Monday 14 May 2012

Yorkshire Weekend

Hello Lovelies,
I've just got back from a wonderful weekend in my native Yorkshire. Just mum and myself visiting the old places and exploring a little further afield too. We were pretty lucky with the weather, considering the wet conditions we have been enduring so far this spring, and I've just been looking at over 200 photos I took this weekend!!!
 Yorkshire is soooo photogenic, in my opinion .All those far reaching views and pretty villages. I hope you will enjoy sharing some of the best snaps with me .
I think I'll do more than one post so that you are not too overwhelmed :0)

First, day one, the old places.........

On Friday, once the boys were safely at school I did some very last minute packing and set off up the motorway with my Mum. It's the first time we have been away together, just the two of us, since I became a mum myself and the longest I've been away from my boys too.

If you have been reading my blog for a while you may remember I took my little family up to Yorkshire for the day this time last year, it was one of my favourite days of 2011.
After our return I felt bad for not inviting my Mum along too , so I decided to have another visit this year....just Mum and I .

We approached Haworth, the village of my childhood ,along a back road.....

Can you see it nestled in the valley, behind the wonderful dry stone wall? I LOVE these walls. I remember them as a major feature of my childhood  .You can sit and shelter from the wind behind them and there are loads of toe and hand holes if you are a little person wondering what's on the other side . Just be careful not to skin your knees on the scratchy Millstone Grit.

I expect this image of Hawoth ( famous as the home of the Bronte sisters )may be familiar to a lot of people....

I prefer the little back alleys :0)........

As you can see the weather was pretty dull when we popped into the old place so we decided to head out to the moors.

Thankfully there were lots of breaks in the clouds and the sun kept appearing between the showers......

As children we would walk along this path to the Bronte Waterfall and Bronte Bridge......

                                                          Today I wasn't able to venture that far

Instead Mum and I climbed higher onto the moors...still driving . It seemed like cheating to be able to view all this without breaking into a sweat but as Mum is not that mobile these days it was a blessing she could still enjoy it ...

Penistone hill country park is a former quarry

With far reaching views into both my own valley and  the village of Oxenhope in the neighbouring valley......

This is another sweet village of my childhood  , refreshingly un-touristy compared to Haworth,"the backs" a lane behind the main street are traffic free.........

It looks just the same as I remember

I suppose this is an odd thing to photograph , junk and ramshackle garages but I think it has a certain charm....

The solid looking cottages had pretty spring gardens.....

further along the road there were some unusual pedestrians.......

It was getting late in the afternoon by now but we didn't want to waste any daylight so we headed for Ilkley moor and the Cow and Calf rocks
The evening light was beautiful ...........

You get amazing views of the town of Ilkley and the hills beyond from up here......

Turning around I was wowed by the "calf" bathed in evening sunlight with a stormy sky behind......

I wondered how long ago these initials were carefully carved..........

I wish I could give you a feeling of how exposed this is . It looks beautifully calm but the wind was so strong I was afraid of being blown over..........

To regain my composure I sat down among the tiny Bilberries ..........

After a few moments I felt safe enough to explore a little further. The rock formations up here are so dramatic.........

As are the views.........

For a "girl" who loves photographing natures beauty , Ilkley moor on a sunny evening takes some beating...but oh that wind. Eventually it felt like it was right inside my head and I descended to the car park just as the weather turned.........

I was very glad to get in the car and admire mums sketch.......

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of the South Pennines. Next time, day two , the Dales :0)
Jacquie x


  1. Just stunning - Yorkshire is on my to visit list now we've got our new toy :)

    Looks like you had a lovely weekend with your Mum :) Look forward to the next batch of pics :)

  2. Oh my what lovely lovely pictures ,i love this part of the world and as im from york its my favourite place ,your photos are amazing thanks for sharing xxxxxx

  3. What a beautiful post - Yorkshire is on our loooong list of places to visit. Such dramatic scenery and pretty houses.
    Victoria xx

  4. utterly utterly beautiful - thanks xxx

  5. Wow what a wonderful tour, thanks could really feel the wind in my hair! No wonder you took so many photos!

  6. Beautiful! Yorkshire always makes me think of rugged rocks and slightly wild windy landscapes - you have captured it perfectly :-) x

  7. Oh, I am so homesick right now, you wouldn't believe! Thank you for the beautiful photos. I can almost feel the wind on my face and the smell of the earth.

  8. Wow, wonderful scenery. Thank you for sharing your pictures of this part of the world. I've never been to Yorkshire but it looks stunning. xx

  9. Stunning pics - I love Yorkshire. Linda xxx

  10. Oh my goodness!! That's spectacular, what beautiful country. :)

  11. Beautiful pictures. I have been to Yorkshire a couple of times and love it. I'm looking forward to the next installment! Thank you for sharing them. x

  12. Good to have you back in the Shire! I love Haworth but havent been for a while but we do get to Ilkley quite a lot, and walk up to the Rocks, my children love scrambling all over them and terrifying me - thankfully theres a great pub just in front of them where I can calm my nerves! Love your mums sketch by the way x

  13. I have never been to that part of the country, it looks stunning.

  14. lovely photos, thanks for sharing

  15. Lovely pictures! My son has moved to Leeds recently so will be going quite often now. Visited Ilkley in September, was lovely, especially Betty's! Have a lovely week, Claire xxx

  16. Thank you for sharing, great photos. Your mum's sketch is fab. :d

  17. I have never been to any of the British Isles and am mostly familiar with Yorkshire through James Herriot's books, but I LOVE these virtual tours. Thank you so much for sharing:)

  18. God's own country!

    Thanks for taking us along with you Jacquie, I have a great fondness for the area between Skipton and Hebden Bridge.

  19. Absolutely stunning. It is some time now sice I last saw Haworth and you have really whetted my appetite. Looking forward to the next episode.

  20. Oh Jacquie, I can't begin to tell you how these pics make me feel.........Although a True Blue Aussie living in a beautiful country, for some inexplicable reason my heart strings are tied firmly to England and photos like this, tug so hard it almost hurts......

    How wonderful to have this time with your mum, I'm sure the day was filled with reverie and laughter.

    My favourite photo is the telephone box in Haworth......... hubby must've hidden my passport!!

    'Junk and ramshackle garage' pics are wonderful, you can't beat a rusty old, lopsided building for character......

    I hope there was cake and coffee somewhere along the way to warm you up too..........

    Claire x

  21. Hi Jacquie. After seeing a photo over at Lucy's blog, she referred me to you. I've been searching for a daisy square pattern for months and yours is perfect. Tutorial coming soon or would you be willing to share it with me? Thanks so much!

  22. Beautiful pics of your country! I love them! Thank you for sharing!!


  23. Your photos are breathtaking. Awesome scenery. Can't wait for the next installment.

  24. How beautiful. I've never explored that part of England, thanks for taking us on the trip. Will hope on board the next installment.

  25. Oh my heart did flip flops looking at the photo's, Yorkshire, oh Yorkshire how I love thee. Thank you so much for posting these photo's and I look forward to day 2.
    xxx Sandi

  26. Beautiful, just beautiful! Yorkshire looks exactly the way I remember. Thank you for the trip down memory lane. :)

  27. I enjoyed this walk through your native Yorkshire thanks to all these lovely pictures. Seeing the gorgeous views, the chiseled rock formations, the beautiful stone walls. The views on Ilkley Moor and on the hills beyond is just stunning and I love the different moods created by the changing sky and the sun lighting up parts of the scenes. You come from a beautiful part of Britain.
    I come from the Cotswolds area, but have been living abroad since my twenties. It's always so lovely to get back to my home country though!

  28. Stunning pictures!! I love those indian runner ducks, they are so thin lol.
    Yorkshire is a beautiful place ☺

  29. Beautiful :)

    My Granny moved to Richmond and I love a new place to explore!


  30. I grew up in Yorkshire, the North Yorkshire Dales in fact near Reeth/Richmond (so look forward to your next post) but the scenery is very similar. So wild and beautiful, exposed to the elements with often just the sheep for company :) Lovely pictures, glad you had a good time with your mum xxx

  31. What special memories you will yhave experiencing a mother/daughter little road trip together. Yorkshire is so beautiful, i'm looking forward to seeing what else you 'gals' got up to.

  32. This is a gorgeous post Jacquie, such a special time for you and your mum together. Thank you for sharing these stunning photographs, I love the landscape and the beautiful stone. Makes me want to get in my car and drive up there right now! :0) xox Penelope

  33. Thanks for sharing your lovely trip with us. Yorkshire is really beautiful. I love the stone and cobbles. I am looking forward to part2. Lily. xxx

  34. Gorgeous photographs! We were so lucky with the wetaher this weekend weren't we? I love the picture of the back alleys and the ducks - I've never been to yorkshire but I'm always hearing how beautiful it is, thank you for the tour :) Looking forward to seeing more of your pictures!


  35. Having once been shown lots of beautiful Yorkshire landscapes by local friends, I was delighted to see these photographs of yours.

    I am so looking forward to seeing the next installment! xo

  36. wonderful landscape! would love to spend my holidays there someday!


  37. This is my first visit to your site and as a fellow lover of photography I have to say what gorgeous pictures that convey such a beautiful part of the countryside.

  38. Thank you for the tour of your beautiful countryside and the view of your mum's wonderful sketch.
    Love from Mum

  39. Your pictures are wonderful! What a pleasure to visit the places of your childhood!
    Have a sunny day!

  40. What a lovely post - I love your pictures. I grew up in Yorkshire, in Harrogate, and Haworth and Ilkley were frequent destinations for days out. I can't count the number of times we ate marmite sandwiches and apples sheltering from weather behind a dry stone wall, or scrambled about on the cow and calf as kids. I miss it so much now that I live in London, your post has made me very nostalgic!

  41. hellooo lovely, catching up, i adore the photographs from you and your mothers trip- how stunning...the views -amazing landscape.

    x kazzy x

  42. Lovely. a lovely post with lovely pictures.
    My family are from Yorkshire and I remember visiting the Menston, Otley and Ilkley areas frequently when I was a little'un. Scotland is home now though :)

    some lovely memories from the Cow and Calf and beyond... xx

  43. Beautiful photos - and I'm a Lancastrian! Now living in Norfolk, however, with lovely but less majestic scenery. The skies are fantastic - even the rain filled ones. Your mum's sketch is great too - what a smashing thing for the pair of you to do together.

  44. Absolutely breath taking!!!

  45. Such beautiful pictures, bringing back lovely memories of my visit to Ilkley when I was about 10. x

  46. Thank you for all this wonderful pictures, now I'm in love with Yorkshire!

  47. Love your pictures. Have just found your beautiful blog. My dad was aYorkshireman and I spent a good few growing up years in Harrogate. I have been to many of the places you mentioned and drives over Ilkley Moor many years ago before it was a tourist haven and gates and to e opened and closed. Oh how I love the place.Australia is a long way away I love you vibrant colours I your granu squares and now lately your bunting. I have ordered some StleCraft yarn in the hopes getting some of those colours. I am going to be teaching a crochet classof 10 year old girls. I plan to start with a granny square d hopefully really bright colours.


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