Friday 20 July 2012

Time to Run :: Part 1

Hello Lovelies,
here is a long overdue running post. I wrote this post back in the spring ,straight after my first solo 10 k race but then never published it....not sure why....right now I need to rekindle my love of running and I'm hoping to write a few  more running posts to inspire myself as well as others.
 My next half marathon is only a couple of months away and my fitness has taken a bit of  a dive since I wrote this so I need to get my act together if I'm going to enjoy it.

MAY 2012

The pictures in this post are from an earlier walk as I don't like to post without pictures :0)

Firstly I need to say a big thankyou for all your wonderful comments on my previous running posts....I was amazed at the response. I was hoping to inspire a few of you and in the end you inspired me with your kind supportive lot are just the best  :0)

Back to my latest run.......well I did it, I took part in a 10k race by myself...not quite the London marathon, but a challenge for me. I will admit to being a bit jittery about the prospect . The night before I had dreams about forgetting my kit, getting lost , missing the start. On the day I was a bit nervous and arrived way too early .

Luckily ,as soon as I got out of the car I started chatting to a lovely friendly lady and we spent a pleasant hour talking running and family stuff.When she told me she was a tri-athlete I did feel a little intimidated..." you really get straight out of the water and get on the bike....don't you get dry and changed ? " It was an interesting conversation and I now know a lot more about this impressive sport.

We didn't try to run together as we really had no idea of each others pace and anyway the idea of this event for me was to go it alone.To get me used to finding my own pace .

We were running on grass a bit but mostly gravel paths  . There were a few hills , including one mega steep one you really had to walk the last bit of, but consequently the were also some amazing views.

I chose to follow a female runner, who looked like she was using a running watch to pace herself, for most of the circuit. Eventually I decided to overtake her but this was probably a mistake as she came flying past me in the home straight :0)

How did I do ? well better than I had dared to hope. I finished in 59 minutes ,which was 7 minutes faster than my last 10k ( and this one was hillier ) I think the longer distances I have been running in preparation for my next half marathon must have helped a lot.

In the end I finished in a just in front of  my new friend and we are hoping to do a half marathon together at some time.
I'm not sure if that will happen but I really appreciated her company pre- race.

The whole event was pretty small and friendly and I would love to do it again next year.
Jacquie x

JULY 2012
Re-reading this has helped me remember why I run ,and if you like posts about running look out for some more over the next few weeks....don't worry if you don't ....there will be the usual crafty/pretty/outdoorsy posts too :0)
Jacquie x


  1. Very well done Jacquie, as a person who has tried jogging umpteen times and given up because I just get so out of breath I admire what you have achieved.....for me that's a lot of Ks.
    I just must be doing something wrong where my breathing is concerned!
    The photos are lovely I'd say running with this background would motivate you more to get outside and do it.
    Happy running :-)

    Amanda :-)

  2. Well done Jacquie, what an achievement, and brilliant snaps.
    Good luck with your next endeavour.

  3. Very well done :) I love your running posts. I often have dreams that I am running along the canal near me which is odd as I can not walk at the mo unless my husband is with me as my balance is bad! My neurologist said I should be able to take solitary walks soon and you have inspired me to hope.
    Keep posting about your runs - I love it.

  4. How inspiring....not for me to follow suit I'm sorry to say though as my arthritis just wouldn't allow it but I shall really enjoy running along side you so please keep posting your gorgeous pictures for me.
    A x

  5. Oh good on you, 10ks is a long run, I can walk it, but run it, well I don't think I could. Tuesday night I took a 5 month Siberian Husky for a walk (is a friends pup) well she took me and not for a walk either, I ran (got dragged) for around a kilometer on hard concrete footpaths. Yesterday (Thursday)I could hardly walk properly as my shins and front of ankles were so sore. It didn't help that I had work boots and jeans on when I went for the 'walk'
    Beautiful scenery in your photos, very similar to our countryside in some places.
    xx Sandi

  6. You keep on running Jacquie! Ada :)

  7. Well done! I find running the hardest exercise of all. I don't know why but I think its to do with being so on show to the world. Lily. xxx

  8. I admire anyone who runs this far!

    Your pictures are absolutely lovely.


  9. Well done, you can do it.....I want to start running again but at the moment it's too hot to go outside never mind trying to run...but, I think, reading your inspiring blog will assist me (in Sept ish)
    Take care
    ps. my daughter did triathlons until she started having babies....

  10. What lovely country walks you go on. You must be very fit and healthy.......xx

  11. Wonderful....I would so love to get a bit fitter, have been doing 5k walks 3 or 4 evenings a week, wow imagine if I could jog instead of walk...would love it, don't know if hubby would appreciate it though, as he walks with me,
    Am going to keep up with your running posts, might give me the push I need
    Have a great weekend
    Karen x

  12. fELICIDADES jACQUIE, me gustan sus trabajos y yo tambie practico el atletismo aqui en mi pais. Saludos

  13. I think you did an impressive time... I always run too fast then run out of steam towards the end! My husband is a triathlete and wants to do an ironman. In all seriousness, this will mean I will be husband-less for at least a year, as he will be doing nothing but working and training; I will only see him when he wants to be fed and watered! I'm trying to build my mileage up again, it is too easy to lose fitness. Thanks for your comment on the cushion photo x

  14. Lovely post, very impressive time!! Your first running post was one of the things that made me get off my bum and start running again. And the real plus was it didn't take me nearly as long as I thought it would to get my fitness on the up again - I walked a lot but hadn't run for about 5 years. Maybe that half marathon is not completely impossible for me...!! x

  15. So inspiring! I used to be a runner (ok, not the best at it, but I loved it) and definitely ran a lot when in Army training, but haven't done a thing since getting pregnant and having my son (he was born in April). I keep telling myself to get out there and start up again and even bought shoes, but I haven't done it yet. I think your post is the kick in the rear I needed to get back out there once hubby gets home next week (he's away on an Army mission). I dread those first few runs... I'm in horrible shape!

  16. Well done for your running success! I loved all the pictures, especially the path leading to the lovely stone bridge! Thank you for visiting me in Reflections and Nature. So friendly of you to leave a comment!
    Your renewed running programme. Is encouraging me to start my pole walking (not dancing!!!) again! Have a lovely weekend. Sandra

  17. Hi here from Denmark, I just love your blog.You take great pictures and you sure know how to crochet. Inspired by you I started my own blog. You are welcome to stop by though I not half as good as you :) but Im learning

  18. A lovely way to meet a new friend, runners must be as friendly as crafters.

  19. Well done! This post was exactly what I needed to read. I have signed for my first 10k at the end of September and I am also going alone. I am terrified. My aim is just to finish and not have a fear induced heart attack. I better now knowing you did it! xx

  20. Quelle belles vues!!! :O) J`adore!!!! :O)
    Have a nice day!!
    xxx Maria xxx

  21. Olá Jacquie muita paz!!
    belissimo lugares, obrigada por compartilhar!!
    Adorei os lugares e caminhos perto dos rios, pude até sentiro cheiro do mato, perto da aguas!!
    Só de olhar da um ar de tranquilidade!!
    Feliz semana beijos.
    Tina artesanatos!! Brasil!


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