Monday 27 February 2012

Snowdrop Sunday

Hello Lovelies ,
what a treat , another sunny Sunday...two in a row in February . We had been planning to visit a  manor house which opens it's gardens at this time of year and I had been keeping my fingers crossed for a nice bright day. I wasn't disappointed.

Yippee........look at this fabulous spring border," I LOVE spring gardens" I was heard to exclaim when I saw this yesterday. Spring truly is my favourite time of year and, looking at this prettiness in the sunshine, it seemed that it was already here ...

The daffodils are just beginning to flower at the back of this bed...first I've seen outdoors this year :0)

I also loved these bright lilac crocuses with their wonderful orange stamens..........

More dainty gorgeous in their pretty little clumps........

This brightly coloured blossom tree caught my eye.....I would love one like this , what a sight to lift the spirits.........

 There are some wonderful mature trees in the gardens.........

Further on ,the walled garden is now just a grazing field , with only some weird looking tree stumps remaining.
Hinting at what would once have been a wonderful kitchen garden .........

Here are the current residents .....and another first sighting  for me this year .....lambs :0)

Their mum quickly hurried them away back to the rest of the flock.....what an idyllic spot.......

Leaving the sheep in peace we headed to the wood.......

More wonderful mature trees and snowdrops carpeting the floor. Sunlight floods in through the bare branches.........

And the snowdrops here look totally natural ....their green stems growing up through last years fallen leaves.....

This log pile caught my eye...what amazing colour and texture......

Further on there were double I'm torn....

I love the simplicity of the traditional variety ,but this is stunning too..........

More pretty spring flowers .....tiny and perfect...

What a romantic and timeless place. I loved the open fields and wood as much as the planted beds..........

I'm really glad we made the effort to visit this wonderful place and didn't listen to the boys protests.I suppose walking around a garden is not top of growing boys things to do , but in the end they said it had been "quite good" :0)

Thank you so much for all your kind comments on my baby blankets , they really mean a lot. I'm glad to say my sister in law was pleased with then too.
Have a great week.
Jacquie x


  1. Gorgious pics, thanx for sharing!

  2. Oh so beautiful shots, very nice spring flowers,

  3. Oh yum I just love the colours in the lichen on bark photo. All my favourite zingy greens!

  4. Pink blossom and spring lambs; sights that evoke such tangible memories of England. Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing
    Jo :)

  5. My goodness, that's a sight for sore eyes! Very cheering, all those blossoms and lambs. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. :)

  6. That snowdrop with the double lot of petals is just so amazing. Isn't nature just mind blowing.


  7. Thanks for sharing such wonderful pics! Make me long for Spring!!

  8. What a wodnerful outing Jacquie....soooo many lovely vistas.

    Those adorable little lambs with their cute little spots, gorgeous lime lichen and deep pink blossoms.
    Certainly a day to lift your spirits and blue sky to boot.

    I'm with you on the double Snowdrops, but beautiful either way.
    Now I think I was rather remiss and didn't comment on your lovely baby blankets, but they were absolutely lovely and I'm sure they will be used and loved for many years to come. I still have the patchwork knitted blanket I made over 20years ago for No. 1,a very special keepsaks.

    Claire :}

  9. Thank you for sharing your spring with us. I can't wait for ours. Snowdrops are a favorite of mine.

  10. Beautiful pics! thank you so much for sharing these, I could nearly smell that fresh spring air... the snowdrops and blossoms are beautiful.
    Sarah x

  11. Beautiful ... I miss the spring flowers of England. Love your baby blankets!

  12. These blossoms look yummy enough to eat! We are new bloggers (mother/daughter duo) and really enjoyed sharing the hints of your spring season.

  13. I am so jealous! I miss proper seasons and real flowers. Still, I can live vicariously through your beautiful photos!

  14. Delighting myself with your pictures. Thank you for the stroll around such a beautiful place, Jacquie!

  15. Muito lindo.
    Que sonho de lugar.

  16. wonderful snowdrops,but i have no luck with the snowdrops in my garden.
    have a nice week, jaquie
    greetings regina

  17. Wow what stunning photos! All that nature-y goodness - I love it!

  18. You UK people and your BEAUTIFUL gardens and landscapes!! I just love it. :) I also love your crochet--so much so that I made THREE of your little crochet flowers (that you had framed). I just loved it so much I HAD to do more than one :) I'd love for you to take a peek at my triptych and tell me what you think!

    Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration!


  19. Those pics are beautiful! Thank you for sharing!!

  20. What a lovely day out, such a pretty place, those snowdrops are gorgeous. Winter garden visits are just as lovely as summer ones because you get to see the structure and shape of the garden!

  21. Super pics, looks a nice place to visit. I've not seen any lambs yet this year, will have to venture out into the countryside this weekend. The prunus blossom is a bit early, no sign of mine blooming yet.

  22. What a nice day out. Boys always moan about going on a garden visit but enjoy it when they get there don't they? Gorgeous photos, loving the snowdrops. Sue

  23. The snowdrops look lovely and those lambs are so cute! Spring is my favourite time of year too.

  24. Beautiful, I love your shots... But it makes me alittle sad in the knowledge that winter is on its way to our side of the world! Jx

  25. I love snowdrops too! And I did spend the day just like you, in the woods looking for them!

  26. Oh no! that means the opposite here - you're stealing our sun! Roll on June 21st! I've been checking in on your blog from my phone so don't normally get to comment - your blankets are stunning (lucky babies!) and the hats are adorable.


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