Wednesday 13 February 2013

Wintry Wednesday

Hello Lovelies,
 the weather forecast was correct and today we have had some more's still falling as I type , though it's not predicted to hang around for long. 
Just thought I would share a few pictures taken on the way home today. 
It's bitterly cold and I think these pictures show that ! 
The farmer had been out delivering extra food for the sheep and they looked happy about that..........

Though these guys didn't seem hungry......

 I loved the seed heads on the Ivy.........

 And when I had finished getting a good close up shot I was amused to see the sheep had gathered close by to investigate. Can you see the snow on their fleeces?
They must be very glad of their warm wool coat at the moment...........

Further along the road the falling snow made the distance disappear in a haze..........

 It's all a bit grey so a bit of colourful farm machinery really stands out........

The snow was settling on the road a bit as we neared home...........

It's bleak but still beautiful...........

 It was nice to get back to our cozy home and take a picture of my latest crochet creation. I've been busy developing a solid version of my popular Sunburst granny heart........I'm really pleased with how it's turned out, hope you like it .
Tutorial to follow soon :0)

Jacquie x


  1. Those are beautiful snow pictures. I never get tired of them.

  2. Lovely captures of winter's scenery. That heart looks lovely and the colours are so vibrant! I'm still making your adorable owls and now have a family of eight! Each one has his own personality, it's amazing!

  3. Hi Jacquie,
    How wonderful your photos look..your blog is an amazing read, so joyful and colorful!
    Lovely to read with a cup of tea.
    Sweet hugs,

  4. I LOVED looking through these pictures!! So beautiful! And your granny heart is adorable!! You never cease to amaze.
    Kate :}

  5. I love the bleak scenery. the road looks beautiful.

  6. i really love the wintery views you have captured today~ can you believe here in the west country there are lots of lambs leaping about the fields...maybe because its slightly warmer or because we've had no snow, but does seem early doesnt it. x

  7. Beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to your new tutorial :-)

  8. Beautiful and magical pictures Jacquie. Your crochet heart is fabulous, I love the colours.

  9. Your pics were lovely to look at as I live in an area where we never see snow.Love the crochet hear..another lovely item.

  10. Beautiful heart!
    Bss de España

  11. Great pictures, and I love the heart, so pretty! I will look forward to your tutorial...
    M xxx

  12. That looks lovely - if cold. No snow here :) just very grey this afternoon :(
    I'm looking forward to some warmer weather tomorrow.
    Love the crochet heart. Thank you. x

  13. Thanks for sharing those lovely pictures Jacquie (I haven't managed to get out for a walk this week but now I don't feel as if I've missed out as much)

  14. Lovely photography and what a lovely bright image to finish with - an adorable granny heart x

  15. It has been so cold today hasn't it? It's settling here now and we've got a few inches.

  16. Nice pics, you can feel the cold just looking at them :)
    I love the granny heart, it's gorgeous.

    Lluisa x

  17. It's true ... It's blooming freezing. Very excited over the prospect of a new pattern. Kate x

  18. Gorgeous pictures Jacquie and I love the heart, very neat ☺♥

  19. It's still quite cold and snowy here but I noticed that some of the local sheep have already been shorn - they must be freezing their buns off.

    I love the heart creation. Darling.

  20. Beautiful heart. I love seeing pictures of where you live. It looks like such a pleasant place.

  21. Wow!!! I miss the snow!!!!
    Happy to know that soon there will be a new heart pattern....yay!!!!!
    xxxx Ale

  22. those photos make me wish I was back in the Uk, but I do remember the cold temps and it wasnt all fun! love the heart!

  23. Hi, Jacquie!
    Have a happy Valentine's day :)
    Your snowy landscape looks fascinating. I love that thin layer of snow, looks like caster sugar on earth :)
    The heart is lovely!!!

  24. All look very pretty if rather cold! looking forward to new tutorial you're a star!! Cx

  25. Brr it looks cold!! We had a smattering of snow yesterday but bright sunshine today - hopefully it is headed your way!
    L O V E the hooky heart! Super cute, and great colour choices, as always :)
    Jones x

  26. The sunburst granny heart is glorious. If we can't have real sun, then lets have some crochet sun! We had lots of snow yesterday but it's all gone now. I very nearly got stuck in the car on a hill yesterday - scary.

    Gillian x

  27. We got some snow here to in Ohio! Can't wait for spring, so I can shake off this cabin fever. Love your pictures.

  28. Ohh'' I do love seeing your pictures Jacquie, and love your new crochet heart it's beautiful..
    Hugs Sarah x

  29. I love your granny heart, so cute, as usual ! Now, I'm waiting for your tutorial.
    Thanks a lot for sharing, Jackie.
    Have a nice day.

    (no snow in my western France !)

  30. Your heart is gorgeous! I'll have to mark that page so I can make those next year.


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