Tuesday 29 May 2012

Pretty Perfect

Hello Lovelies,
The last week has been pretty perfect here , weather wise .I think the whole of the U.K has been  enjoying the beautifully warm sunshine.
Over the last week or so the countryside has become very lush . Everywhere looks so pretty. On Sunday I decided to make a change to my morning running route and head off down some footpaths with my camera.....

Clouds of Cow parsley and Hawthorn in blossom a wonderful May scene.

I was so happy to spot this little flower again ....I first noticed this last year , it's called goats beard and only flowers in the morning...closing up tightly before noon.

A meadow with lots of buttercups

I couldn't resist photographing the delicate cow parley from below

My run turned into more of  a nature appreciation walk but on such a beautiful day it was gorgeous to spend some time slowing down and drinking it all in.

I had gone straight out to avoid getting too hot as the day warmed up so after an hour I was glad to get home for breakfast......english strawberries on my usual cerial and I lovely magazine lent to me by mum.
Has anybody seen this in the shops , I hadn't noticed it ......this is the first edition and it's lovely.......

As well as a pretty magazine to look at , I was also enjoying a pretty pond :0)

Ooooh , I can't believe  how great this newly made project is looking. It's only one week old! This is how it looked last Sunday.......

My eldest had been wanting to make a pond for quite a while and we kept putting him off....it's too cold/wet/expensive......but I did always fancy a pond so last week we got on with it at last. The boys and Mr BM did the digging and then it was just a case of getting some pond liner and filling it up. It's now surrounded with stones and logs from the garden .It also has some  plants from Mums pond and a little solar fountain bought from Amazon.......I LOVE it , thank you son, for pestering us :0)

Indoors , I take a few pictures of that magazine.......I think it's been written with me in mind. Gorgeous scenery .......

Pretty , crafty interiors .......

Even crochet !!.........

I need to give these a go. 

There's also lots of recipes, wildlife and gardens......I would definitely recommend it.

Sunday was one of those days when you seem to get lots of time.......it was still morning when the boys suggested a bike ride, O.K. that would be nice , anyway I need to pop out for some bread . So we potter about on the quiet roads, the boys and a friend play ball in the park . I come home with pretty Verbena plants in my cycle basket, having forgotten all about the bread !........

Luckily  it's one of those relaxed kind of days and my mood is too happy to be upset about my forgetfulness......

In the afternoon Sparkle stretches out in the heat.......

The boys have a fun half an hour getting soaked with this water powered rocket they found in the shed.......

and I sit it the shade with a treat and my new favourite magazine .........

It's amazing how much wildlife has already appeared in and around the pond. I'm not sure what this one  is exactly (Edited to add... O.K. just been checking and I think it's a common darter Dragonfly )but we have pond skaters and I've also seen frogs at night.......

After a simple barbeque tea  I plant my pretty annuals. I don't go for lots of annual planting , preferring things that come back each year, but I do like a few for a splash of colour .........

This final picture is taken in my bathroom at 9 pm . This north facing room only gets direct sun in the early morning and late evening when the days are long ....it always makes me happy to see it.....

All in all it was a pretty perfect day :0)
Thanks for all your wonderful comments on my last post
Jacquie x


  1. Such a pretty post Jacquie, and I agree, by your gorgeous photograph, perfect. The magazine looks lovely do - but don't think I can justify another splurge :)
    Victoria xx

  2. Awww, sparkle is such a cutie pie! Looks like a very good day to me :-)

  3. It's like that 'It's a Perfect Day' song. One of those days that make the other days when you have to do things you don't want to bearable.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. What a lovely happy post. Your pond looks really pretty - Little Son is also desperate for one but we need to move house first. I like the look of the magazine but would not have looked twice based on its title as I would have thought it was about landscape gardening with lots of 'man' projects! I think I will take a look next time I am out. Hope the rest of your week is as special as your Sunday. Lily. xxx

    1. I agree Lily, it's name does not really do it justice....hope it doesn't flop because of this .Thanks for your lovely comment.
      Jacquie x

  5. Love your little pond ... I had one at my previous home, but we got a mad puppy so had to fill it in ... when we moved here we had a HUGE pond, but had to fill it in because I'm a childminder. One day .......

    Enjoy your week, love Claire xx

  6. What a lovely post with all sorts of things going on! I love the cow parsley on your run and the buttercups and flowering hawthorn! Your pond looks really very pretty indeed and I always think it's such a lovely feature to have in a garden. We had a small one too (second son's idea!) and we just loved it! I love the look of those crochet poppies in that new magazine! How nice to sit in the shade a read with an ice-cream! Sparkle, the bunny, is stretched out nicely in a shady spot. It sounded like a lovely weekend!
    Thanks for your answer concerning the crocheted sailing boats pattern. I'll be popping in regularly anyway! I can see when new things come up on my still modest blog list! Have a great week and enjoy your lovely garden. I have a balcony now, but lots of flowers and herbs!
    I'm having problems deciphering the word verification - this is my third try!

  7. Do you know how great it is to have seasonal changes like that?
    I do appreciate that we do not have the long cold wet miserable winters you usually have, but...winter lasts just about two weeks here. Add another week for autumn and three days for spring...I'm longing for four seasons!
    Love your garden and the wild flowers.

  8. Oh what a lovely day! Your pond is fab, I really like the
    solar powered fountain, cute. Thanks also for sharing
    your wonderful photos of the flowers, really pretty.
    Ali x

  9. A lovely to read post....
    Thanks for the info on the mag, i'll look out for that one.
    I love the sound of water in the garden on a sunny day, so relaxing, your new pond looks fabulous, certainly doesn't look only a week old - well done boys!
    You live in a very beautiful place if thats on your short run from home.

  10. That new mag looks fab - we do get most of the UK mags here so hopefully I'll spot it soon. Your pond is gorgeous! xxx

  11. I love your pond--it's a very tranquil setting.

  12. Am loving your pond - perhaps I need to persuade MrVV & my boys to get digging :) I'd be happy to watch the wildlife for hours.

    Haven't see that mag anywhere but it does look rather good.

  13. Oooh Now I have 'pond Envy'! lol

  14. Hi Jacqui,

    Glad you're enjoying the sun, good to get a run in during the coolness of the morning as at the moment it's been heating up fast. Although running in the sunshine sounds good it's so exhausting isn't it? I love that you take your camera out on your run ..do you put it in a little bumbag? You are inspiring me to do the same ...may do that on my run tonight!

    That magazine looks great, haven't seen it but am definitely going to look out for it, and I agree those crochet poppies look great.

    Enjoy the sun,
    Fleur xx

  15. Hello Jacquie,
    thank you so much for the info, you're right, it is Weigela!
    I love this post, your pond is brilliant, especially the solar fountain.I get a bit nervous about the froggy thing though, our neighbours have a pond and we always have frogs in our garden, they make me jump and I worry I will step on them you see They sit so still when there is a dog around... in the dark... and I'm trying to lock the shed!
    Love your new magazine, looks very interesting!
    Happy planting!
    Rachel x

  16. The pond likes brilliant!!!!

    Luv Jane XX

  17. What a pretty post Jacquie. i do like to see your bunnies, they are too cute for words. As for your son's pond creation, well that's pretty ace and no doubt relaxing to sit near. I like the look of that mag too, will look out for it in future. Enjoy all the long warm evenings xox Penelope

  18. Beautiful pictures. Your pond is lovely. In our previous house we made a pond and we got lots of dragonflies and other visitors. I would love to make a pond where we are at the moment but will probably wait until the children are a bit older. Sparkle is very sweet!

  19. Lovely post, I like the look of the magazine! I don't suppose it will make it's way to NZ :( I think it's more likely to be a damselfly as the wings fold flat, dragonflies wings don't fold down the body they stick out to the sides. I have thing for dragonflies :D

  20. Oh , thanks for the tip....I did wonder about that.
    Jacquie x

  21. Hey Jacquie, looks like you had a wonderful weekend.....so many great photos and nice to have some wildlife around your pond so soon after installing it.

    Love the flower photos ......Cow Parsley especially......and Sparkle looks so cute, relaxing in the shade.

    Your 'mobile' in the bathroom reminds me of toffee, it looks delicious, hehe......

    Hope your Summer is full of fine weather and enjoyable weekends...

    Claire x

  22. A perfect day indeed Jacquie, That photo of the cow parsley is exquisite, like lace against the sky. Your pond is gorgeous too, we have one in our garden which provides us with endless enjoyment. We enjoy newts, toads dragonflies and pretty water plants we also have a little water feature trickling over warm slates, the cats love it! Lets hope the sunshine continues and we can just live outside!

  23. Hello Jacquie...I'm new to your blog and will take some time this evening to look around. Love the pond idea!

  24. Hi Jacquie - thanks for the lovely message on my blog and how nice to drop by here and see a picture of my shepherds hut!!!!! Your photos are stunning - especially the cow parsley from below one
    Happy Jubilee Weekend

  25. It has been a while since I have come to visit you Jacquie, and this post reminds me how much I've missed you! I love the picture of the cow parsley - amazing shot with the blue blue sky behind. and I am SO IMPRESSED by the pond! The Bert secretly wants a pond I think - maybe once the inside of our new house is sorted we can turn our attention to the garden. For now though, I will admire yours.
    Jones x

  26. Lovely post, I love the flower close ups!

    I can't believe these word verifications; the first one was a photo of a house number on a wall!


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