Wednesday 18 July 2012

Catching up

Hello Lovelies,
 I'm just trying to catch up with blog reading and posting after a week with no internet....I didn't like being separated from blog land but at least there was no guilt about the amount of time spent on line . And it turns out I'm just as disorganized and forgetful without this distraction I may as well not worry about it :0)
I don't seem to have a lot of pictures on my little camera to share with you...always the starting point for my posts, but there were a few and I wanted to pop by and explain why it's been so quiet around here.  So here's  a little catch up.

Last week saw a wonderful charity shop find....brand new colourful side plates...nicer than any I'd seen in regular shops .........

Some sunny weather between the rain showers......... chance to dry some washing outdoors.........

These are the boys school shirts and with the last week of term now upon us I'll be so glad to have a break from these ....along with packed lunches and early mornings and home work . Yay for the big school holidays :0)

As I don't work in education I won't be enjoying a six week break myself but I'm off for half of it so that can't be bad. A week at the British seaside and a couple of "at home" weeks ...bliss.
The countryside around here has moved from the fresh greens of spring to the mellower tones of summer, I havn't had chance to take many pictures due to all the rainy days but I did manage to snap this through the car window, whilst stationary, on my way to work last week ...the light is so nice at this early hour it really seemed a shame to go inside and miss it............. 

The boys have suddenly decided they like playing tennis and we  spent a happy hour or so practicing on a local court on Saturday morning . My poor co-ordination with any sort of ball sport did not help but they encouraged me to keep trying and I did manage to return a few shots in the end. I love to see them running around so I was happy to take them back in the evening for some further practice with their cousins.... though this time I sat in the car and discovered the steering wheel makes a great place to rest your crochet  when you are sewing in ends :0)........

I love my portable hobby.

My youngest has been asking me for a while to make him this little fella and this week I finally got around to it..........

If you don't recognize him , he's the mascot for a U.K. energy firm and he is supposed to look like a flame . 
Here he is in action.(love that song )
My son does not call him a flame though.....he's a cheeky Nine year old .....maybe you can guess ?
Anyway, I'm just happy that my crochet skills have progressed to being able to create something like this without a pattern....just a bit of trial and error :0)
Right ,off to do a bit more blog reading.....I need to catch up with what you lovelies have been up to.
Jacquie x

Edited to add:-Thank you for the interest in this little bit of crochet. I'm afraid I did not write down the pattern as I went but
There are several crochet patterns for this mascot available on EDF Energy Zingy in their search box and choose your fave ♥♥♥


  1. Very curious about your blanket! (Perfect workspace, haha!). I just finished (and tadaa-ed) a blanket with your double V edging. Woop!!

  2. Oh wow, my nearly-two-year-old nieces are obsessed with that mascot!!!! Do you have a pattern for him? Mother-in-law has been asking if I might be able to make them one of those!

    Your blanket looks gorgeous as well.

    L xxx

    1. Hi Laura, just checked and there are patterns on "edf energy zingy" :0)
      Jacquie x

  3. Hello Jacquie,
    I have just discovered your blog, and can I say a BIG thnk you for your
    Granny Square Tutorial, its brilliant. Fantastic Charity shop finds.

  4. Seeing your daisy blanket is making me itchy to start. I think I may do it alongside granny strip no3 as I am flagging a bit with it. Still can't decide whether to go multi coloured like yours or stick to the aster with white daisies and yellow centres. xxx

  5. The little mascot is great. I love that advert :)

  6. I love those plates, brilliant colours, what a great find. Sewing in ends.. sigh, but a good place to get it done. x

  7. Love, love, love those plates!! And I really love the blanket you are working on, it is just beautiful!

  8. everything so bright and happy!!! Love your blanket and the red mascot!!!
    xxxx Alessandra

  9. The daisy blanket is so pretty, happy children, happy hooky, sounds perfect to me.

  10. beautiful did a wonderful job on your mascot and i love your blanket.

  11. LOVE the little orange flame - like other bloggers, my kids call it the same thing. My 15 year old loves it and I daren't show her your creation, because she will want one too!

  12. What a lovely colourful post as usual! Those plates are a very lucky find.
    The starting point for my posts is mostly photos too.
    Teresa x

  13. Ohhhhh a flame! that makes sense. We got a random leaflet through the door and there was another one at work. I don't watch TV so don't see any adverts but I thought it was a weird chick or duckling or something. Lol.

  14. could you tell us how that is made??? would love to make one for my friend!

    kate xxxx

  15. Gtreat job the rug looks wonderful.

  16. Love the sweet flame!! Your blanket is beautiful!! ;) xo Heather

  17. Love the plates what an amazing find! your little mascot is fab!

  18. Lovely plates - great charity shop find! :-)

  19. I love the daisy crochet blanket, the green square looks like a patch of grass!

  20. lovely bright plates and i love your blanket with its daisy centres. id like to give it a try but better finnish my granny squares and ripple first. blessings trills:-)

  21. I love your summer photos and I will certainly give your daisy tute a go -thank you for supplying it! And those plates oh boy!


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