Saturday 18 February 2012

Half Term at Home

Hello Lovelies,
we have enjoyed a pretty quite half term week ,my boys and me. One outing to the cinema on Monday . Friends round to play. No car from Wednesday as it was sounding pretty sick and had to go to be repaired...thankfully it's fine now but I quite enjoyed a few days with no car. With no work to get to this week it was nice to stay close to home and use bikes , scooters and legs for a change. Thankfully the weather has warmed up a lot . I even took the bunnies out of their cosy hutch and put then in the run for some exercise. It's the first time they have felt the grass beneath their feet since November......

They did have a little hop about and stood up on their back legs but I think they were glad to go back in their hutch when the time came.

I love not having to watch the clock on a week like this . I love the opportunity the bake before breakfast if the fancy takes me..........

Cup cakes for the boys one day ( O.K. I may have had a couple ).....

Another morning it was Mum style "healthy baking " ... focus on the apples and walnuts  and not the golden syrup :0)

Muffins using THIS  recipe . I'm always tempted by recipes which include these spices...

can't get enough of them .

I just wish I could get as enthusiastic about cooking.... sometimes I feel guilty about the lack of truly home cooked food in this house.I must try and remedy that this year.

It goes without saying I love the chance to do a little crochet.........

to sit with my hook when the boys have gone to play with friends and I've tidied up a little. The sun made a brief appearance and was shining on my freshly dusted mantle so I jumped up to take a picture........

This miniature rose plant has been flowering for ages, I love the little  pink roses......

There is also a bit of crochet I made ages ago and had forgotten about till he turned up in a drawer the other day.........

He's pretty tiny but oh so cute.
I was surprised and delighted to find the free pattern again to share with you lovelies...........find it HERE.
When I turned around to get back to my crochet WIP I had to smile at  this cozy scene.......

It's back to our respective routines next week but I think we have all enjoyed a little down time ... time to do as we please . My boys are really good company and easy to live with at the moment so I'm savouring this time and hoping the teenage years,when they arrive,don't bring too much worry and conflict .

My twin blankets are getting close to completion but I've run out of white yarn so I will have to do something else till it arrives .

It really shouldn't be difficult to think of something, I always have too many ideas floating around in my head.
Enjoy the rest of the  weekend.
Jacquie x


  1. I love the flower pictures hanging under your mirror. Very colourful. Pre teenage is the best time. My stress levels seemed to rise when my two got to 13, but it does pass eventually :)

  2. What a lovely post. I love reading your blog!
    Naomi x

  3. It is really a very nice post!

  4. What a lovely week you have had i love half term time to ;-) No set plans or structure its great to be around the house. Your mouse looks so sweet and so does your crochet your blanket is coming on a treat. Your mantle shelf looks lovely and cozy. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, dee x

  5. What a lovely half term! And your baby blankets are looking lovely, such a simple design and it works so well.

  6. We've been having a lovely home time too - weather's pretty awful in Sussex and the boys are happy to stay in most of the time. Teenage years don't have to be fraught. My eldest boy is 18 next month and the youngest was 13 at Christmas and they are good company, don't argue too much and love cooking! Karen X

  7. Wow, you are one fast crocheter! :) It's looking fab! Keep cosy, xx

  8. I want to cuddle the bunnies!! I've also been having a crochet afternoon, wonderful isn't it!

  9. I love your bunnies Jacquie, thanks for showing us them, too cute for words xox Looks like you and your family have had a lovely relaxing half term, bliss when you get spare moments to do some crochet xox

  10. Love the mouse :)
    I'm also back to normality next week but at least it makes you grateful for the school hols and down time.
    Do you know of any patterns for a one cup tea cosy (very easy) I can just about do a square.
    Thanks Cate x

  11. Sounds like a great half term hols week. Cute bunnies!
    Your little crochet corner does look inviting.

  12. I always loved school breaks too. So much more relaxing with no time schedules to keep and no homework. :-)
    Your little crocheted mousie is soooo cute!!

  13. Sounds like a great half term week.
    I find my slow cooker brilliant for nice home cooked dinners, no mad rush to get it ready and lovely tasty smells wafting through the house.

  14. It sounds like you are having a wonderful time, I love your little bunny but I can see they want to cosy up again :)

    All your activities look lovely, and that little mouse is so cute!

  15. Life here at knitsofacto Towers is not much fun at the moment and this is such a cheery, peaceful post ... a proper tonic as my Gran would have said. I'm sure with your two boys you've had some hectic bits yourself this week but you've created an oasis of calm here. Thank you :D

  16. Awwww I've been making those wee mice lately, aren't they adorable?? Quite addictive (I've made 5 so far, all in different colours)
    shute, gotta go, Little B being naughtyxxxxxxxx

  17. I can't ever remember half terms being calm and having room for must be doing something right Jacquie! Thanks for the link to the little mice.. yours is so sweet poking out there! I hope the sun is shining for your last day of the is here...what a rare treat! :)x

  18. Oh Jacquie I think we've all enjoyed our half term this week and I think pretty much everyone has spent it quietly, at home enjoying family time, which is a lovely thought when we're led to believe by the media that the 'family' is dead! It's a shame we have to go back to work just when all those hooky ideas are reaching the surface.
    Enjoy your Sunday. ♥

  19. Lovely post! Maggie xx

  20. Hiya fab post. Hasn't the half term been wonderful. Love keeping up with your blog x

  21. I love seeing pics of the bunnies. They are so adorable. I know what you mean about the cooking. Sometimes I feel the same. Love reading about your projects. The blankets are looking quite fabulous:D

  22. Cute bunnies!
    And I love your sunny mantlepiece. Such a fab arrangement. Must tidy mine and put some lovelies on display.

  23. Your bunnies are so adorable!!!!!!!!!


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