Saturday 16 June 2012

A June Run

Hello Lovelies,
 I've been in the running doldrums a bit lately. I completed my first solo races in the spring and really enjoyed both and  managed  reasonable times...but more importantly to me, I paced myself well ,without my running friend for guidance.
 I love the feeling of still having something left at the end . ....allowing a strong finish , even overtaking a few folk in the home straight. I may be well down the field but it makes me feel like I'm a winner :0)

 The half marathon in particular took a lot of training , increasing my long  runs by a mile a week till I managed 12 miles a couple of weeks before the event. I can't say I enjoy running that far by myself. It's a bit of a slog but so worth it to make the big day a positive experience.
 Since completing these races I've been doing very little running....just a couple of short runs a week . It's been nice easing up a bit but I'm also aware that I don't want to loose the fitness level I've worked so hard to get to.
It's a funny thing exercising , I enjoy it ( especially when it's over ! ), but  still think up excuses to get out of it.
 That's when a running friend becomes invaluable....set a date , chose a scenic route,and you are pretty much committed to doing it...even if the weather forecast is rubbish :0)
 The route we chose was around a reservoir. .......

You start off by crossing the's very exposed but you get a great view , and it's lovely to see it looking so full.......

heck...that looks a looong way around !

We were very happy to see a bit of blue sky , even a chink of sunlight . I've brought my camera in a bum bag (belt bag )'s the first time I have tried running whist wearing one and it was fine. Of course while sunshine is great for pretty pictures it makes for rather warm running so I'm not really sad that it's a cloudy day.

You might think a run around a reservoir would be totally flat , but here they have made a cycle and walking track that leaves the waters edge and climbs steep little hills , affording a good view .....once you get to the top !!

The grass was full of buttercups and clover , so pretty.

A lot of the route is through trees , which were looking particularly lush .........

This is the view from the opposite end to the dam.......half way round then , yay........

Actually this run did not feel like a slog, even when it rained,someone to chat to who doesn't mind stopping for a quick photo opportunity makes a lot of difference.

At one point the route takes you along a quiet road through a picturesque village.....that van is a mobile library :0)

Towards the end I even managed to squeeze in a couple of close ups of the pretty wild flowers and tall grasses.......

I put my foot in a big puddle getting this shot and squelched the last mile round .

For anyone who is getting into , or progressing  with their running ,here are a few tips from someone who is not an expert.

1. for runs of over about 45 minutes...less if it's hot , I always take a drink of water in a small bottle like THIS

2. I do most of my running in THIS type of bottoms , they are so comfortable and great at controlling wobble :0) Don't try and run in those boot leg type exercise trousers, all that flapping material is awful when you run.

3.T.K. Maxx is a good place to find reasonably priced running gear. I'm not a label fan but it's worth going for good quality , moisture control, clothing to make your running more comfortable....this shop has the top makes reduced in price because they are last seasons colours or end of line.

4. Go to a running shop and get your running shoes professionally fitted ...and do this in the afternoon as your feet swell as the day goes on.

5. If I'm running about eight miles or more I also take along an energy gel or two. These are  a thick sugar solution with added flavour like orange,   they do give you a boost. Take them slowly and with a drink ...they don't taste very nice.

6. Once you start getting into longer distances , running socks are important too. I wear  twin skinned ones ..the idea is that the two layers rub against each other rather than against your skin  , which can cause blisters.

7. I run with a MP3 player most of the's great to have a beat to run to , but don't set it too loud. I like to be able to hear people reply when I say hello as we pass , and more importantly ...I need to be able to hear approaching traffic !

At the end of this wonderful eight mile route we headed for the cafe.....and enjoyed a huge scone , a girly chat ........

and the amazing view........

Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments on my patchwork . More about the hexagons next time :0)
Jacquie x


  1. I envy you your running views, unfortunately where I live here in New York state, close to Lake Ontario, I don't have those views. But, if I did, I would probably be stopping all the time just to enjoy the views. I do love your blog, thank you so much for sharing such lovely pics.

  2. Congratulations on your running endurance and determination! I admire anyone who can run that far. And thank you for sharing your lovely pictures.

  3. Congratulations on your spring races! That run looks beautiful. Daunting, if you know you're going to run it all, but beautiful. I haven't run for a few years (wasn't much good then), but I'm tempted to have another go. Shorter distances though... *admires you*

  4. Oh it must feel good to be so fit, I've been walking a lot lately, about 40 mins 3 or 4 times a week, but I would love to do more, commitment eh!!!!
    The scenes are stunning & what a sweet finish, just lovely
    Karen xxxx

  5. Wow, good for you with all that running. You are right a friend always helps.

  6. Wow if I lived somewhere with such beautiful scenery I think I'd take up running too! Especially with a scone reward at the end - now that's my kind of exercise.

    Have a fab week,

  7. Wow what beautiful views to run to..thanks for sharing them with us,,

  8. What a lovely place to go for a run.
    Walking is more my thing, but the scone certainly appeals to me!

  9. Wow. What a wonderful run! And you took your camera! Awesome. I have just taken up some running, but nothing on that scale!

  10. Congratulations on completing all those races. Your enthusiasm for running is very inspiring. I've been thinking of starting running, it's something I haven't done since school (a long time ago). Your advise on running clothing is very useful, I would have started out wearing longer pants. Thanks for sharing you pictures the countryside is really beautiful. How did you take pictures and run? Have a lovely weekend. Ali x

    1. Thanks Ali, I stopped momentarily to avoid a shaky picture....we were not worried about racing around , it was too pretty .
      Jacquie x

  11. Beautiful pics Jacquie especially the one from the oppostie end of the dam.......the sky, clouds, colours, water and Cow Parley all add to the brooding atmosphere. Love the village shot too....

    The scone is definitely well deserved.....

    CLaire x

  12. Congrats on your progress with running!

  13. Jacquie, I am new to viewing your blog, but already very appreciative of unique giftedness in sharing your interests:) Thanks for making the time to let us see the beauty in the world around you as well as the lovely things you create.
    Gracie <3

  14. Such a beautiful place, and congrats with your running! Very admirable! Looking forward to your hexagons! Have a lovely weekend! xo Heather

  15. I enjoyed joining you for a run - from the comfort of my armchair!

    A lovely place and a perfect treat at the end.

  16. I've been doing a learn to run course at Sweatshop which is great - I'm on week 6 and just did 3 x 8 minute jogs with a minute between them and I actually feel OK! I'm loving the outdoor exercise and am hopefully going to find myself a group to run with regularly once the course is over.

    Not sure I'll be doing 8-milers any time soon, but one can dream!! Now, back to bunting!

    keep up the good work x

  17. What a lovely place to go running! I used to go running a while ago (getting closer and closer to getting back into it, just working my way through the last of my excuses!) and the think that I could get over is that no matter how long I could run for, those first 10mins were always a killer!!! Looking forward to seeing progress on your hexagons x

  18. Wow your route looks amazing! I have just started running with C25K with week 2 day one under my belt on Saturday. I got great shoes fitted but my knees are killing me. I wonder if I am not taking enough rest days. Thanks for showing us the pics :)

  19. Gorgeous photos. What a lovely place to run in. I'd rather cycle though as I'm too unfit for running!

  20. Great post Jacquie, and so encouraging to any one beginning to run.

    I must take my camera along too ... problem is some of my more scenic routes off road are done with my other it's a matter of just keeping up ..never any chance for photo breaks!

    Good advice on going to a running shop for your trainers - running regularly in the wrong type of trainers can cause problems with your shins and knees very easily.

    Have a great week, I'm off out on a 9 miler tonight ..and the sun is shining here so I'm just hoping it keeps dry all day! Although I love running in the rain I'm getting a bit sick of it at the moment!

    Fleur xx

  21. You put me to shame with your running Jacquie, I was going really well awhile ago but a spot of knee trouble stopped me and I haven't got back into it...........yet!


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