Thursday 7 March 2013

Little Houses

Hello , how are you ?
the weather is foggy and cold here at the moment, perfect to pop on your apron and spend some time in the kitchen , then treat yourself to a nice hot cup of tea.
I picked up this mug, well two similar mugs , in the charity shop a few months ago.........

I couldn't resist the wonderfully detailed houses on them, here's a close up of the one I'm holding in the first picture........

I simply love all the detail , like all the gorgeous flowers and look at that roof......perfect.
Here is the other side.......can you see the cat and the milk bottles on the doorstep........

 Aren't they lovely.
 The other one is just as gorgeous, but with a seaside setting, love this harbour scene.....

I've always has a bit of a passion for old  houses and my computer holds many images of them that I've snapped over the years , so today I've been enjoying searching out a few to share here. Most of them will have featured in previous posts, but I hope you lovelies  don't mind indulging me in a little house love.

Around here the main building material is red brick, I think old brick buildings are so lovely........

Especially on  a sunny autumn day, when the blue sky contrasts with the warm earthy tones........

Or in the winter snow..........

I love the slightly shabby , patched up look of really old cottages........

And of course I have a soft spot for the stone houses of my native Yorkshire......

Painted houses are another favourite, especially in summer, with roses around the door..........

I like places where all the houses are different and I love rooftops and chimney pots.........

What a bonus when they face onto cobbled streets......

and amazing gardens.........

Their  cute outbuildings are gorgeous too........

When I was a child my favourite thing to draw were houses, I guess because they are quite simple shapes.
They would look a bit like this felt picture I made a couple of years ago ( inspired by the super talented Melissa Crowe )

My own Mum has painted some gorgeous houses in her time, like this one recent one in acrylics.......

And I have already had a go at drawing buildings.

 This week I'm enjoying working on a  another house drawing , inspired by all of the above images, oh and also THESE wonderful Collages by Amanda White, she also has a blog HERE
Hope you are feeling inspired in which ever creative activity you are enjoying at the moment.
Jacquie x


  1. Beautiful homes- I love the typical English cottage, I love my own home too, it's a traditional 1920s semi. It is however in need of some TLC....we have a year of decorating and repairs ahead of us! Have a lovely day! :) x

  2. Aren't snowy pictures simply the best? I can't imagine why anyone would want to part with those beautiful mugs but luckily for you they did! Lucey x

  3. I'd love to live in a cottage one day! My favourite old house is the one in the film The Holiday. It's gorgeous!!

    Gemma xxx

  4. The mugs are absolutely wonderful, I would have bought them too. Someone had probably received them as a present and certainly didn't appreciate the gift, lucky for you.

  5. Those mugs are just so YOU aren't they? Now how about doing some of your lovely detailed drawings using the fantastic selection of photos of old houses - and getting them printed on a set of mugs? I'd buy them!!!
    Angie x

  6. I love the mugs - I could spend ages looking at them, but then I wouldn't get any tea drunk!

    And the houses are beautiful. I too have a passion for houses, and I think I could live in every one of them you posted.

  7. The mugs are soooooo wonderful!
    And the images too, I pinned several. ;)
    And I love the work of your mum. I thought it was an oil painting.

  8. I enjoy a bit of house love too! Some beautiful ones you have shown there. Love your new mugs and adore your little felt appliqué picture.
    M xxxx

  9. I love little houses as well. I just popped over to Amanda White's Etsy shop and there is something about the details on these pictures that hit the spot - a bit like the first coffee of the day!! I can't wait to see your drawings. Lily. xxx

  10. A lovely pair of mugs you've got there...
    I enjoyed all your pretty house photos, especially the ones taken during the summer, it all looks so lush and green round about, won't be long now! I like that older houses were often all different to each other and are of a style common to a particular area.

  11. i love looking at pretty cottages...and dream of living in my favourites. i love the mugs! lovely post! x

  12. Lovely houses, I love them too, particularly in spring with the beautiful gardens full of flowers of different colors....beautiful...

    Lluisa x

  13. The mugs are so precious! Love them! Very quaint. I love all your house photos as well!

  14. Hi there, I simply love house 10!!! That would be my dream house!!! And your coffee mugs are to die for!!!
    Have a splendid week-end

  15. I'm a sucker for chimney pots and roofs! I love the view from Big Sis's bedroom window where I can get a birds eye view across the top of the neighbours houses! Lovely pictures x Jane

  16. I'm also a fan of old houses, whether small or grand. Your two mugs are quite wonderful to look at...don't you wonder who might have given them up to the charity shop?


  17. We are blessed in this country to have such a variety of lovely houses. I love the ones with the cobbles, very pretty. xx

  18. I love every thing to do with houses, Iike you I drew them as a child, standard door in middle window all around, roses, picket fence and always a black cat! Your photos are lovely, some fine examples. Nice felt picture too :)

  19. Hi Jacquie,
    Thank you kindly for the mention! And the inspirational photos - they make me feel very homesick (a malady I try to aleviate a bit with my collages).

  20. A lovely calming post after a busy day at work. I am all ready to start the tea/bath run now. Thanks Jo xx

  21. I never mind seeing photos from before. Always a joy to see them again, because mostly I forget. I had a little smile when I saw the photo with the crochet boats hanging in the background. I made them for my cousin and sent them to her in England. She loved them. I'd like to make one for myself one day but have never got around to it. Those houses are gorgeous and will be a delight to draw them. Thanks for everything, and more thanks for posting so often. I thoroughly enjoying visiting here. I'm also an avid photographer and I LUV your pics.

  22. Oh what lovely houses and those mugs were a fabulous find!

  23. I like houses too. There is nothing better than walking somewhere nice and looking at houses. I may just be nosy but I like seeing how people live. Your mums art is very good. She has your love of detail too. The people look so realistic, a real art. The harbour mug with the donkey is very sweet! Heather x

  24. Beautiful photos and the mugs are gorgeous! :)

  25. Oh, these photos were wonderful. I love old houses too, but there aren't very many of them where I live. How funny, when I was a child, the main thing I drew was houses too! Mine usually looked somewhat like log cabins.

  26. I wished I lived in your country! It looks so lovely!! Awesome pics!

  27. Lovely cups you got there. You are so talented. Drawing and everything. A lovely post ro day.

  28. I love old house, thanks for sharing!! Cute mugs too.


  30. Lovely pictures, Jacquie. Lots of the houses round are way are in Cotswold stone - ours too in fact :) I love how the style and materials change depending where you are in the country.
    Did you do any baking while in your pinny? rude not too! I feel some baking coming on this weekend, so drab and grey here again, we are set for rain the WHOLE weekend!
    Jones x

  31. wow, beautiful! Unfortunately we do not have many pretty houses around the area here. I live in the city and although it has an old center with traditional houses, I never seem to find those cute cottage-like houses when I'm out!

  32. I too love houses! The mugs are lovely, the more you look at them hte more you see, I especially like the cat and the bird on the roof of the first mug. We have just bought our first house, its an 1892 tudor building and I am totally in love with it, there is just something about old houses that makes me feel excited, especially ones with flowers growing up them, so magical!

    Jerra x

  33. the appreciation of houses must be very common! How could a woman not love to look at houses, that being one of the dreams of life, to have one's own home! Those mugs are sensational and I really love the little details of a cat in each one! It has been a while since I have been over to read your blog so I have read back a week or two and am impresses at the way your drawings have progressed -- the details of the utensils jug must have taken some time and consentration!

  34. Love those cups. So unique. Your house pictures are lovely. I would love to live in any one of those beautiful houses especially in England.

  35. Lovely cups! I have a thing for old houses. And doors! Have cross-stitched many a house scene. This weekend I crocheted two sunburst owls. So very cute! Thanks for sharing, Tammy

  36. What a lovely post. Those mugs are so cute, I love browsing charity shops you bever know what you're going to find.

  37. I love all your house pictures. Those mugs are perfect. Does it say on the bottom who made them?

  38. Hi Jacquie, You've got chilly weather and we are in the middle of a heatwave here in southern Australia. It is a record breaker! Out in the country, the grass is as dry and brown as you can get. We are all just hoping for some lovely autumn rain and back to 'regular programming'.
    I love your mugs and your beautiful photographs. In Australia we don't have many houses that are over 150 years old anymore. The island state of Tasmania is where it is at : a lot of their colonial domestic architecture was well made and in stone.
    I love houses of Yorkshire as well as one branch of my family was from there before they pulled up stumps and moved to Cumberland. Apparently the family home was still sort of standing until the beginning of the 20th century. They don't build them like that anymore.
    Thanks for sharing and I know I look forward to more.

  39. I love your new mugs and share your passion of houses. It's so nice to see how the building materials are so different in areas creating a unique local feel.
    Sarah x


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