Sunday 24 February 2013

♥ 52 Weeks of Happy ♥ 8/52

Hello Lovelies,
The half term holidays have flown by and sadly it's back to work/ school tomorrow for me and my boys.
We have had a pretty quiet time and there has been a nasty virus lurking , sending two of my boys temperatures soaring and spoiling our fun a little.
But despite that there have been plenty of happy little things to brighten our days......

1. Fresh Air, beautiful Sunshine last Sunday followed by a gorgeous are the best pictures , couldn't choose just one............


2. I treated myself to some new pencils of my own. It didn't seem fair to keep using eldests. These have wonderful names like Ultramarine and Burnt Umber..........

3. It's been icy cold and grey for most of the week and I'd put off running.....but yesterday I finally talked myself into it and it wasn't so bad :0)...........I was certainly happy that I still have my health and am able to run....

 4. Lucy's carrot cake.......yummmmmmy and even better after being kept for a couple of days........

Hope your week has had many small joys.
Jacquie x


  1. Lovely pictures!
    Mmm...carrot cake is one of my favourites!
    Hope your first day back at work is good :)
    Take Care

  2. Aw, love these posts. Your pencils look pretty and the lake's making me hungry! Abigail x

  3. i love molly brett illustrations...lovely new pencils and such lovely 'spring' like pics, lovely!!!!!!!! x

  4. Beautiful photographs Jacquie!
    So sad when the school holidays end; I still feel a kind of happy relief on Sunday evenings that I no longer have to rush around like a headless chicken finishing off planning!
    Looking forward to seeing more of your lovely drawings with your new pencils!
    Have a good week
    Angie x

  5. Back to school tomorrow (groan) but only a short hop to Easter hols (hooray). There's something so lovely about a tin of new pencils - so full of promise! Well done on getting out and doing some running x Jane

  6. This week has flown by - booo!
    Hope we all wake up tomorrow morning, it's been so lovely having slow mornings.
    Lovely pencils. I too bought my own and a very nice set of felt tips too.

  7. I am back to work tomorrow and lucky Alice has 2 more days off (inset days). I'm going to try and enjoy today and not think too much about work....Beautiful snow drops Jacquie and the sun set pic is stunning too. Hope your boys are on the mend and that you enjoy using your new pencils, I have a thing about good quality pencils, they make me happy :o) xox Penelope

  8. Hope your boys are feeling better, sometimes when they are sick it forces you to stay home and that can be lovely.
    hugs to you,

  9. Beautiful pictures, I love mornings with bright sunshine!
    I've been out running this week too for the first time since November, feels so good to get moving again

  10. So jealous - snowdrops already. Mine are still buried under a foot of snow.
    Longing for spring!
    Looking forward to seeing some more of your drawings. Glad you bought yourself some crayons as you deserve your own.

  11. Hi there. Lovely photos, especially the snowdrops. I must, must go running soon - thanks for reminding me. Have a good week. Claire/Just a little less xo

  12. Oh I love the snowdrops .. .a sign spring is on its way even if its cold outside!! xx

  13. Lovely pics - hope work goes well and that the boys are now fighting fit x

  14. So lovely to see signs of spring when we are still buried in snow with lots more coming down. Glad you got back to your running.

  15. Lovely photos. Your new pencils are gorgeous. I would almost be afraid to use them. My husband gave me a beautiful set of pastels for my birthday a few years ago and I love to just look at the colors sometimes.

  16. oooh new pencils! How lovely :) Look forward to seeing what you draw with them.
    mmm that carrot cake looks divine. I saw the recipe on Attic24 too, can't wait to try it! you must have deserved it after your run!
    Jones x

  17. I love the light in your photographs. No new sketches this week too cold to be out but if you want to check out something completely differnt take a peek at my tribal head dress - it is, well, umm, intresting!

  18. Wonderful photos - I really like the trail shot. It seems to beckon the viewer down the trail and into the trees.

    Running is the perfect excuse for carrot cake! (Which is actually a vegetable serving.) :)

  19. That photo of the snowdrops in the sun is really lovely. Looks like a sunny, happy week. I always think there is nothing more tempting and full of possibilities than a fresh box of pencils/felt pens/ paints - so much creativity in there!

    Gillian x


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