Friday 22 June 2012

Hexagons and Flowers

Hello Lovelies,
well unfortunately the weather man was correct with his rainy forecast.We haven't seen any sun since Wednesday and today it's cold and windy too.
The only way to know it's summer is by having a wander in the garden.......I love to do this at the moment...there is always something new to delight me ( and more weeds to pull up !)
This afternoon I braved the rain and was rewarded with this beauty......

Oooooh , how wonderful. This poppy must have been from the seed swap I did with Cuckoo last summer. The seeds I sent her have grown too ........I'm so happy we both have a little bit of each others garden to enjoy :0)

Another part of my garden I'm enjoying despite the rain is our pond. I love the ripples the raindrops make on the surface. My poor solar fountain is struggling with the low light levels though......

The wind and rain had battered these carnations somewhat ,so I decided to pick them to enjoy indoors....

I love the ones with the dark pinkie purple edge........reminds me of raspberry ripple ice-cream.

Indoors I'm still finding a few moments to enjoy pins and paper and little bits of fabric.....

I've made more hexagon "flowers" and sewn some together. This means I can remove the papers from the central ones , to make more:0)

I think my stitches look pretty good even in extreme close up .......

I've changed to just tacking through the fabric only when I make these hexagons........seems to be working OK.......
This lovely fabric was given to me by  sweet Rachel at Ruby Red when I first joined blog land....I thought it had all been used up , so  was happy to find a bit at the bottom of my stash.

I haven't bought any NEW fabric for this project yet , though I did pick up this shirt from the £1 rail in the charity shop this morning.........

It's got pen on the white collar , but that's not a problem to me.

I'll finish today with another Rose photo, also rescued from the garden........

So perfectly pretty with a gorgeous scent.......It's one of my current favourites for sure .
Have a great weekend
Jacquie x


  1. I am waiting for my poppies to burst into flower - guess they are waiting for sunshine - hope they don't have to wait too much longer.

    Have a good weekend xx

  2. What lovely flowers. How did you manage to find a gap in all this rain to take them. Thanks for sharing. Ali x

  3. It seems already to be a good year for poppies.
    Love your pond, we've just dug ours, but its already a world of wonder!

  4. You have such a beautiful garden. And your hexagons are looking great.

  5. I love the flowers in your garden and your hexagons sew very neetly(is that a good word?)
    Have a nice weekend.

  6. Lovely! Your stitches do look very good close up! That rose is stunning. Rachel x

  7. hello jaqui
    lovely flowers.your hexagon looks good.sweet rose.....i love roses too.
    have a nice weekend,

  8. Wow, you're fairly steaming ahead with those hexagons. Do you find they join OK no matter the orientation? I ask because I printed out the templates and compared them to my original (no longer available) ones, only to find they're slightly different and infact aren't exactly hexagonal - you can see when you rotate one on top of the other that the edges don't always match up. I expect the error is small enough that it doesn't matter, but just wondered if you'd noticed?

  9. What wonderful flowers and a delightful patchwork in the making :)

  10. Your flowers are beautiful, and everything is so green! I only wish it was as green here in the states! Love your hexies!! Have a lovely weekend, and hoping the sun comes out for you! xo Heather

  11. beautiful garden ;0) and lovely patchworks hexies ;0)x love the rose x

  12. Your garden looks gorgeous! BTW, have awarded you The Lovelt Blog Award! lol xxx

  13. Your photos always make me smile. I love the hexie close up's I'm so tempted to start a new hexie project but I've got so many things on the go I shouldn't... I might though :0) xx

  14. Olá Jacquie, bom dia!!
    Estu amando seu blog, vou ser sua seguidora!!
    Tudo é muito lindo seu bolg!
    Obrigada por compartilhar!! Feliz fim de semana!! beijosss

  15. your pond is looking amazing! I wish I could wave a magic wand and have one!


  16. Oh I'm jealous of your pond, it's looking great!

    Your hand-stitching is lovely and neat and I can imagine it's a very theraputic pastime stitching all those together - as long as you have the time!

    Mmmm, What will you do with the fabric from that shirt? ...looking forward to seeing another crafty project I think!

    Have a great weekend.
    Fleur xx

  17. Beautiful flowers! And your stitching is so neat! I'm envious!

  18. I'm so chuffed it has flowered! Just think next year there will be even more.

    I have just bought some pinks to go in the garden. Do they come up each year? I'm a hopeless gardener. Though I do have a gorgeous lupin, well two actually. What some seeds when they are ready? One is a deep reddy maroony colour which you use a bit in your crochet and the other is a strong pastel pink with white tips.


    Oh yes, and your hexy's look fabberooni!

  19. boootiful flowers and garden and the hexies are looking splended. ive started another batch of yoyos but seeing your hexies has got me itching. blessings, trills:-)

  20. Such beautiful flowers, you really do have a lovely selection in your garden!
    I haven't been on the computer much lately, too busy in the garden, must take photos.
    Love those hexies and your bargain shirt!So glad you are still enjoying the fabric!
    Rachel x


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