, yum, yum. Well done Valerie Singleton - that shows my age! Lol

  3. Hi :) I must tell u, that i really like your blog. :) Mia( in Sweden)

  4. Your landscape picture is making me think of Great Expectations for some reason. Beautiful but stark! Lovely yarn!

  5. That was definitely a good yarn purchase! I'm going to start a slightly more upmarket yarn stash sometime soon - since I have only ever worked with stylecraft special up until now! I like your idea of building it up slowly though... Beautiful sky picture too xx

  6. The frosty view out of your car window is beautiful, obviously cold but beautiful. Your wool looks gorgeous as do your Hyacinths which I'm sure are giving off their beautiful perfume. Yummy HEALTHY cake too! :) Just perfect with a cuppa.
    Enjoy your week too,
    Anne xx

  7. What a beautiful view on your way to work! We had a cold start here too, all the leaves and plants had a dusting of frost this morning and we have had the heating on most of the day.

    The cake looks yummy. Enjoy!

    Gem x

  8. Your yarn find was fortunate. Love that color! The recipe sounds look what you've done, ya made me hungry, LOL!

  9. Hey Jacquie, you couldn't help but look forward to the going to work with such beautiful scenery along the way.
    But coming home is definitely better when you can snag gorgeous bargains at the wool shop...........

    I would be surprised if there's much cake left, it looks delicious and definitely healthy too.

    Hyacinths just love those blue flowers and the ribbon to keep them upright .....

    It's a beautiful cool morning, blue sky and sunshine, but a warm day on the way....

    Claire :}

  10. Gorgeous views on your way to work this morning. Hasn't it just been so beautiful over the last few days. Love this country!

    I absolutely love dates but rarely buy them - I'd like to bake a cake with them in. Will add to my 'to do' list.

    Nicki xx

  11. That is a beautiful picture of the frosty morning - you are so lucky to get views like that. Its almost worth the cold!!
    And well done on increasing your stashmerino - v jealous! I think we might have had that Blue Peter book when I was little. Oh I feel so old!!

  12. That cake looks and sounds delicious! And your hyacinths and yarn are just my favourite blue. Such a cosy, cheering post. And I've been catching up with your past few missives ... good luck with those crochet hexies :D

  13. Lovely pictures. New follower. Absolutely love your bunnies, I rescued a bunny off a park the week of Christmas, now he is running around in my apartment, I love him!
    Win a gorgeous paper doll with 20 dresses

  14. Yummy yarn and yummy baking, gosh I feel hungry now! :) xx

  15. What a gorgeous photo of the pink sky with the frost.

    Loving the hyacinth and the hyacinth coloured yarn.

    The cake looks delicious; you can't really go wrong with a Blue Peter cake can you?

  16. Ahh that book looks a real treat and so does the cake sound ;-)) Your hyacinth's are a lovely shade mine are not out yet but there getting there slowly. dee xx

  17. If it has fruit in it then it's healthy....fact! *nods*

    I love finding little bargains in the wool shop.

  18. Gorgeous yarn find Jacquie, such a gorgeous colour. And that cake mmmmmm delicious and of course very, very healthy. Love your Blue Peter book I've still got some of my childhood cookery books and they have some great recipes in them.

  19. Hi Jacquie... Do you have an email address that I could contact you on please? Thanks. Jill x


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